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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal;

welcome back to another session with

your VahChef at Today we are

travelling back down south to the deccan

one of the Indians finest dal varieties

Dosakai dal that is called dosakai

pappu it is a mouth-watering dish that is

made with ripe orange squash in the

middle of summer when these sour cucumbers

are in full orange ripeness I remember

as a kid going to the farmers market and

eating these cucumbers or dosakai with

little salt and pepper; pieces of this

cucumber cooked in dal gave the dal

the lentil a great flavor unfortunately

these days I do not get the same ripe

golden squash where I live but I have

learned to find an alternative which I

love very much as well; I discovered that

regular cucumber serves just as well

if you design it the way and get little

sourness in the recipe don't be surprised

with me telling you to design food if

you can dream it you can design it

think about it it's pretty much the same

way you design software or a

great-looking room so let's cook this

cucumber dal, for this you need two

small chopped tomatoes, turmeric, mustard

seeds, cumin seeds, chopped green chilli,

salt, red chilli whole, red chilly powder,

chopped garlic, chopped onion, curry

leaves and little hing powder; here is the

cucumber which i peeled and cut into

small cubes ehhm tastes good i also

boiled some dal this is tuvar dal what

i did i just pressure cooked it so you

know cook it really nice where you can

see the dal individually but when you

squeeze them they get mashed

add some oil use very little oil

because we are going to make it rich by

adding ghee or butter in the end so now when

the oil is hot add some red chilli just

half a teaspoon of mustard seeds ah look

at how beautifully they crackle ding chika

ahhh ok that's enough ok add some

cumin seeds my favorite ingredient add

garlic now even before you add onions

slightly cooked garlic gives better

flavor ok look at it ok ah as soon as

you add garlic my god I love this smell

ok see garlic is very important

especially all my dals especially when

I make dal with tuvar dal I love to add

garlic add it and you see the difference,

add the chopped onions,

add curry leaves, add chopped green chili,

add little bit salt

ok you can add hing

you know you don't have to cook the

onion till they're brown or anything you

just need to sweat them make them little

transparent and now you know we can add

a little bit of turmeric okay

add you know one and half tomatoes or two

tomatoes, when the tomatoes are slightly

cooked you don't have to worry because

once you add the cucumber when you cook

them together the tomatoes will get

mashed up so add this cucumbers now add

little bit water

isn't this very simple now after you add

little water just let it simmer till the

cucumbers are seventy percent cooked

because the next thirty percent we're

going to cook along with the dal so

just put the lid on and let it simmer

for few minutes and the cucumber will

be soft now you can see that the

cucumbers are nicely cooked so what we are

going to do we're going to add dal to this

okay ahh look at it look at it I like to

add a small piece of butter to my dal

and then mix it good

after you add dal check the consistency

if you want to make it little you know

little bit thinner you can add little

more water and then bring it to

boil and you don't have to cook long

because dal is cooked just it has to

absorb all the flavors from this

cucumber and this masala and we will cook

it just for 3 - 4 minutes and it'll be done

see if you want to bring the sourness you

can add little bit of tamarind juice

lot of the times I prefer to add

little bit of lime juice instead of

tamarind but you can add whatever you

want you can add tamarind juice or lime

juice or lemon juice Ah dal is almost

ready very nice flavor, so finish it off

by adding little bit coriander leaf and

haha see my nice cucumber dal is ready

so let me

ah look at this beautiful


Ah this is my favorite dal and I used

to serve this dal in my restaurants

and especially when my friends come I

always make this dal and they all love

it so go ahead and experiment with this

tangy favorite and tell me how you like

it I hope you have enjoyed today's

session of learning to re-invent

traditional recipes to discover new

taste using our cucumber remember that

vahrehvah is all about inspiring others

to cook so please post your recipes and

cooking tips so others may benefit from

your great cooking thank you.

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