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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【超小厨】4斤大草鱼,全家野炊吃”红烧豆腐鱼”,四川泡椒来一把,麻辣过瘾,真够味!

Difficulty: 0

hello , everyone . this is Chaoxiaochu

today we are going to ......

let's get started

don't go futher


bring the bucket here

it is over there

how many fishes can you catch ? enough for a bucket ?

any fish ?

we didn't spead the net well

do it again

any fish ?

a small fish

let it go


stay there . don't come over

the wind is strong

are you playing water ?

push the fish together

spread it as far as possible

you failed it again

this is a catfish

the grass carp

catch it

it weighs about 1.5 to 2 kg

it is enough

be careful . it is slippery

hello , everyone

we had the chicken the other day

the duck

and whatever we have

today I caught the fish

so eat the fish

we raise it in our own pond

so comfortable

let's get started

remove the black film with stainless steel ball

today I am going to make the red-braised grass carp

let's go

the electricity is off

cook it outside

I was intended to cook it whole

but the wok is not big enough

chop it

get the big chunks

put on the apron

remove the teeth

the powder is cut off so cook it outside

prepare the ginger and garlic

and some peppercorn

cooking wine

dark soy sauce


light soy sauce

burn the firewood


I feel like we are having a picnic

do you know how to burn the firewood ?

this kind of firewood is bad

brother took it

what song are you singing ?

they are dancing

ginger and garlic

I will try my best to cook although the condition is not good

sear on both sides

add the sauce to it

pour it all

add water

don't add too much water

what is it ?

add the pickled chili

add the extra flavour

so delicious

we run out of sugar

and it is inconvenient to buy it

use the brown sugar instead

some light soy sauce

cover the lid

let it simmer for 20 minutes

get the electricity ?


what is this ?

lean meat

the shredded meat


what are you doing ?

the heat is higher when you blow it

the heat is too low

add the old tofu

cook the fish with the tofu

sprinkle chopped spring onion

so delicious

the meal is ready

do you want to have a try ?


eat it

eat it

so soft

give it to kids

the homegrown konjak

this is not the red-braised fish

this is the soup with tofu

the heat is too low when cooking

this is delicious

this is good , too

my grandpa cooked it

which dish ?

the asparagus lettuce fried with pork

and houttuynia cordata

eat the pork and leave the skin

feed the chicken


get one more bowl of rice

eat more , Xiaoyangzong



very good

dig the wild vegetable anywhere

catch fish in the pond

and we keep the chicken ourselves

don't stare at me

can I have one more bowl of rice ?

the last bowl

are you full ?

rice with the konjak


to be honest

I am always full in this period of time since we came back

the fish in the pond

the homegrown vegetation

very fresh .

that is it for today

see you next time . byebye

The Description of 【超小厨】4斤大草鱼,全家野炊吃”红烧豆腐鱼”,四川泡椒来一把,麻辣过瘾,真够味!