Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LAZY PEOPLE WHO DO IT RIGHT

Difficulty: 0

oooo yeah

Everybody's lazy sometimes. Especially me.

I'm lazy most of the time. I like to sleep and I

like to eat. There's nothing wrong with that. But some people,

They take it to a new level! This dude wanted to sleep,

and watch TV at the same time

So he put the TV on the side. So I

can read those subtitles loud and clear

do you love watching TV, but hate holding

your drink? I mean sometimes it's cold

and then the condensation gets on your hands

and you feel dirty!

problem solved! This dude got a

bunch of straws, attached them into one mega straw

put em in his slushie, now he can sit and be comfy on the couch

watch TV and not have to hold

his cold beverage

*laughs* I like how his friend is like, ugh

I'm so embarrassed, I don't wanna be in this photo

I can't believe i'm friends with this guy. Ladies and gentlemen

my best friend, the only one I got..

This guy who didn't want to wash his cereal bowl

took a exacto knife

just cut a square, into a cereal box

we gonna have a Reese's Puffs feast tonight

or maybe its like for the whole family, like,

here's a whole box of cereal, dig in! and we don't have to do any


pft, who needs a bowl? Y'all in 2018 using bowls, well this dude in 3018, using

cereal boxes

take notes. Or if thats not quite your thing, cover a

bowl in Saran Wrap, and

and then pour the cereal and milk in. The bowl's untouched,

put it back in the cabinet and use it again tomorrow.

Never do dishes this way. I hate dishes.

I hate doing dishes. Sometimes they will pile

in my sink for weeks. I should probably try this.

There is a certain art to not getting any

dishes or utensils dirty. Fork? NAW! I rather

cut this clothes hanger IN HALF! It's

good enough, right? It's feeding me. It's doing Its job.

That's all I need.

More food hacks. Y'all thought clothes hangers were for clothes?

Take one of these pants hangers, cut em',

and preserve your chips.

This woman is on a plane. Just chillin' with her neck pillow.

Why look like a neck brace instead of a neck pillow?

hEr eYE mAsk! And then a sign attached to her

neck pillow.. "Please, wake me up for snacks

and drinks! Thank you!" She must do this often,

like, "Wow, I was asleep, this asshole, sitting

next to me isn't going to wake me up for snacks!

Ok. I'll do it myself! I'll pin a note right here. She's living her BEST life. These people have a gate and they have a dog. And, they have problems

with the dog slippin' through the gate.

So they're like "You know what? Rover, come here. We're gonna put this spoon

onto your harness

so that you can't leave. There's not escaping

anymore. I mean if this was my dog, I'd

be off in 30 seconds. But now, Rover's trapped.

All it can do is stick out his head, and stare at all

all the freedom out on those streets. That he'll never have.

This teacher who's ALWAYS

hard at work. BUT that's not him!

It's a picture of him working and he put it in the window

of his door to make it look like he's ALWAYS

working. But really, he's napping. Need head?

I gotchu. I'm pretty sure they don't even know each other.

We got this guy who's laying on his head

and the other guy who's laying on the other guy's head.

And they both nappin'. They both nappin' on each other's heads.

"My student pulled out a fucking pillow out of his backpack

and went to sleep during exam week.

I was honestly impressed." I mean, at least

he took the effort to come to class... prepared.

Paper? NAW!

Pencils? NAW! Test notes?

HeLl NaW!

All I need is a pillow.

That's really smart I wish I thought of that I was always like sleeping on my desk..

and on my arms. And then my arms would fall asleep.

And then I wake up. And then I could never sleep good.

But if you got a pillow, I'm getting' 8 hours tonight.

I like how the teacher Snapchatted him.

Like, "Look at my students sleeping,

if It's college they can't do anything." This person didn't'

have time or was just to damn lazy to to fix the shelf

that was broken so then they put a can

of tomato soup right under the shelf to support it. Cause if you take that

out, the

other shelf is gonna fall. "Load-Berry

Tomato Soup. DO NOT REMOVE" Do not touch it.

It's doing its job. "I attached a steel plate to

my light switch, so I could turn it off with my pellet

gun without getting up." You thought you were lazy!?

This dude's so lazy he can't even get up, walk a few feet to turn off his light switch.

I just imagine this to be like a kind of person

that does like all their work in their room and then gets

to their bed to go to sleep. It takes more effort

to aim and shoot a pellet gun then get up

and turn your light switch on. Yeah, ok..

"One day after posting about the steel plate, I have successfully

broken my light switch." What usually happens

when you shoot something? Congratulations.

now you have to fix your light switch and

get up to close it.

Another one of these guys living his best life out here

going to Coachella. But, it's like, he's so

tired, he just wants to lay down. I feel you

this is me all the time. He's got his Go-Pro

recording the show and he's laying down

looking at his phone now he can watch the concert

and be comfy. Living his best life.


is what I inspire to be. This guy was too


to stand up and

pee! Who sits down to- oh, wait.

This dad, tied a rope to his kid

in the backyard. I mean, you're watching your kid

kid in the backyard. But he also wants to watch his kid

from the comfort of his favorite chair. With a beer.

I feel like this is so unnecessary, It's his backyard.

Like she could just run around, frolic you could see her.

She'd probably trip over the string anyway. This

dad bought a snorkel so he could take a nap

in the pool. I dunno about you guys but this sounds great.

Look, you're basically floating in the water

but you could still breathe. And take a nap

at the same time. *derpy explosion*

"I was too lazy to keep getting up and check if my pot was

boiling, so I just skyped it. *annoyed laugh*

You did not. This bitch really skyped her pot

of water while she went to go on her computer. Alright,

alright. I mean here's an easier trick. If you just

boiling water, just turn it up, the very

highest setting, and then boil it it will boil.

real quick. But, lowkey I do this like whenever I'm

cooking in my kitchen and I want to like go on my computer I'll just like run back

but like, It'll usually burn maybe I should Skype that.

Y'all stuck in 2017, meanwhile I'm out

here in 3017. The proper

future way to make a grilled cheese. I wanna

try this. Can anything go wrong? Can this cause

a fire. Otherwise, otherwise, this is just

pure genius. Grilled cheese without having to take a

pan out?


This is me! Whenever we moved into this house

we had a ton of stuff in boxes like, shelves,

chairs, dining table. Like, we just used the box

box until we opened it up.

And it takes like so much effort. Just lemme use my box chair in peace.

box chair in peace. It's still a chair, right?

These people.. put their shoes..

In their spot in line. So they don't have

to stand and wait in line. What?

The whole damn DMV this lazy? Or is it genius?

Comment below.

"Underwear. When a bookmark is just too far away."

Yall never heard of like folding the corners of a

book? Cause I ALWAYS used to do that.

*scoffs* Bookmark. But, yeah, no. Underwear is

much better.. yeah. Especially if it's a library

book and there are skin marks in it. Oh this is the best.

But, you wanna eat cheeto puffs. But, you wanna

play the switch too. It's perfect, it works,

but if you wanna move around a little bit

all that shits gonna go. Too lazy

to sit at the desk

so he lays down, uses

his mouse on the cabinets. Whatever works for you.

This person was to lazy to take a doorstep

out of the packaging.