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It's time to shine

- Gonna save the world - Fly

- Superhero girl - Get tough

Small and mighty

It's time to shine


It's time to shine



[all] Super Fan!

[students chattering]

Okay, class. Is everyone excited?

Today is "Dress Like Your Hero Day" and it's Stella's turn.

Who's your hero, Stella?

My hero is da-da-da-daaa! Starbeam! [grunts]

The amazing-est, super-est, superhero in the world!

-You've got a fan. -[giggles]

She's super strong.

She's super fast,

and she's super cool

'cause she helps people all the time.

That's very exciting, Stella, but you need to come down.

I'm Stella Starbeam

and I'm ready to save the da-a-ay! Woah!

-Gotcha! -Thanks, Zoey.



Watch out, Cosmic Crusher.

Stella Starbeam's gonna stop you with her super jump rope lasso!

Gotcha. Who else needs saving?

Wow. She never slows down.

I forgot to pack a snack today.

I'll share!

Thanks, but I've got a better idea.

My Double-izer can make enough triangle kimbaps for both of us!


-Here. -[squawks]

Here you go, Kipper. Baps away!

Caw! [gulps, munches] Caw!

Whoosh! I'll whisk you away with my super spin, Cosmic Crusher!


Uh-oh. I see a crash coming. Anybody watching?

All clear.


Did you see that?

My super spin got super spinnier

and I went so fast that I spun from over there

to over there at super speed!

That's wonderful, Stella! Just like a real superhero.

Just like Starbeam! [squeals]

[singing] Ta-da-da-da-da-da-da.

Oh, no. That little bird's nest fell.

Don't worry, birdies! I'll rescue your nest

with my bird-saving Bubble-beam blast!

Uh-oh. Be careful, Stella!

[grunts] Da-da-da-da!

Stella Starbeam to the rescue!

And she saves the birdies' home

and everyone cheers. Whoo-hoo!


Woah. Wow!

Did anybody see me fly?

I climbed the tree and saved the nest

and then I flew down!

Good catch, Zoey.

Thanks. I love how Stella wants to help,

but I'm worried she might hurt herself.

I'll save you from this giant meteor

hurled by Cosmic Crusher!

Somebody's been callin' my name all day,

so here I am!

Don't want to disappoint my fans.

Oh, no! It's Cosmic Crusher!

[boy] Oh, no. What's he gonna crush now?

C-C-Cosmic Crusher! For real!

Soccer, huh?

You kids are gonna crown me King of Soccer

after you see my moves.

I'm the best!


Hey, that was our ball!

Yeah, I know. Pretty awesome, huh?

Nobody kicks it like the Crusher!

Huh? Hey, a slide!


Just wait till you guys see my Crusher Plunge.

It's the best!

This looks like a job for Stella Starbeam!

Time to get shiny.

We gotta stop Crusher before things get out of hand.

Time to shine!

It's time to shine


Stay behind me, kids.

Especially you, Stella.

Where's Stella?

Stop where you are, Crusher!

I'm not gonna let you crush more stuff!

Out of the way, Freckles!

The Crusher's taking this slide for a ride down to Slidey-Town.

Ya-hoo-hoo! Ha-ha-ha!

-Whoa! -Gotcha!


[students] Starbeam! Yay!

Did you guys see that?!

I just got saved by Starbeam!

You're my favorite hero ever

and I'm your biggest fan

and I want to do everything you do!

Gosh. Thanks, Stella,

but I want you to stay safe.

[grunts] Crushed it!


[gasps] My Double-izer!

Oooh. [grunt]

I'm not feelin' so good.


[grunts] Huh?!

[Zoey] Double Crushers?

That means double trouble!

Huh. You look pretty strong,

but I bet my muscles are mightier.

I bet they're not!

One way to settle it.

[growl] Pose off!


Yeah, ha-ha!

Don't worry. I can un-double-ize him.

Oh, no! It must have broken when it hit the ground!

Can you fix it?

My Fixinator can fix anything. It'll just take a minute.

I think I know how to get rid of Crusher. I mean Crushers.

Yeah! Ha-ha!


Looks like a tie to me! You're both just too good!

So, you can stop competing and go home.

Are you kidding?

We're just getting started.



That's just for kids! You guys are way too...big.

Already crushin' it.

Check me out, everybody! I'm tops at teeter-tottering!

You're good, but I'm the best!

No. I'm the best!

I'll turbo-totter you to the moon! Argh!


I'll super stop you!

Stella! Don't! Bubblebeam blast!


Stay there, Stella.

Almost there!

If you guys don't quit, you're gonna crack the playground in half!

But we can't quit yet.

I've still gotta crush this guy so everyone can see I'm the crushiest!

No, I'm the crushiest!

[both] Crush off!

Those lunch tables are lunch!

[Cosmic Crusher #2] Yeah!



[groans] These guys won't quit.

The double-izer's ready to un double-ize.

They're too far apart!

I'll help!

Stella, come back!


Your bubbles smell like strawberries!

Stella keeps getting into danger!

What do we do?

[laughing, grunting]

Take a moment, take a breath,

make a plan and try your best.

[gasps] I've got an idea!

But we're gonna need Stella's help.

Boost, be ready.

[Stella yells]

Stella Starbeam! I could really use your help.


Yeah! Like a team.

Hey, Crusher! Who can crush it best at jump rope?

I'm totally gonna crush it first!

Not when I crush it first!


This is the best day ever!

[Zoey] Now, Boost!




Huh? Wh-what happened to the other guy?

He's gone! He said:

"Huh! That guy's way crushier than me!"

And left.

Huh. I guess that means I won!

Ha, ha, ha! Told you I was the best!

Yeah! And stay out of town!

Thanks for your help, Super Stella. Great idea with the jump rope.

Gee, thanks, Starbeam.

Guess us superheroes have to stick together, huh?


[students cheering]

Well, this "Dress Like Your Hero Day" was quite an adventure.

Let's see. Who wants to dress up tomorrow?

Ooh, me! Me!

Zoey, we can't wait to see who you choose to be.

How do you think I'd look in glasses?



It's time to shine

-Gonna save the world -Fly

-Superhero girl -Get tough

Small and mighty

It's time to shine




-It's time to shine -Oh



Small and mighty

It's time to shine


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