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hey guys this injured with my watch addiction I'm bringing you another watch

review for an airgun watch that I received it before we get started though

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win one of my watches today though we're going to be taking a look at probably

one of the largest watches I've ever had today we are gonna take a look at the

arrogance silver jet so jumping into this you can see we're back to the

Eragon collector's edition case blue leather blue velvet inside and this is

the Eragon silver jet let's take a walker on this watch because this watch

is pretty pretty crazy so first thing you'll notice right off the bat is that

skeleton dial it's got a pretty interesting patter and we'll get a

close-up shot of this here in a minute but if we zoom in here a little bit so

you can see this a little bit closer

so taking a look at this watch look at this band now one thing I'm going to

point out is all of these bars are actually free rolling I mean it's it's a

design that personally I've never seen before the band material is almost like

a gray a matte finish gray along with the case the case is almost an

industrialized matte finish case the crown look at the the case design with

that in just the the detail that's put in to the engineering on this watch it

seems absolutely incredible and it kind of blows my mind how you would come up

with just this thought now what I'm not sure of is I can't tell if the case is

actually two pieces it almost looks like it could be you can see how it's kind of

split down the middle and looking on the back you can see the screws that go

through the case so I'm I'm pretty sure I'm almost wondering if this was made in

fact this case was manufactured in two separate pieces and then assembled it's

pretty interesting on the back there you can see that open case back and see the

automatic movement inside and then the dial this is a unidirectional rotating

bezel now the other thing that I'm going to point out about this which is pretty

interesting if I can get it flipped around here so you see the crown here

this actually has rubber on the crown to help you get a better grip on the crown

to Toulon screw it and it's not just a normal crown the crown slides over top

of the stem which is kind of interesting to me so taking a closer look at this

Aragon silver jet 50 skeleton automatic the actual product code for this watch

is 8 to 32 g ry this watch actually uses the same skeleton movement

is in the aragon horizon that I reviewed yesterday

it's the Miata 8 and 24 skeleton automatic that runs with 21 joules

the overwhelming characteristics of this watch though are its size and this watch

is does have a 50 millimeter case measurement so it's going to be on the

same size as the enforcer that I had as well as the millipede that I had a huge

huge watch the only thing I'm a little bit worried about is that is too big for

me typically but we'll see how this one wears and see if I like it and keep it

in my collection over time 50 millimeter crown on this guy but another thing that

I'm actually going to point out is this case thickness as I mentioned it's a

huge huge watch this is going to blow your mind when I read this to you this

case thickness is 20 millimeters a watch that I reviewed this week that's so that

the width of the band was 20 millimeters in this case is 20 millimeters tall

that's absolutely nuts absolutely knots in my mind just a huge

huge huge watch overall the bracelet measurements on this watch are two and a

half inches or I'm sorry nine and a half inches long in 24 millimeters wide so it

is 24 millimeters wide it's the same same average size of the majority of the

Aragon watches that I have the weight of this watch is actually eleven point nine

ounces so between the weight and the 50 millimeter dial size and the 24

millimeter band size this is just a huge huge watch overall it's going to be

really really interesting to see if this watch is actually comfortable or if it

bothers me to where it's just going to be interesting to see how this one turns

out now talking about how much this watch costs Eragon right now

the time of this recording is selling this watch for three hundred and fifty

dollars directly on their website Eragon watch comm that of course is not what I

paid for this watch just like the last two

I'm sorry last few airgun watch reviews that I've done I've purchased this one

from Yvonne now when I purchased this one from eBay and I actually got it on

sale the day that Eragon started selling on the vine I paid one hundred and fifty

four dollars in 38 cents for this watch currently as of today Yvonne's selling

this watch for two hundred and thirty nine dollars and eighty cents if I jump

over to ebay to see if there's any of these watches available on eBay and

there are a couple there's couple pre-owned ones that are available on as

well as a couple of brand new ones they don't have this specific model in this

color combination but they do have a few of the Eragon silver Jets that are up

for sale right now here's one that's the black version with a black band black

bezel that's going for a hundred and eighty dollars even now that is a

pre-owned watch used watch and of course I paid a hundred and fifty four dollars

for a brand new watch with warranty from Eragon alright guys so then is

the Eragon silver jet that I received from Eragon watches calm appreciate you

guys sticking around and taking a look at this with me as I mentioned this

thing is an absolute beast I personally have never had watch this

big never had watch this heavy and I'm so excited to just add this guy to my

collection it's something that I've been looking at for a little bit and just

finally pull the trigger on the industrial look to this watch is

absolutely amazing I highly highly recommend adding this to your collection

if you guys have a chance to in the future especially if you can get it at a

good price it's something that I don't think you would be disappointed in

anyway guys thank you don't forget tomorrow we have my last watch review of

the week for New Year's Day and in that video towards the end of the video I

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thank you guys and have a safe New Year's Eve

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