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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Plastic Surgeon Creates His Perfect Wife

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00:03 COMM: How's this for being body conscious?

Plastic surgeon David Matlock has created his ideal woman, suing plastic surgery.

His driving himself, and wife Veronica, to have perfect bodies through surgery he performs

and a gruelling daily diet and workout routine.

00:21 COMM: Veronica met David when she came to

him for a vaginoplasty after having her daughter Isabella, but David offered more.

00:28 VERONICA: He says, would you be interested

in a Wonder Woman makeover?

I'm like, what's that? and he's like, lipo of the chin and the arms and the thighs and

the da, da da da.

Y'know, brazilian butt.

00:40 DAVID: She opted for everything I suggested.

Even marriage.

00:47 VERONICA: Yes, he proposed on the first date.

00:51 COMM: Since then David has performed a number

on procedures on Veronica.

00:55 VERONICA: I had the laser vaginal rejuvenation,

liposuction of multiple areas, Brazilian butt augmentation.

I feel like I'm a walking advertisement for him.

01:03 COMM: In his quest for perfection, David's

gone under the knife several times himself, using techniques he designed, like state of

the art fat implants into his biceps, triceps, calves and pecs to carve a perfect manly physique.

01:18 DAVID: I just wanted to take my body to a

point where I just would exercise and diet, you just really couldn't, you couldn't get

it there.

01:25 COMM: Like David, Veronica has taken part

on bodybuilding competitions and says her husbands pursuit of beauty keeps her motivated

to always look her best.

01:34 VERONICA: He keeps himself looking good so

therefore it's added pressure.

01:38 COMM: Daughter Isabella who is nine, has not

really caught on to the fitness bug yet.

01:42 VERONICA: We're still working on Isabella,

getting her to be more accepting of being healthy y'know, if you tell her she's eating

healthy she says "Oh no, healthy doesn't taste good."

01:51 COMM: Despite her parent's obsession, Isabella

doesn't want plastic surgery.

01:55 ISABELLA: I would never really wanna get surgery

because it's not really you.

Like, I wanna be myself.

02:03 COMM: Now David and Veronica spend a lot of

time perfecting their appearance.

02:07 VERONICA: So I'm concerned about these lines

on my forehead.


02:11 VERONICA: Good lord almighty.

02:13 COMM: David is one of America's top experts

for male cosmetic surgery, and many bodybuilders go to him for his pioneering fat transfers.

02:21 DAVID: I can sculpture out the biceps, the

triceps, take the fat under ultrasonic guidance and inject it into the muscle, okay I say,

hey, I have it, look at this, feel this it's nice, it's natural.

02:34 COMM: And food is a big part of that obsession.

02:37 DAVID: A lot of my business is fat, doing

liposuction all the time, but I don't like fat, so y'know I tell people I watch my weight

and I watch my wife's weight too.

02:48 COMM: But even though David readily encourages

Veronica to go under the knife, she feels she loves her for who she is.

02:53 VERONICA: I know that David loves me for who

I am because, when I walked into his office, I was like twenty pounds heavier, and he said

when he saw me it was love at first sight.

03:05 DAVID: For richer or poorer, till death do

us part, yes.

03:10 VERONICA: But not fat or skinny, there's a

fat clause there.

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