Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Inside Sweetbitter Ep. 3: Everyone is Soigne

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Soigne is a term that we use in the restaurant industry

to denote a VIP.

Certain schools of hospitality

believe that everyone is soigne

and I love that idea.

Thematically for this episode, that was important

because somebody comes in who is soigne,

who's beautiful and elegant,

and has a life that just seems untouchable,

may not be exactly what she seems.

I love the characters of Simone and Serena

up against each other

because I really do think it's a conversation

about choices that are available to you as a woman.

You wanna know what I think?

Leave him.

You shouldn't have married him.

It is not that easy.


And here we are.

On the one hand,

you have Serena who married out of the restaurant.

And then you have Simone who has chosen another route.

Working to give herself certain freedoms

and to give herself the life that she wants.

And I do think that as Tess asks herself more and more,

"Who am I? Who am I going to become?"

These two women represent two different paths.

Good reminder of the consequences.

Consequences of what?


To make the safe choice.

STEPHANIE: Tess is really testing her sexuality.

The moment that she has with Jake behind the bar,

she's feeling her own sexual energy.

And the power of it.

It's not something that she can put into words yet,

'cause it doesn't make total sense

but she feels it.

And that is what this awakening

is about in this season.

Trying to feel things you can't explain.

You going to Home Bar later?


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