Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Felix Klieser - Horn Concertos : Joseph & Michael Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Album Trailer)

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I am still very happy that I chose the horn when I was 4 years old,

because it is simply great fun.

You have a lot to do with people, by going on stage and presenting

what you can prepare for yourself at home in the quiet closet.

It was important to me to make a second album where I show something new of me,

a new page. Therefore, of course, the decision

to work together with the orchestra first and then also the decision for classical music.

Classical music was the period I was the first to deal with

when I entered university in Hanover.

The reason for the selection of horn concerts by Joseph and Michael Haydn,

as well as Mozart, is that these three composers actually reflect a very

wide range of classical music that was composed for the horn at the time.

The special challenge for me in this recording was

actually that this album unites 2 worlds.

Normally there are high and low horn players in education.

Usually, when you start to study, in the first or second semester, what you become is determined:

Whether you become a high or a low hornist and you stay that way.

High horn players do not play deep literature and vice versa.

But this album connects both horn worlds with each other.

Besides the 4 big horn concerts and the horn quintet Mozart has also

composed various single movements of which you don't know where they belong.

Are these works he wanted to compose but then stopped and so on?

I dealt with this very carefully because I found it exciting and

then I came across the two concerto movements KV 370 b and 371,

both of which were very probably composed in March 1781, both in E flat major,

where there is the possibility that these two movements belong to a coherent concert.

The cooperation with the Bavarian Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn and Ruben Gazarian

was really great fun and I am therefore

very happy that we will now play this together in tours, the program.

I was very happy about the ECHO classic.

Not only about the price itself, but also because it is a kind of confirmation

for me and because I am simply pleased that what I do

there also arrives in the outside world and that people say that it is worthy of award.

Especially when you are young, it is a great motivation to continue there

and that is what you do in the end: You don't make

the music for yourself that you enjoy it, but you do it for other people.

I still love the horn. think this is a great instrument

and I am still convinced that it is simply too little in the focus,

too little in the public and I would be happy if

I could manage that much more people could get enthusiastic

about it and simply present it to people. To show: look,

there is that, that was composed, that's how it sounded in the past,

that's how it sounds today. It's fun to inspire people and that's the best thing

for me when I make music or play concerts.

I just notice people are thrilled. Many come after the concert and say: well,

I've never heard a horn before but it's incredibly beautiful.

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