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Hello everyone!

My name is Georgia and Im a British expat currently living here in sunny Singapore.

Ive been living here in Singapore for four years now.

I create content on my YouTube channel all about my life here in Singapore,

showing my experiences here from a foreigners perspective.

Today, Im going to be guest vlogging for the EF YouTube channel

and Im going to be giving you guys an insiders guide to Singapore.

Im going to be showing you some of the basic information you need to know

before coming to Singapore, as well as some of my favourite spots around the city.

When it comes to getting around Singapore, public transport is honestly your best friend.

Not only is it really affordable, but it is also incredibly efficient.

And, lets be honest, because Singapore is such a small country,

the longest train ride youll probably ever have to take is probably only around an hour.

My top tip is to pick yourself up an EZ-Link card from any train station.

You can also pick these up at the airport.

You use these to tap in and out of MRT stations and on busses to get around the city with ease.

One of the first places Ive decided to bring you guys along to is Singapore Botanic Gardens.

This is honestly one of my favourite places in the city. It is beautiful.

I honestly think it is one of the best botanic gardens in the world.

If you are a lover of green spaces, then this is the place to come.

There is so much incredible wildlife to see here, as well as tropical flowers and plants.

Weve just arrived. It is quite hot.

Im going to take you around Botanic Gardens and show you some of my favourite spots.

If you guys didnt know already,

Singapore is a tiny island state located just between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Its also just 85 miles north of the equator.

This means that Singapores climate is incredibly hot and humid.

Its ultimately summer all year round.

The average temperature here is between, I would say, 29-33 degrees every single day.

Obviously, you get the tropical rainfalls throughout the year,

but there are no distinct seasons.

My number one tip would be to pack lightly if you are coming to Singapore.

You just need to pack t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.

There are not coats and jumpers to be worn here in Singapore. That is for sure.

We have reached the gazebo and this is the spot where I usually see turtles.

Here we go. I can already see one. Can you guys see?

This side of the pond is usually teeming with wildlife and

I often see huge monitor lizards here as well. You can often catch monitor lizards swimming

and also this huge fish here that I have seen a few times.

I literally just saw it as I said that. Thats so weird.

It comes up to the surface sometimes.

It makes this huge splash, although we never see it. We just see this splash in the pond.

Its almost like the Loch Ness Monster of Singapore. Its very strange.

Another top tip of mine is to do as the aunties do in Singapore.

The older generation in Singapore are referred to aunties and uncles.

Aunties are renowned for holding up umbrellas in the sunshine to protect themselves from the sun.

I have completely adopted this method and I find it such a great way of shading yourself,

especially in the Botanic Gardens when the sun is blazing,

its a nice little way to cool yourself down and keep your face out of the sun.

So, I do really recommend to grab yourself an umbrella because rain or shine,

you will always need an umbrella in Singapore.

Here at the Symphony Stage there are performances on most weekends.

I know they always do performances on Sunday evenings, so you can come here to the park.

Look at this incredible view. Its just so beautiful.

This is a great spot to come with friends or families,

have a picnic and then you can just watch the performances in the evening.

If you were wondering, Botanic Gardens actually has free entry, so everything Ive shown you so far

is free of charge, except for the Orchid Garden, which Im going to take you to now.

Its only 5 Singapore dollars entry, but I 100% think its worth it.

I always recommend my friends and family to check it out, so lets go!

The National Orchid Garden actually has over 600 species of orchids here.

I dont know how many of you guys are into your flowers and your orchids,

but I definitely recommend this place. Its such a beautiful spot.

Okay, guys. I think our tour of the Botanic Garden is complete.

I need to go find some air conditioning to go cool down.

Next, were going to grab some lunch at a hawker centre, so I will see you guys there.

Now, when it comes to food in Singapore,

you should do as the locals do and hit up the hawker centres.

Honestly, you havent truly experienced Singaporean food

until youve eaten at a hawker centre, and I can tell you that its life changing.

With a huge selection of food at incredibly cheap prices,

youll be spoilt for choice when it comes to your next meal.

The variety of food available is crazy.

Theres usually every kind of Asian cuisine that you can think of and its just all so delicious.

The best part of all? No washing up.

I just queued 20 minutes for these wonton noodles, but that is a top tip in a hawker centre.

If theres a long queue, then you know its going to be good.

This is what Ive gone for: delicious wonton noodles.

This is actually delicious.

Its a very different wonton style than what Ive had before.

This tastes more like barbeque and, guys, this only cost me 3 Singapore dollars.

You really cannot go wrong with a 3 dollar dinner.

If theres one good reason to head to Singapore, its definitely for the food.

The train system here is commonly known as the MRT.

Whilst on the MRT, you may notice signs

stating that food and drink is prohibited on public transport.

Generally, Singaporeans are very law abiding citizens,

so you will notice that streets here in Singapore are so clean and well maintained.

So, to avoid getting into any trouble yourself,

just make sure that you are as equally respectful and dispose of your trash correctly in bins.

Just be a nice human.

And, remember, if youre traveling on the MRT, no durians allowed.

If youre unsure what a durian is, its the yellow, stinky fruit.

Its also known as the king of the fruits, but I think Id have to disagree.

Its not to my taste.

Hey, its our last stop of the day. Welcome to the incredible Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most impressive parks that Singapore has to offer

with its spectacular super tree structures, giant greenhouses, and skywalk over the gardens.

Walking around the park is free of charge, but there is a charge to enter both the greenhouses,

which are freezing cold and not humid, as you might expect.

In my opinion, the best time to experience Gardens by the Bay is early evening, from 5-6pm,

when the temperature starts to get a little bit cooler.

Then you can stay for the evening light and music show.

Fun fact: these 50 foot super trees are actually solar paneled,

which means that the electricity generated from the sunlight powers the lightshow

that is held twice a night here. I highly recommend it.

It is one of the most beautiful light shows you will ever see.

My top tip is to lie on the ground so that you can really immerse yourself

and experience the lightshow to its full potential. Its honestly an unmissable experience.

While youre here at Super Tree Grove,

I really recommend that you go up to the OCBC Skyway.

This is the bridge 20 metres above ground.

You can walk around the circumference of the Super Tree Grove

and get incredible views of not only Gardens by the Bay, but Marina Bays as well.

Again, this is absolutely stunning in the evening when the whole place is lit up.

There is a little bit of a breeze up here, which I am appreciating greatly.

Entry up here to the OCBC Skyway is 8 dollars,

so really affordable and you get absolutely spectacular views of Marina Bay and the city.

Okay, guys. That wraps up my insiders guide to Singapore.

I really hope that this video was helpful

and gives you an insight into what Singapore really has to offer.

A big thank-you to EF for kindly working with me on this video

and if you guys want to see more of me, you can find me on YouTube.

My channel name is Georgia Caney.

Ill hopefully see you guys over there, and thank you for watching. Bye!

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