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["Tonight Tonight Tonight" by Beat Crusaders playing]

Now then, it's time to begin the game.


-[grunts] -[Shuhei] Izuru!

-[Izuru yelling] -[Shuhei yelling]

[groans, shouts]

[laughs menacingly]

What was that?

It would seem that it's already begun.

[Ichigo] Then let's go!

I know you.

Lieutenant of Squad 12 of the 13 Court Guard Squads,

-Nemu Kurotsuchi. -[gasps]

[Nemu] That was a long time ago.

[Uryu] Uh, yeah.

What are you-- I mean, why-- Hey, what are you-- [grunts]

[Ichigo] How about now? Can you sense the Bounts?

Hmm. Well, I'm not really sure what I'm sensing.

Interesting. I can sense a human presence,

but it's almost as if this cave was designed to keep anyone

from being able to detect spiritual pressure.

Of course, that's just my opinion.

I see.

That would explain why we weren't able to find them.

[Ichigo] Let's not waste any time.

[Orihime] I wonder if Rangiku and the others are okay.

[Chad] I've got a better feeling.

[Renji] We're talking about four lieutenants here.

I don't think there's any way Rangiku and the others

could have been defeated by a Bount.

Hmm. [chuckles]

It appears as though my next target has arrived.


So, Gesell, are you ready?

[Gesell] Of course. Leave it to me.

[laughs] Excellent.

Now then.

[all gasp]

-[gasps] Aren't those... -Yeah. Just like before.

[scoffs] They finally showed up.

[gasps] Let's get out of here!

-[Renji] What is this place? -[Rukia] It's some kind of ruin.

Perhaps the remains of some ancient civilization.

[Renji chuckles] Ancient civilization.

Sounds like the perfect place for the Bounts to be hiding.

-[Orihime] Ichigo! -[Ichigo] What?

Roar, Zabimaru!


Hado Four, Byakurai!

Hang on, Rukia! Santen Kessun!

I reject!

Thanks for the help, Orihime.


What the hell? They just keep coming.

Damn, how many of these things are there?

We'll never win fighting like this.

If we can lead them into a space that's narrower,

we can attack them all together.

-[Chad] Hmm. -Right. Then let's--

Orihime, what is it?

Rukia, look out!

-[shouting] -Rukia!

[Renji grunts]

-Renji! -[Renji groaning]



Are you okay, Renji?

[Renji] Yeah, thanks.


Thanks. I think I'm all right. Really.

[whimpers] Rukia?



[gasps] Ichigo, behind you!

[Ichigo] What the hell?

[chuckles] This should do it.

[both screaming]


[Ichigo] Thanks!

That was quick thinking, Orihime.

Tsubaki, Koten Zanshun. I reject!

Huh? It just--

It just disappeared into thin air, like a ghost.

How bizarre.


[Ugaki] I think not.

-[grunts] -[gasps]

Do something!

What is this?


This reminds me of a northwestern round up.

Well, I'm glad you're enjoying this!

[Ichigo shouting]

-Ichigo. -I can't--



Damn. There are too many. How do we stop them?

I don't know.

But if we don't do something, they're

going to get dragged into that shadow.

[Ririn] Hurry up and do something, Ichigo.

[Kurodo shouts] It looks like this is the end.

Goodbye, cruel world!

Goodbye, Ichigo.

-Ichigo! -Damn it.

So it's true then.

The powers you once had are completely gone.

So what if they are?

Is that the reason you're here, to gloat?

You want power?

-Well, do you? -What?

I just...

I can't let it end. I can't just sit by and watch!

-[Nemu] I understand. -Huh?

I have come here to lend you power.

What do you mean?


I think it's about time we finish this.


Hang on, Ichigo!

[Rangiku] Roar, Haineko!

-[Ririn shouts] -[Ichigo grunts]

Where did you come-- Rangiku!



It's those eyes!

They cast a light that creates shadows

where the dolls can generate.

You've got to destroy everything that can make a shadow.

You got it.



Tsubaki, Koten Zanshun. I reject!

That should do it. Those guys are all that's left.

[shouts] Getsuga Tensho!

[gasps] She should be dead.

Hmm. Well, not to worry.

They haven't come away from it completely unscathed.

And there's still more to come.

-[Rukia groaning] -Rukia.

[Rukia] It's all right. I'm fine, really.

Rukia, you shouldn't push yourself.

You still haven't recovered from the last battle.

These things take time.

Shuhei told me what happened.

He said that such an attack often

causes direct damage to the soul.

It's not like a physical injury.

When your soul is damaged, it takes much longer to heal.

I know. But I'm fine.

[Ugaki on speaker] Can you all hear me?

[all gasps]

[Ugaki on speaker] Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ugaki. I am a Bount.

My doll's name is Gesell.

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

[Ichigo] What the hell kind of game are you playing?

If you just listen, I'd be happy to tell you.

We are in the business of collecting souls.

Thanks to the Bittos, we've been able to collect

a staggering number of them.

Once the Bittos bring us the concentrated souls,

we ingest them, which in turn gives our dolls and ourselves

unimaginable power.

That's about to come to an end.

We're going to destroy those disgusting bugs!

[Ugaki on speaker] How could you possibly

call them disgusting?

They are the new dolls that were given

life though Yoshino's death.

Absorbing the concentrated extract of living souls

has made it possible for us to evolve at an incredible rate.

Yet despite it all, the one thing that alludes us

is happiness.

You treat us as if we are monsters,

completely forgetting that we were born human.

Even when we tried to fit in, we were ostracized.

You tormented us, treating us like freaks

simply because we have slightly different abilities.

Rejected, persecuted, we have no way

to leave descendants to our legacy.

No matter what, our numbers will never increase.

We can only diminish.

You will never know how that feels.

You can't fathom the pain!

-Get over it, will ya? -Renji!

All of us have suffered.

It's not like we can't sympathize with your situation.

But still, none of that gives you

the right to take the lives of innocent people!

Not that. That I won't forgive.


[Ugaki on speaker] I had hope that my words might

have made an impression on you.

Obviously, I overestimated your tiny brains.

That leaves me no other choice than to beat

the message into you.

I'll be waiting in the back.

Think you can manage to find me?

[Renji] He's making fun of us!

-[Ichigo] Renji. -Huh?

-I'm coming with you. -I'll come, too!

Not this time. I'm sorry.

You need to stay and take care of Rukia and Rangiku's wounds.

-Wait, I can still-- -[Ichigo] No.


[Ichigo] Renji and I will be going on from here alone.

Chad, you stay here with the ladies

while Orihime tends to their wounds.

I need you to protect them.

-All right. -Be careful.

I think Shuhei and the others are back there,

but it's still dangerous.

I'll catch up to you and Renji as soon as I've recovered.

-All right then. -[Ririn] Wait.

What about us?

Yeah, that's right.

I realize that all we've done till now is cheer you on,

but one mustn't discount the power

of positive reinforcement.

[Noba] Maybe you should stay out of this.

[Ichigo] Ririn, you guys stay here with the others.

[Ririn] Oh, all right.

[Kon] Sweet!

Don't worry. Leave everything to me, Ichigo.

Rukia, Orihime, and especially this wonderfully endowed

goddess who just arrived on the scene,

don't you worry about a thing. They're in good hands.

Yeah, I'll be counting on you.

-Let's go, Renji. -[Renji] Right.

Huh? Wait a second Hold on! I was just kidding!

-[Ichigo] Renji. -[Renji] What is it?

[Ichigo] Are you all right?

[Renji] What are you talking about?

[Ichigo] That guy seemed to get under your skin.

[Renji] What, are you kidding me?

It takes a lot more than that to get under my skin.

[Ichigo] It's just I know you were concerned about that kid.

Don't worry about it. I'll be just fine.

It's me we're talking about, remember?

Then let's get this freak.



You're going down!

If what Rangiku said is true, all we got to do

is destroy anything that's tall enough

to cast a shadow to keep Gesell from developing

into its true form.

-That's what she said. -[Ugaki] You forgot one thing.

[Ichigo] The eyes!

Say goodbye.

[both gasp]

-What the hell? -[Renji] Izuru, Shuhei.

That trick worked once, but it won't work this time.

Thanks for helping us out.

[Renji] Izuru, you're all right.

What about you? I thought that-- [groans]

-[Renji] Izuru! -[Izuru groaning, sputtering]

Izuru, don't worry.

-Are you okay? -Huh?

Yeah, well, can't say that I came away

completely unharmed myself.

You were both hurt. But you still saved us.

Forget about it.

Hey, it was our own fault that we got hurt.

We let our guard down.

Persistent, aren't they?

[all gasp]

Look out!


-[Izuru grunting] -Thanks!

This guy always tries to attack us from behind.

Stinkin' coward.

Raise your head, Wabisuke!


Gesell, what's wrong?

[Izuru] That's the power of my Wabisuke.

It multiplies the weight of whatever it cuts.

And with each additional cut, it keeps doubling,

over and over again,

till finally it's just dead weight.

That's impossible! [grunts]

Damn you!

You won't be so lucky with the other arm.


-Do it! -[Izuru] Right. [grunts]

[groans] Stupid Soul Reapers...

and your stupid abilities.

I'll have to get Gesell back while I still can.

[Ugaki on speaker] Gesell, return.

I'd say that we're just about even now.

[Renji] Shuhei, Izuru!

What the hell happened? Are you two all right?

-[Ichigo gasps] -[Renji gasps]

[Shuhei] Renji, Ichigo, you two go on ahead.

Yumichika should be there.

[Izuru] Don't worry about us.

We'll find a different route and catch up.


Follow the doll, find him. He's probably like a guard dog.

We find the Bount that controls him,

he'll lead us to the other Bounts we're after.

-Let's go. -Yeah. All right.

What is that?

It's very old. It was designed for battle.

It's a Quincy artifact, passed down through generations

to a select few for hundreds of years.

The Department of Research and Development

discovered it and saved it for study.

Go on, take it. Perhaps it will help.

It is said to contain the power to control spiritual pressure--

that is, if you are indeed a true Quincy.

["Movin!!" by Takacha playing]

[Renji] I get a big part in the next episode.

Come to think of it, nothing good has happened to me

since I came to the World of the Living.

But just watch.

I'm going to show you how cool I can be.

[Ichigo] Renji, Mr. Hat-and-Clogs

said that before you got out,

you've got to clean the room you've been using.

[Renji] Okay.

["Movin!!" by Takacha playing]


[Kon] Illustrated Guide to Soul Reapers!

[man] Golden!

The Female Soul Reaper Association

is now called to order.

First item...

what is Captain Kurotsuchi doing here?

Well, Nemu couldn't make it.

So I just thought I'd come as her substitute.

-I promise I-- -Please leave immediately.

-Oh, go on. I'll be-- -[Nanao] I said, please leave.

You've got it wrong. That's true. No, it's not.

Yes, it is. No, it's not.

Yes, it is. Now, listen. [squeals]


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