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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Michael Strahan Really Choked Eli Manning After Their Super Bowl Win

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-Also you're doing this clothing line with the NFL.

-Yeah, I have a limited capsule with the NFL

for the Super Bowl, Super Bowl LIV.

All Super Bowl LIV logos for anybody who wants to

go to the big game,

who's going to be at the big game,

you're gonna watch the big game at home,

go to

It's a limited capsule just for the Super Bowl,

so you can feel like you're a big part of it.

We have three styles for men with two color ways.

Four styles for women with three color ways.

So we've got everybody covered, man.

-Speaking of the Super Bowl,

how about this guy right here, Eli Manning?

-Ah! -Retiring.

-That's you and Eli. [ Cheers and applause ]

I love this picture, but you also --

You look so happy, but you also look like you're choking him.

It's great. It's fantastic. [ Laughter ]

-I'll be honest with you, man.

I got a little too excited.

[ Laughter ]

And Eli, he was smiling, then he got real scared 'cause there --

the picture right after that was like...

[ Laughter ]

He told me -- I was so happy, and I realized

after "We won the Super Bowl," I was choking him.

[ Laughter ] -You really were.

-So I quickly removed my hand, but I love this guy.

-Yeah, what can we say about Eli?

-He retired last week. -Yeah.

-Well, Monday.

Couldn't be a better guy to have as a teammate.

When I tell you what you see is what you get, he --

everyone got on him because they called him "Easy Eli."

It doesn't work in New York 'cause he had no emotion.

He was perfect 'cause you can't have emotion in this town

because they will beat you up,

especially at the quarterback position.

You can't show that it bothers you or anything

and he never did. -Yeah.

-And he's like a little kid to me, even though he's almost 40.

-Yeah, because -- -I'm not that old. Watch out.

[ Laughter ] -No, I didn't say that.

[ Laughter ]

-"Because you are." -No, no, no, no.

I was going to say because you were there before he was.

-Yeah, yeah. I was there a long time before he was there.

[ Laughter ]

But he's a great guy, and I think he deserves

everything that's coming his way --

his jersey being retired.

Hopefully inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Two Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVPs.

I mean, the guy's a great friend, man.

So I'm happy for Eli to retire the way he wanted to.

-That's right.

And speaking of retiring jerseys,

they're retiring his number, the Giants, and then I heard a rumor

that they're going to retire your number.

-Yeah, they are. -92.

-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]

-That's what I'm talking about. Come on.

That's going to be emotional, right?

-You know, it's going to be really emotional,

and I want to thank the Roots, 'cause I know you Eagles fans

wrote in and asked them to retire...

[ Laughter ] jersey because you didn't want to see it

terrorizing your team no more.

[ Laughter ] [ Foghorn ]

But it's an honor, man.

Thank the Giants for that, and I never imagined any of this,

sitting here with you,

and I'm just grateful for everything in my life

and I'm grateful that when I come out

you guys really are clapping and appreciating it.

-Yeah. We really do. -I appreciate you.

Thank you so much. [ Cheers and applause ]

-Have a great Super Bowl Sunday. -Thank you, my brother.

-Love you, buddy. Michael Strahan, everybody.

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