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Hey, I'm Colby Keller - porn star, artist, and sex blogger. Get in bed with me! Manhunt!"

*growl* Hey there Manhunters! It's Colby Keller, your resident sexpert here to answer all of

your pressing sexual concerns. Ok, boys, we actually have a very serious question today.

From "Walking".

"Walking" writes:

"I'm a young guy, and I'm having trouble with performance anxiety. When I'm with a guy,

I can't get out of my head and into the moment. Without fail, my boner disappears. It's embarrassing

enough when this happens with a hook-up, but I'm starting to get worried that when I'm

in a relationship it will continue to happen. I'm sure that in your line of work you've

dealt with your own or a scene-mate's performance anxiety."

Dealt with it quite a bit.

"How do you work through it and do you have any tips that might help me get over this


Well, I have to say this, "Walking". We're not all alike. I, for instance, can hop into

bed, not exchange two words with the person, and get off without a problem. I usually have

performance anxiety when I'm a little too self-conscious, or feeling insecure, or feeling

that the other person's not into me. Which can happen on a porn set.

It usually helps me to actually think about really hot sexual experiences that I've had

or fantasies that I've had in the past. Obviously, if you don't have a lot of sexual experience

that can be kind of a problem. It sounds to me like you might actually need to find someone

whom you trust, who you're comfortable with, and who's very patient and can help you get

through this performance anxiety problem. A hook-up might not actually be the right

solution. Maybe you need to find someone to date that, you know, really loves you and

will help you get through the problem.

Also, it's important to remember that boners come, boners go. When it leaves, which it

will happen to everyone, and you haven't cum yet - just do something that you really enjoy

that's going to get you out of that headspace. Find a part of his body that you really like.

Suck his dick, lick his balls, you know - really enjoy it. Taste it, feel it, smell it. And

that will help you get out of that space. And return to your tumescent state.

So, I hope that helps and please let me know if it does. Bye "Walking".

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