Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Adele tribute act Rachel blasts out Dreamgirls classic - All Together Now

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I used to work as an Adele tribute act when I was in university.

I've stopped doing it now, mainly because Adele lost weight

and I didn't, and I'm just not willing to sacrifice my food!

Those three over there look so comfortable.

They do, they look like... Lee looks like he's settled in...

Let's just hope they can maintain that. ..for a while, hasn't he?

£50,000 that I've never even...

Well, I've barely seen it written down, you know?

It's money that I can't even dream of.

I tell you something, having an 84 means absolutely noth...

Nuttin'! Nuttin'!

I am scared. I'm hoping, once I step out, I'll be OK.

More than 72 gets Rachel in the top three.

Let's see if she can do it.

Hi, everyone, my name is Rachel.

I'm going to be singing a song with a lot of emotion behind it,

and it's got a really big, heart-wrenching story

that I hope you all grab the same that I do when I perform it.

I think Rachel's Welsh.

Come on, sister, I need you to be good.

# And I am telling you

# I'm not going

# You're the best man I've ever known

# There's no way I can ever go

# No, no, no, there's no way

# No, no, no, no way I'm living without you

# I'm not living without you

# I don't want to be free

# I'm staying, I'm staying

# And you, and you, and you you're gonna love me

# Oh, you're gonna love me

# Yes, you are

# Yes, you are

# Love me, love me

# Love me

# Love...

# You're gonna love...

# #


Rachel, congratulations, you got 90! Thank you!

What a score! You go straight into the top spot.

How are you feeling? Oh, my God!

Oh, I feel amazing.


Honey, you know what? Everything about that was perfect for me.

You had just the right amount of dirt in your voice,

and, I have to say, from one plus-size girl to another,

I am so super, super proud of you. Oh, thank you!

That means a lot. Thank you.

Geri, you were stood up, what did you think?

Oh, Rachel, I have to say, you're my favourite.


Oh, from one redhead to another... I know!

..that means a lot. Yes! What do you do for a living?

Um, I work in a call centre.

Oh, do you? Yeah. Yeah.

You could do the hold music, as well. Yeah!

"Just going to put you on hold."

# I'm telling...! #

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