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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Woman Claims She Is A "Fast Breeder" (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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You may be seated.

Hello, Your Honor.


This is the case of Woods v. Volmar.

Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone.

Good day, Your Honor.

Good day.

JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Woods, you say you had a brief

sexual relationship with Mr. Volmar

which resulted in him

intentionally impregnating you.

You say Mr. Volmar now refuses

to take responsibility for his child

and you are here today

to prove he is your baby's father,

is that correct?

Yes, Your Honor.

Mr. Volmar, you say Ms. Woods

is a manipulative liar

who was sleeping with multiple men

during the time of conception,

and is so desperate to be with you,

that she's decided to pin her child on you,

is that correct?

You can't blame her. Yes, Your Honor.

So Ms. Woods,

how did you get involved with Mr. Volmar?

I was going through some issues

with my other kid's father.

Which one?

WOODS: And one night,

I went to the club

and wound up running into Mr. Volmar.

He actually walked up to me

while I was having a drink,

and he whispered in my ear

and told me that I look like something

that he, you know,

he could see his self with.

So, we exchanged numbers.

I wind up leaving the club.

He called me the following morning,

and asked me, can I come over to his house.

I told him yes, but I had to wait.

I had to make sure that, you know,

my baby father was leaving out for work

that following morning.

So, I headed to Mr. Volmar house,

we wind up drinking and smoking.

One thing led to another,

we wind up having sex.

The condom popped,

and I told him, like,

"I'm a fast breeder. Like, I have four other kids."


A fast breeder?

WOODS: Yes, I'm a fast breeder.

She's definitely a fast breeder.

Let's just say fertile.

WOODS: Yes, I'm fertile, I'm sorry.


He told me he had...

He was in a relationship for five years,

and he, the girl wasn't able

to, you know, get pregnant.

So, you admit you had a sexual relationship

with Ms. Woods?

That's it.

JUDGE LAKE: And you weren't in a committed relationship?


And once she told you she was pregnant,

did you immediately think it was your child?


JUDGE LAKE: You didn't?


JUDGE LAKE: What were you thinking, sir?

I said, "Wow, congratulations."

JUDGE LAKE: Do you agree with her assertion

that when you all...


...had sex, the condom broke?

The condom broke.

JUDGE LAKE: The condom broke?

It was sex,

it was fun.


Lot of fun.

JUDGE LAKE: And... Okay.

And the condom broke?


So, at the point that she tells you

she's pregnant,

you don't believe you're the biological father

or do you remember that night when the condom broke?

I kind of remember the night that the condom broke.

There was a couple of nights the condom broke,

and I just said, "You know what,

if I got it, I already got it.

Who needs condoms anymore?"

So wait, you're admitting that then you started

having unprotected sex with her?

Oh, a lot of it.

WOODS: Uh-hmm.

JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So the point is,

is that you admit

that you could be this child's father?

WOODS: Right.

I don't know.

JUDGE LAKE: You don't know, but you could be.

I don't know because, you know,

I've tried it before.

It didn't work. I don't know.

JUDGE LAKE: So when you say you tried it before

and it didn't work, what do you mean?

I tried to get three different women pregnant

and when I stopped trying, she gets pregnant.

I don't know. It don't add up to me.

Okay. And so, Ms. Woods,

when you told him you were pregnant,

what was his response?

He automatically told me

that he wasn't the father

because I was staying with a man at the time...

You lived with him. You just came to visit me.

It does not matter. I was at your house everyday,

so how I had time to have sex with you

and have sex with him?

JUDGE LAKE: Well, uh, wait a minute now, Ms. Woods.

...and went to sleep in the bed with him.

I mean, of course you're gonna have sex,

that's your man.

JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Woods, if you were living with him,

you were still in a relationship with him, right?

WOODS: Right, I was in a relationship

with my other kid's father

but I was not having sex with him

within that month I conceived.

JUDGE LAKE: So, you found out you were pregnant?

WOODS: I automatically knew he was the father

because I was not dealing with him.

VOLMAR: You lived with him. How can you not be dealing with him?

You was driving his car.

You wanted this baby. At the end of the day,

you wanted a baby, you kept saying

how I make beautiful kids. You wanted a baby.

I did not want it...

VOLMAR: I was having sex.

It's what you say during sex.

WOODS: Because I have four other kids.

I did not want no child with him.

VOLMAR: I was talking in the heat of the moment,

like, come on, man, really?

So, Ms. Woods, you're saying you were in a relationship

with your other child's father?

WOODS: Right.

You were having sex

with Mr. Volmar.

No, you can just call me sidepiece.

I'm a sidepiece.

JUDGE LAKE: Well, basically,

that's what you were.

WOODS: Exactly.

And I was the same.

I, and I accept it.

I was the same to him.

I told her, I'm the sidepiece.

It was just a sex thing.

I'm a good sidepiece.

JUDGE LAKE: So wait a minute,

you were, you have Mr. Volmar on the side.

VOLMAR: She'll be on the phone with her boyfriend,

I'd be laying in the bed, rubbing on her booty

while she's talking to him.

Okay. I was a good side dude,

I didn't say anything, yeah, no problems,

come over whenever you want,

we had fun.

Oh, Lord.


So, Ms. Woods, did you ever tell your ex

that he could be Madison's father?

When I felt that I was pregnant,

I have no choice but to tell him

that he might be the father

because I was staying with him at the time.

So, I'm stuck having a baby.

Are you?

Yeah. I had the baby.

By who?

WOODS: By you.

Are you sure?

I'm positive.

I'm 100% sure.

You told your boy.

I don't even know his name. You told your boyfriend...

Look at that baby. That baby looked just like you,

she don't look nothing like me.

That baby don't have anything...

She looks exactly

like you.

...from me but my toes,

that baby looks exactly like him.

His eyes...

She has your head.

WOODS: ...his nose, his facial structure.

She has your feet.

WOODS: That baby look just like him.

VOLMAR: You make the same faces.

I remember.

That's you.

JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Volmar, let's try to take this seriously, really.


Because this is why I cannot deal with him

and this is why I didn't want no baby for him

because the type of attitude he have,

how he's set up.

Like, he just... He just ignorant,

and I cannot deal with him...

JUDGE LAKE: But no, no. But Ms. Woods,

you were dealing with him.

That's why we're here.

WOODS: Because I was going through something

with my other kid's father.

She likes the ignorance,

your Honor.

I was going through something

with my other kid's father.

At the time, he made me feel good about myself.

You should see what he looks like.

She upgraded when she dealt with me.

JUDGE LAKE: You have a boyfriend,

so why would you mess things up

by going to be with Mr. Volmar repeatedly?

WOODS: Because it was just... It was just

so much going on with my other kid's father,

like the fussing and fighting,

like, I got tired of that.

So let's go cheat on him?

Pretty much.

Good job.

Good job.

JUDGE LAKE: You sleep with Mr. Volmar, another guy.

WOODS: Yeah.

No, we had sex.

There was no sleeping.



No sleeping.

Let... Let's just be

respectful in court.

VOLMAR: I'm sorry.

WOODS: He just... He rude,

he ruined my relationship at the end of the day...

JUDGE LAKE: No. No. No. No. No.

You ruined your relationship.

JUDGE LAKE: I don't think... I don't think he ruined it.

I think, Ms. Woods, you have to own the fact

that you ruined it.

I own it. I own up to it.

JUDGE LAKE: You ruined it.

WOODS: I own up to it.

You had a relationship,

it seems like, I mean,

you've probably been going through some problems...

WOODS: Right, I have.

JUDGE LAKE: And that's

what couples do.

I mean, there's that old saying that,

you know, the way that you get over one person

is to get under another person.

WOODS: Right.

JUDGE LAKE: And that's not true.

WOODS: And that's what happened.

JUDGE LAKE: But that's not true. As you can see.

Right. Right.

That's some bad advice.

WOODS: Right. Because now there's a child involved.

JUDGE LAKE: Exactly.

Are you still in a relationship with the other guy?

WOODS: No. And the fact is, like,

he's hurt over the situation,

but at the end of the day, I can't blame him.

JUDGE LAKE: You ultimately had to tell him

that it could potentially be...

And she told him that after she, like,

I didn't even know she told him that he might be the dad.

So this is something I just learned today,

thank you.

I didn't actually tell him


WOODS: Your Honor.

I told my mother and my mother told him.

She came to me and always told me,

"You are the dad, 100% sure,

"1,000% sure."

Because I was dealing

with just you within that time period I conceived.

No, you were dealing with me, him.

What about the other guy I saw you in the club with?

That was just a friend,

that don't got nothing...

I was just a friend.

WOODS: And that's what you keep on saying,

you keep on bringing it to that other guy

but you know you're the father.

I don't know.

Then when I had my baby,

I'm in labor.

VOLMAR: Where did you have...

My mother is with me.

VOLMAR: ...the baby at?

Out there in Lafayette.

She ran.

She left Georgia, ran to Louisiana,

had a baby, didn't call me

until after the baby was born.

Then she comes back to Georgia,

like, "I have your daughter here."

WOODS: Your Honor, I called him when I was in labor

giving birth to my child, he...

VOLMAR: You called me eight months later.

...blocked me off his phone.

VOLMAR: Eight months.

He blocked me off of his phone.

What do you want me to do?

I found out she was pregnant. Within two to three months,

she was gone.

I was dealing with so much with my other kid's father,

that's why I wind up leaving

and going into a whole another state.

I didn't want to move to New Orleans,

because it's... They had so much going on down there.

So, the closest place is Louisiana,

Lafayette, Louisiana.

That's where I moved with my kids.

That's just as bad.

Just as bad.

JUDGE LAKE: So, when she comes back,

the baby's born?

WOODS: Right.

VOLMAR: Baby is born.

She came back, the baby was literally

three and a half months old

when she came and first time I seen the baby, ever.

JUDGE LAKE: And said, "This is your baby."

Yup. And I looked at her

with the same look I'm giving you right now,

like, "What?"

JUDGE LAKE: And so, Ms. Woods,

when you arrived

and you told Mr. Volmar

he's your child's father...

WOODS: Yeah.

What was his reaction?

WOODS: He say he want to get a blood test.

When I got down here,

he finally came to meet his child

for the first time.

I don't know if that's my child.

WOODS: Your Honor, I'm speaking right now.

VOLMAR: That could be anybody's child.


It might be his kid.

We riding around or whatever,

he wind up bringing the kit back.

I'm like, "What you done that for?

What you brought the kit back for?"

"Oh, I know it's my child."

So, which is it, either she your child

or she not your child.

Like, he just...

I can't deal with him.

JUDGE LAKE: Did you take the DNA

testing kit back to the store, Mr. Volmar?

I wish I could've took her back to the store.

She's the worst thing that happened to me.

I promise you. I got so many headaches.

This is, like...

Why didn't you take the DNA test?

WOODS: Because he's cheap,

he don't wanna pay for nothing.

It's gonna cost $75 to $100

for you to get the results back.

He didn't wanna pay it because he's cheap.

JUDGE LAKE: Oh, so once you got the box you realized

that it wasn't like a pregnancy test

where you get the results right there.

You had to send them off...

VOLMAR: No, no, no.

...and send the check.

You know what I did?

I started thinking about, like,

"Why am I paying for something

"that might be somebody else's?

"Get somebody else to pay for it."

Fed up with the lies, the nonsense, you know,

it was just a whole bunch of different stories.

When you keep saying she lies,

which lies are you talking about, Mr. Volmar?

One, she's pregnant by me.


I've been to the doctors.

I have low sperm count.

So he's saying.

So I know.

I would have 20 kids by now

if that was not true.

I promise you.

WOODS: Okay.

Everybody body is not the same.

VOLMAR: All right. I'd like to clone myself.

So, Mr. Volmar, you say you have a low sperm count,

is that correct?


JUDGE LAKE: And you submitted

to a sperm analysis test,

a new one for this court.


Because we wanted to get better information.

We have called upon Dr. Jameelah Gater, MD,

with RYSE Wellness medical clinic.

Jerome, can you please escort the expert in, please?


DR. GATER: Okay.

Hello, nurse.

Hello, Dr. Gater.

DR. GATER: Hello, a pleasure.

Thank you so much for joining us today.

Um, we are, of course, in a paternity case...


...concerning beautiful baby Madison.

Mr. Volmar had stated for the court

that he has a low sperm count.

He'd undergone testing.

We wanted to retest him.

What was your analysis of the results?

So, Mr. Volmar had several factors

that indicate he does have a low sperm count.

One was the sperm count itself,

it was at 20 million.

Anything below 20 million is considered

low sperm or oligospermia,

and that does decrease your chances of fathering a child.

However, it does not make it impossible

for a man to father a child.

You was on my side for a second there.

Well, the rest of the analysis shows

that he also had good motility of a sperm,

which is also important because the sperm

have to swim to the egg in order to fertilize...

How can they swim? I can't swim.

(LAUGHS) Well, your sperm can certainly swim.

Mr. Volmar, you're becoming a clown.

And this is not a circus, this is a courtroom.

We're getting the information concerning your body

and your potential conceiving this beautiful baby.

It's not a joke.

I'm sorry, Dr. Gater. Go ahead.

So, based on those results,

40% of men with his type of picture

actually need medical help to conceive a child.

But on the flipside, up to 60%

can go on to father a child naturally.

So, it's really... It's really a toss-up,

it's really 50/50 chance

in terms of his sperm count

and his ability to father a child.

JUDGE LAKE: So now that you've heard that, Mr. Volmar,

does it change your position at all in terms of

you believing the child could potentially be yours?


Because she's saying it's possible.

She's saying 40/60,

she's saying I have low sperm,

saying it could happen, but it didn't.

You just don't believe it.

VOLMAR: I, uh, I, I know.

I mean, she's a beautiful baby, but I don't see...

Yes, she is.

...I don't see me

me in her at all.

Ms. Woods, what are your hopes for today?

I mean, this is not an easy situation.

Right. I just wanna lay everything out on the table.

I want him to see that Madison is his daughter.

I want his mother to see.

I want his whole entire family

to see that this is his child.

I don't have no reason to throw a child on him.

He's a loser.


Let's be respectful.

WOODS: Okay, Your Honor. I'm sorry.

But I just want him to see that this is his child,

step up and do what he got to do

as far as providing for this child.

She likes having sex with losers.


VOLMAR: Just being honest.

Let's just keep the decorum

because this is a very serious time.


You came here for answers and I have those answers for you.

WOODS: Okay.



Thank you.

These results were prepared by DNA Diagnostics

and they read as follows.


JUDGE LAKE: In the case of Woods v. Volmar,

when it comes to four-month-old Madison Woods,

it has been determined by this court,

Mr. Volmar,


are the father.

WOODS: Thank you.

Thank you! You're the father.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Thank you.

JUDGE LAKE: You are the father. That is your beautiful little girl.

WOODS: Exactly, looking just like him.

Thank you, Your Honor.

How does it feel? You seem...

I'm at a loss for words.




No. That's a good thing.

She's beautiful. Can I hold her?

Now, that's a beautiful thing to say.


She's gonna be my little piece of gold, now that I know.

JUDGE LAKE: I think in light of Mr. Volmar's,

I think, very real, honest reaction,

I'd like to have a moment with you both in my chambers

because I want him to see his little girl.

I'll meet you there. Court is adjourned.


So I'm very happy we can get you guys some answers

and now you have certainty.

Jerome is gonna bring Madison in right now.

Here you go now.

That's a beautiful little girl.

JUDGE LAKE: Oh, my goodness.

Oh, baby.

Hey, little mama, Daddy is here.

Yes, I love you.


JUDGE LAKE: Good job, Daddy.


JUDGE LAKE: Good job, Daddy.

You know what? I do see myself in her.


She is gorgeous.


Gorgeous, yeah.

JUDGE LAKE: That she is.

That she is.

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