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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CEZ. Scrapyard. 1986

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This burial place is in Buryakovka.

The cars are here in the trenches,...

...there are very many fire trucks.

Mainly, the cars involved in road accidents, or the cars...

that delivered concrete to the place where the sarcophagus was built.

There, in my opinion,...

...300 thousand cubic meters of concrete was poured.

And all the cars that were involved in that...

...process were contaminated because they were loaded...

with concrete in Kopachi on a concrete plantso it is natural,

...that those cars were working on the route "Kopachi-Chernobyl".

And that route was quite dirty.

But these are the cars prepared for burial at Buryakovka.

In future, the cars would all be moved from this field.

This field is in Lilёv area,...

...the village of Lilёv.

And those cars had been there...

...until they were buried at Buryakovka.

Not tens, but probably thousands of those cars.

Well, in Buryakovka the trenches were made meeting al the rules.

The trench is about...

...half a mile wide and a kilometer long.

There are about three dozen trenches.

The base of the trench - a bottom,...

- Get away, get away, get away!

...which was covered with a layer of bentonite clay.

This clay traps radionuclides.

And moreover, it slows down...

...moisture vertical filtering.

And so those cars were buried there.

They also were pushed by tractors and bulldozers.

Well, the bulldozers were different, both the wheeled bulldozers,...

...and bulldozers on tank tracks.

And military vehicles were all in Lubyanka,... the storage point.

As a rule, they were lined up in accordance with their function: ARPVs...

(armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicles) one row, maybe two rows.

Then, IFVs (infantry fighting vehicles), I dont remember how many rows there were.

IFVs are six-wheeled machines.

Then, EOCVs (engineering obstacle clearing vehicles)...

...were standing separately.

But EOCVs were not large... number, about 20.

Unfortunately, probably armor steel...

is put much value upon worldwide, and they were cut up and disappeared.

The Description of CEZ. Scrapyard. 1986