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[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] I always used to think I had really strict parents.

I always used to think I had really strict parents.

They wouldn't let me go out.

They wouldn't let me do anything.

They wouldn't let me even go on field trips.

And then I started watching shows about real strict parents,

and I still thought mine were strict.

But then I grew up and realized that I'm glad they were strict.

But not like this.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost.

I haven't seen my mom in months because she's just so overbearing and religious.

So her mom is like hella strict and religious.

And this girl, she doesn't like it.

She doesn't want to deal with it anymore.

So they went on Dr. Phil.

I'll show you some of my religious items here, and how important they are to me.

My mom thinks pop music is satanic.

And that any skirt over the knee is sinful.

I would not be allowed to wear this.

If pop music is satanic, what's rock?

What's metal?

Is there something worse than satanic?.

This shit don't add up.

I mean when I was growing up my parents wouldn't let me wear anything short.

Like it can only be like a few inches like above your knee.

Marie has completely rejected her faith.

Cursing is a sin.

Having sex before marriage is a sin.

Most TV shows, it's a sin to watch those.

Missing churches a mortal sin.

Pop music, sin.

Skimpy clothing, sin.

Cursing, double sin.

Premarital sex.

Oh, you already know you're gonna burn in hell.

Watching TV, the stupidest kind of sin.

Missing church.

I don't know.

One time in fifth grade, I slept over at my friend's house,

and told my mom I was going to church with her when I wasn't.

When my mom found out, she grounded me for two months.

Oh no.

See, I wasn't allowed to do sleepovers either, like it was strictly forbidden.

Like my friends could come over and sleepover,

but I could never ever ever go to my friend's house.

My best friend, she lived like walking distance from me.

And I was never allowed to go to her house.

My parents were like, why don't she come over?

Because my dad's smoking in the house, smoke up the whole house.

And anytime anybody comes to the house they're like,

Why is your house so stinky?

I might have been two lax and not disciplined enough with her.

She grounded her for two months for having a sleepover,

but saying she was going to church.

First of all, her mom dumb enough to believe that they got church overnight.

Like what, two girls in the fifth grade gonna go to night time church?

Is that even a thing?

Can you even go to church overnight?

I had a lot of friends who were gay,

and my mom thought they were dragging me into sin,

and that I was going to become a bad person.

Yeah man, having gay friends will make you gay.

It's just the immoral lifestyle I'm against.

My mom pulled me out of that school,

and put me in some weird Mormon charter school.

I was so miserable.

I started failing classes on purpose, and skipping school twice a week.

Damn, she gonna get you back.

You gonna put me in this Mormon Charter School, I'mma just sit here and fail.

Me showing up to class like, okay.

Bye bitches.

I felt like I was doing the right thing, trying to keep rules.

Now that I'm grown up, I rebel because my mom was too strict on me.

Oh like every other damn kid.

Kids are really bad when their parents like try to be strict with them and fail.

I'm gonna tell you the truth today,

and some of it you're going to like, some that you might not.

I think your goal is to get her to conform to what you want her to do.

That's exactly what she wants to do.

And the kid is not having it.

I want her to do what's right.

That's all I know.

Which is defined by you, because you've got God on your side?


Look at the way she answers.



Satan who? Satan living in you.


So this is what I thought was like hella funny.

Here your rules according to Marie, and I think you agree with them.

We, I talked about them at the beginning.

No pop music.

Lady Gaga's like...

No way.

Lady Gaga is Satan himself.

Oh my God, it's Satan.

It's Satan again.

Don't let the diamonds fool you.

Another one of Satan's forms.

All right somebody get the damn Holy water bitch.

I can't deal with this shit anymore.

No short skirts.

Yeah. I don't like revealing clothes for a girl.

Okay, no missing church.

And no voting for Hillary Clinton, the baby killer.

One of her rules is specifically no voting for Hillary Clinton, baby killer.

Yes, correct.

So you kicked her out over that, she says.

That was the first time I kicked her out but then I took her back.

Her daughter voted for Hillary Clinton, and then she kicked her daughter out.

The damage is done.

She ain't even get elected.

That's like saying I called up a hooker,

but I didn't actually get the hooker.

Okay, that's an awful comparison.

Y'all know what I'm trying to say.

After that voting incident

But you kicked her out because, that one point, because she voted for somebody?


It was kind of the final straw.

I just see her having the most outrageous, reckless, dangerous behavior.


No friends that are not Catholic?

Okay, that's just straight-up stupid.

Like somebody could be a great person,

and you can have so much in common with them,

but if they're not Catholic, no, they cannot be your friend.

Okay. gay friends.

Well, I would prefer it, but she has many gay friends.

Some of them are okay. Some of them are not.

I can't control her.

I'm just here to help her with her crazy, dangerous lifestyle,

that I've seen her express on Twitter.

It's outrageous. It's scary and it's dangerous.

And I'm really afraid for her.

So she's trying to help her.

I'm trying to help you by giving you all these rules,

like you can't do this shit, and then you will be happy and helped.

Bitch what?

So we got the girl out here.

She's sitting, talking to her mom.

She's saying she want to go to college.

You even displayed on your Twitter, right there, that you got

I don't care.

Oh you don't care.

That's always what you always say.

Why is it funny?

Why is being a prostitute funny?

Why are you always laughing?

Is that funny?

You have so much potential, but you're a waste of a life right now.

I'm a waste of a life?

So rude to her.

Y'all go on Dr. Phil, trying to bring her back home, trying to fix things.

And you just sitting here, insulting her.

Why is it funny? Why are you laughing?

I don't know.

That's just how I act.

She wants to be famous.

This is her time. That's why.

They're gonna call her out.

Like you see bad baby.

You trying to be like bad baby.

I feel like so many people came on Dr. Phil after, trying to get famous.

So I don't know if that's what she's trying to do.

I'm not really feeling it from her.

I just want

You cannot be that shallow to make that idiotic comment.

She loves the attention.

You cannot be that shallow.

She loves the attention, Dr. Phil.

You cannot be that self-righteous and sanctimonious,

to sit down there and make that idiotic statement.

Damn. He gonna call you out.

My haters when you call them out for being so stupid.

They're gonna sit there like,

Sorry Dr. Phil but...

Well, you should be sorry.

I'm sorry, but she likes the attention right now.

Then why did you bring me on here?

She just said on Twitter that this is her moment to become the next,

>> the next famous girl who's on Dr. Phil. >> To help you from your

from your dangerous lifestyle of prostitution.


So this girl, she's posting like super revealing pictures

on Twitter and Instagram.

And her mom's gonna call her a prostitute.

If you care about her enough, then you've done your homework

to know what's really going on here,

and you don't sit there and make idiotic critical damning comments.

Every comment in your mouth be negative.

See, that's the problem.

Everybody's just being like hella mean to her.

Wait, hold up.

So they brought her on Dr. Phil.

They're like, hey, we got hella problems with this girl.

Let's bring her on Dr. Phil.

And then she tweeted,

This is my time, now my time to be famous.

But she's just sitting here, she ain't even causing a scene or anything

to like make her famous.

What do you guys think?

Is the family trying to be famous?

Or she trying to be famous?

They just trying to genuinely work out their problems,

because they want her back home.

You haven't said one positive thing about her since

>> she started talking to me. >> She's not positive towards us.

She's not positive towards us.

I want to love her. I want a relationship.

I want a relationship with my daughter.

What do you mean you want to love her?

I want to love her, but she's living this life of sin.

We don't like sin.

She's not even saying anything.

It's her mom and her brothers.

I do love her.

And you are the most powerful role model in your child's life,

and she needs you.

She doesn't need you to judge everything she does.

And trust me,

Does she really need me?

She doesn't need you to judge everything she does.

Does she really need me?

Then does she really need me?

Because I'm trying to get her to follow the right path.

And that is the path of our Lord and savior.

And if you don't wanna follow that path,

then I don't want to love you.

I think that's what she's trying to say.

And if you continue to judge everything she does,

she's going to continue to be more and more outrageous,

and more and more rebellious.

I'm trying not to judge her.

I'm just afraid for her.

We have all these rules right here.

I don't want to judge you, but I hate your gay friends.

Lady Gaga, that's Satanic.

You cannot listen to that shit.

But I'm afraid for you.

I want to help you.

But goddamn, you wear a skirt 3 inches above your knee.

Oh go get it.

Do you think I think it's okay that she's hooking up with sugar daddies,

even one time?

That's the most absurd thing ever, ever, ever.

That's the most absurd thing ever.

That's so beneath her.

Oh my God.

Okay, so this is another problem that they just like came out of nowhere.

So her mom and her family is mad that she going out with sugar daddies.

It's actually crazy how many girls I see doing that shit.

Like I'll go to the mall, I see a girl like younger than me,

with like some 60 year old guy,

and I'm like, that is not her dad.

And the reason it bothers him so much is

he paid you, at the time when you were four or five, two dollars.

And he paid you to keep quiet.

So we got some family issues over here with this nasty ass guy.


How dare this guy give her any shit.

You're going out and getting paid to do things concerning your body,

and he's seeing the parallel there.

And said, Oh my God. I set up the metrics for this so many years ago.

But not just that.

I feel like I can't be her older brother anymore.


Alright guys.

We are done.

Dr. Phil, please fix this mess because I am...

I don't know. This is a lot going on here.

This family is beyond fu

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