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ok so we've got the unit ready to

install here in the car

this is the GPS attachment which clips

on and then it's got the 3M tape on the

back and we've got the cable USB cable

to run the power normally goes into this

slot here on the body but on this one

it plugs into the GPS if you have that

attachment as well and you can swivel

the camera around to adjust the

angle on that as well so it'll sit somewhere

up there and I'll run the cable up the

top. So let's get going with that.

It doesn't come with an SD card so I've got

an SD card here which I'll plug into the

side. 64GB. Let's see how long this

cable is and whether we can run it all

the way around the outside of the window

just to try and hide it and get it out of the

way. So it's a nice long cable.

Plenty of length there, just need to untangle it.

but should give us plenty of room.

So we'll just plug it into the GPS unit on the

back there. And then the other end plugs

into this cigarette lighter socket

adapter which has actually got two USB

plugs on it and it's a 3.1 amp output. Not

sure whether the camera needs 3.1 or

that's just so you can charge something

else off it as well. Plug it in and you

can see it's powered on there. So with the

resolution you've got the different

settings there by default it's set to

2560 x 1440 30 frames a second

you can also set up to 1080p

high-definition at 60 frames a second or

720 @ 120 frames per second so it's up to you

whether you want to be able to slow the

footage down or you just want a nice

high-resolution. Other options we've got

here how long the loop goes for so

whether it records in 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 minute

chunks. I've set mine to 5. You can adjust

the exposure value if it's too dark or too

bright. Also got a wide

dynamic range which I guess is like a

high dynamic range to bring out the the

shadows and drop the highlights you can

record in a time-lapse mode there's also

a motion detection if you want, to know,

while your car is parked, and you want it to

turn on, assuming it's got power to it

when someone walks past. You've got GPS if you

got the GPS unit like I do then you can

have that turned on to record your

location and your speed. There's also a

G-sensor that will measure any shocks

so you can actually set that to to start

recording an emergency if someone bumps

your car, or hits your car.

Interestingly it's got a lane departure

warning system so if your car's moving

out of the lanes on the highway

it'll make an alarm sound like some of


systems like Subaru Eye-Sight. It's also got

a forward collision warning system

so that'll tell you if you're getting too

close to the car in front. Interesting

features there for a dashcam and then

other various settings the date and time

and things like that.

ok so we're just going to do a bit of a

test fit with this unit here trying to

find the best spot for it. I've got this plastic

shroud here on my car behind the mirror

which has a bunch of different sensors

in it but I want to put the dashcam

up here somewhere behind the mirror but

making sure that it doesn't catch the

edge of that plastic shroud in the

picture so that we have a nice clear view

of the front. Ideally up behind the

mirror here somewhere so it's not

distracting for the driver and then we

can run the cable straight up the top as

well. You want to make sure probably

that's within range of your windscreen

wipers as well in case it's raining,

so you can get a nice clear view. Once

you've done that

remember you can change the angle of the

camera on this unit as well. Once you've got

your spot just give it a clean with some

alcohol. I've already done that, but I'll give it

another quick wipe and that'll make sure

that the the 3M tape sticks really well.

You probably want to leave it for

about 20 minutes as well

So now I've stuck it on and left it to

dry for a little bit to make sure that

stays on really well and just doing a

bit of a test fit on the wire here the

cable sorry it's a bit blurry. I want

to put this cable out of sight and I'm

going to try and run it up through the

roof lining which is actually where the

cables or the wires from that centre

plastic shroud they're actually go as

well go up into the up into the roof

lining. We've got a nice long

cable here so we're going to do a bit of

a test fit to make sure that we know

where to run it. I'll just pop it up

through behind the roof lining here it's

actually fairly easy to push in on my

car and so no special tools required

there. Just feeding it in along, 'til

we get to the corner and then running it

down the A-pillar there in front of the

car. It's a little bit tough to

push into that A-pillar at the moment, but

just doing a test fit to get a bit of a

layout before I go and permanently fix

it somewhere and then running it down

the side of the dash

Now we've got the first part installed so

from the camera and just putting it up

through the roof lining here really just

pushing it with my fingers for this part

and then we get to the A-pillar and you

can see it's all nicely hidden away there

some parts of that I was able to push in

with my fingers and actually used a credit

card for some of it

just to push it in. Same for this part

here between the dash and A-pillar.

At the moment it's just dangling down here next to

the door and then next step is we're

going to feed it in behind the glove box

in this case so just going to do a bit

of a test fit for this and behind the

glove box here on mine at least there's

a little bit of a channel or an edge

that I can run it along there

easily so just going to do a bit of a

test fit to make sure the glove box

will actually close. I think that

cable will be okay there you could use a clip or

something to hold that in

but a pretty much out of the way

especially with the door shut can't see

it and then running behind the glove

box. So, the glove box appears to shut

pretty well so just running in behind

that channel. On mine I don't actually

need any clips, but you might need to

put a clip to hold it in behind so it

doesn't fall anywhere. This one holds


You can see that it doesn't dangle down

or anything at the

bottom so it's out of the way of the

footwell and nobody's going to kick it

there and the next part is to run from

here and somehow run it across into

the center console and to be able to

plug it into the cigarette lighter

socket there. Now ideally I'd probably

run it along this little channel here

I'm not sure if i'll be able to get in

fully and then that's where we want

to end up that cigarette lighter socket.

Not going to pull my dash apart for this

so i might actually use these clips

which actually came in

with the


and just fix a couple of those on there

onto the cable and we should be right

alright so here we are

and the job's all complete now. I'm

reasonably happy with it without having

to pull any panels off or anything

it runs nice and neatly through the roof

lining down the A-pillar down the side

next to the door and up behind the glove

box so you can see that the windscreen

is nice and clear. There's no cables

visible anywhere except from the

camera to the roof, so tucked

in behind the a-pillar there and then dangling

down there but you can't see that when the

door's shut and then hooked up behind the

glove box and here you can see those little

clips. You could go all out and

remove the center console there

depending on how difficult that is for you.

and basically that's it

so we're good to go

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