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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Radical Body Transformations Episode 5

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(drawn out expectant music)

(pounding electronic music)

- This is James Hergott

with Radical Body Transformations,

and we got a special treat for you today.

Now we've got competitors and

Transformation personalities

from all different levels,

but you know the highest level you can really get

is being a pro.

So today we're gonna work with a pro.

Now the problem with a pro

is they already have a lot of the tools

and everything and they've already

got their body in shape,

so it's very difficult

to make progress in the sense that

they're already at a high level.

But still just like any transformation,

everybody can do work.

Everybody can reach a new level within themselves.

Today we're doing Natalie Janik.

Now Natalie is a fantastic story,

because she's been working with her trainer

for many years,

but not just working in terms of training,

but they started by actually working together

at the same place before Natalie

actually even considered training,

let alone competing.

And from what I heard,

she actually said to Darren,

"You know, I'm never gonna compete."

I think it was a little bit more explicit than that,

and I'll let them explain that.

However Darren said, "You will."

Time passed.

Not only did Natalie end up competing

and Darren proved her wrong,

But she ended up becoming a pro.

On top of that she's got two children,

and she won her pro card a year after

having her second child.

So to all those mothers at home that say

I can't get fit because I have children

I'm sorry to say we have somebody here

that not only got fit but turned pro

a year after having a child,

and her second one.

So you know a lot of it in this game is mental,

and I'm not just talking the game of body building.

I'm talking the game of life.

Today Natalie is gonna do a back workout,

and I'm gonna challenge myself

to do a back workout with her,

'cause I wanna do a pro back workout.

So Darren's gonna put us through a back workout.

Now the transformation with Natalie is

every level you get to is a

whole new level of competition.

It's like a video game.

You get through one level,

you think oh great I got through that level.

Well now it's harder.

So for Natalie she turned pro,

and now she's gonna do her first pro show.

So as a result of that now the level of competition

is a whole new level.

She's gonna be competing in Edmonton

in her home country of Canada for the first time,

and we are gonna follow her from this place now,

this point in time now,

all the way to the stage so that we can see her do

a Radical Body Transformation,

and again this is at the elite level

but it just goes to show no matter what level you are

there's always room to grow.

So I'd like to introduce you to Natalie.

(pounding electronic music)

Hi Natalie, how's it going?

- I'm good, how are you James?

- Good.

Now okay, so the story I heard is

you're working with Darren.

You guys are working at, what's it?

- We worked at Manitoba Lotteries at the time.

- Okay. - We worked together there.

- And were you doing any kind of training

at this point in time?

- I went to the gym and pretty much did my own thing.

I didn't really know what to do,

so I just worked out,

did my own things at the gym,

didn't see any changes,

and then one day I saw Darren walk down the hallway,

and he looked like a completely different person.

And I was like, "Who is that guy?

"Is that Darren?"

And somebody told me he was competing

in a bodybuilding show,

so I was like, "Okay I've seen him

"transform his body.

"I need to talk to him."

And that's when we hooked up.

- Okay now did you

at that point

consider competing?

- No absolutely not.

I did a few boot camps with Darren.

I came here.

We did a few boot camps,

and he had said, "You know you should compete."

And I said, like you had said, "There's no way

"I'm gonna step on stage in that little bikini.

"Not happening."

It was about I would say three months before the show

that he convinced me to try my first novice.

And I did and I really really enjoyed it.

- Now what was the switch that went from

I'm not gonna compete to I'm gonna throw on this bikini

and get on stage?

- You know what, I actually think it was Darren

just saying to me like, "You should do this.

"You can do it."

I didn't think, like I've seen the shows

and I didn't think I could actually do it.

And somebody saying over and over again,

"You can do this and you'll do well,"

I think that was something different.

I was like, "Okay he believes in me,

"and he knows what he's doing,

"so I'll give it a try."

- Very cool, all right.

So let's bring in Darren,

Darren the pro maker. - Hey James.

- How's it going?

- Goin' good, good.

- All right so you guys have known each other

a long long time.

How long has it been?

- Oh at least 19 years.

- Oh yeah, it's been quite a long time.

- That's crazy.

So you have literally seen her go

from just an average person that kinda

just works out a little bit

to you turn pro.

- Yep.

- What is it about Natalie

that she had that unique quality

that she could become a pro?

- Well it's not that she was average.

When I saw her I knew there was

something different about her right from the first day.

But I'd seen her when she worked out.

She worked out a lot harder than most newbies could,

and she had I don't know something,

just that extra spark I guess.

I don't know.

- So it was more of a mental thing?

- Yep, definitely more mental and I mean

her work ethic which I guess you could say

was also mental but definitely showed itself

on the gym floor when she trained.

And she just also had a level of

commitment and dedication.

So when we did give her her first diet

it was like there was no question

if she was following it.

She just did it.

I mean and one thing she forgot to mention,

her first show she won.

- Wow. So-- - Yeah she's never placed

less than second. - And how many weeks out

was it that he told you?

- Well it was constant, - Yeah.

- Pretty much from the first day

she asked about training,

I said that she should compete.

Then she kept on saying, "No no no,"

and a few other colourful words were said.

And then finally, yeah.

It was just one day she's like,

"Yeah let's go for it." - Do it, yeah.

- "Let's do it."

And never looked back since from there.

- Okay now having a child what possessed you

to compete a year later?

- Well I didn't really think I could do it

the first child so after my first kid

I called Darren up and said,

"Okay this is what I look like.

"Do you think I could do this?"

And he's like, "Yep, let's get going."

So we started and I competed

about a year-and-a-half after my first child,

and I tied for second at the national show.

And I was like, "Okay well I can't stop there."

So I said, "Darren one second,

"I'm gonna have another baby."

So I did that and then I was like,

"Okay I wanna do it in less time

"and I wanna do better."

So I just said, "Darren I wanna get first

"and I wanna be a year after my baby."

That was my goal.

Did I actually think I could do it?

Absolutely not,

but I knew that I would just tell Darren

what I want and he'd make it happen.

So that's what he did.

- Very cool.

Now so this is incredible.

Now I'm assuming you're not gonna have children

in the near future, right? - No, no, I've stopped that.

- Your training is not gonna be interrupted.

- No.

- First of all, did you expect to turn pro?

- No I placed second last time and I was happy.

I said, "I just wanna get first."

I was planning on hanging up my shoes after that.

Darren doesn't know that.

- Oh.

- But I was planning on hanging up my shoes after,

I'm just, "I just wanna get first place.

"That's good enough for me."

And so I got first place in masters,

and I got first place in short

and then I went for the overall

and I was like, "This isn't gonna happen."

And it did, and now I've got three shows lined up

and I see no end to this

competing world for a while.

- Now what was the feeling when they said

that you were gonna get your pro card,

that you'd won the overall?

- I actually,

I think I came backstage and I hugged Darren of course.

I hugged my husband. - Yep, Michael was there too,


I kept saying, "Does this mean I'm a pro?"

I just couldn't comprehend what had happened.

And I'm like, "Am I actually a pro now?"

And I think Darren probably told me about 20 times,

"Yes Natalie you are."

It's undescribable, I mean people dream.

I mean there was 300 people at the show.

Everybody wants the same goal.

It's not something that's easily attainable.

It's not actually something that I thought I could reach,

so I never actually talked about it a lot.

I didn't actually tell people I was competing,

because I thought, "I don't want to

"set myself up for failure."

I wanted it and I said to Darren,

"Do whatever it takes to get me there,

"But let's just not talk about it."

And that was good for me.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- And your emotions, what were you thinking

to see a friend of yours of 20 years

that had said to you,

"I'm not gonna do this." - We're not gonna say

what the emotions were.

It was pretty heavy. - There was a few tears.

- 'Cause her husband was there too and

he's a huge supporter of her,

and that's I think probably even a bigger reason

why she kept on competing,

was her husband Mike.

- Yeah.

- 'Cause he was a competitive body builder as well.

But just like her he wanted a family

and stuff like that but he saw

what she had in her too and I mean,

you can tell the way she described everything,

how everything was laid out in her life

and how she did everything.

It was just like, "I wanna do this,

"and I did this.

"And then I wanted this and I did this."

You know, it just,

whatever she wants she achieves.

And yeah, she keeps on saying,

"You know he got me where I wanted,"

But she did it.

I gave her the plan.

She's the one crazy enough to do it.

- Absolutely right though.

- But everything clicks.

Everyone, it's just like any relationship.

You gotta find that right person that matches,

and we click on every level.

- Yeah.

And it's a give and take,

and she does what she needs to do.

I do my part, and she's got a huge support system.

And yeah it just happens.

She just makes it happen.

What was really cool and what made I think her way

in the pro card even more special

on top of everything else

that was making it at home.

We were at home, we were in Winnipeg.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Friends or family it was awesome.

So it was pretty cool.

And now competing as a pro in Canada.

This year we've gone from having no pro shows

to having the odd one

to then we had one solid pro show in Toronto

for the last two years.

And all of a sudden in 2015 we're gonna have three.

And now she's got three pro shows to do.

- Pro shows, wow. - All in Canada.

- Incredible, yeah. - So it's pretty cool.

It's quite a trip, quite a ride.

I mean she's been there since day one

with me and vice versa so this is pretty cool.

- And I have to give a shout out

to your husband because there's all kinds of

different people and relationships.

- Yeah.

- And let's face it, in a lot of relationships

the other significant person

wants to hold that person back.

You know maybe insecurity or whatever the reason is.

So to have somebody actually really supportive

and believe in you as well,

that's a great thing, so--

- I said to him, I said, "Are you sure 100%

"that you're okay with me competing?"

And he was like, "You're like my hero."

He's like, "I've dreamed of becoming pro and you are."

He's like, "I'm married to you."

So he actually said the other day,

he's like, "Why don't you do the Edmonton

"and Vancouver show?"

And I'm like, "Okay but you know when I compete

"that takes from our family."

And he said, "Absolutely 100%, sign up."

So he's the one who encouraged me to do all three.

- Wow, so and he helps you obviously.

- He helps me, I think more of a sanity check.

He used to do all the cooking and stuff,

but now I do all the cooking

just to keep me in check.

Lots of times I wanna eat junk food

and it's like I live with Darren.

He won't let me eat anything,

and I mean will I actually do it?

No but he won't even let me think about it.

And so he's the Darren on my shoulder at home.

He's very supportive.

- That's awesome.

Now as usual I have no idea

what I'm getting myself into.

So I'm gonna offer to train back with you

and see what it's like.

- Hey no problem.

- I have the coolest lifting straps on earth.

These are not store bought.

These are hand made.

- Nice.

- These are my special straps,

so I hope they give me the extra magic I need

to get through this workout,

because since you're mentally strong

it sounds like you work out hard.

So we're gonna head back and

we're gonna get her ready for her first pro shows,

and I'm excited to see the whole transformation

and see you,

I mean obviously you've come a long way.

But I'm excited to see you on

the next path of this journey

and see you compete in your first three pro shows.

All right, this is James Hergott

with Radical Body Transformation.

Now normally here what we're doing is

we're getting people in shape.

We're transforming them,

all levels of conditioning.

A typical person, they might be

a little bit out of shape and they're getting ready

to enter their first contest

or just to transform.

Or maybe they're a mid level competitor

looking to get to a higher level.

Today we have somebody that's one of the

elite of the elite,

somebody that's competing for nationals.

Now for somebody doing that,

it's hard to make improvements

because you've already really built up your body.

But still everybody has things

that they can improve on

and things that they wanna work on.

Now you may be wondering why am I wearing

a sleeveless hoodie.

Well it's very practical because

if it gets cold I can just put up my hood.

But the real reason is actually

my grandmother didn't do my laundry today,

so I'm stuck with this but that's okay

because Trina,

who is our

special athlete today,

we worked out an agreement.

One of the things that she wants to work on

to get ready for nationals is her legs.

So I said to her that if she would

go through a leg workout with me,

that I'd be willing to wear any equipment

that she brought for me.

So with that I'm gonna introduce you to Trina Burns.

(pounding electronic music)

How's it going, Trina?

- Nice to meet you.

- I'm ready for our workout, I think.

(Trina laughs)

Okay so tell us a little bit about yourself.

Now I know that you're a mother of four

who works in finance.

Now I know that there's people out there,

that they say, "I've got kids.

"I've got a job.

"I don't have time to work out."

Obviously that's not an issue for you.

Why do you think people say that

and you know obviously it must be a myth

if you're able to achieve the condition you've achieved

and have all those responsibilities.

- Well yes as a mother of four

it comes down to making it a priority.

Working out makes me a better mother,

makes me more efficient when I'm in the workplace,

makes me more efficient in the home.

I absolutely enjoy it.

It's definitely my outlet,

and so I make it happen.

It's a priority for me.

The day doesn't end where I don't

check it off my list.

It just gets done.

If it's a priority for somebody you make it happen.

If it's a priority to sit on the couch

and watch Dancing With the Stars,

then you make that happen.

If it's a priority to work out

and get ready for a national competition,

then you do what it takes to make it happen.

- So you hear that people?

You say you've got kids.

She's got four kids and looks like this.

And she's got a full-time job too.

Okay, now your trainer is one of the best of the best.

- He is.

- He's, this year of training has got more people

to turn pro in Canada than any other trainer.

His name's Darren.

I'd like to introduce your trainer, Darren.

Come on in here, Darren.

Pleasure to work with you.

- How's it going, Trina?

- Good to see you.

- Yes.

- So Darren is gonna put us through a leg workout together.

We'll see.

- I think so.

- We'll see who's the best at this.

You know but before we get to that

we have to work out the equipment issue.

I'm not a big fan of sleeveless hoodies,

so I'm hoping you have something

a little bit more fashionable for me to put on.

- You know what I do, I do.

- Excellent. - Something that will keep you

a little bit more comfortable

as well as making you look like--

- All right.


- When you're working legs

you always want to make sure

that you're showing them off.

You gotta show off your hard work,

and I kinda figured that these would be

an excellent way to do that.

I'll get you to hold those.

Now of course we don't want those legs getting cold,

and so I figured that these

would probably keep you nice and toasty.

- Wow.

- That'll make those calves look good.

- Now since you've obviously been doing some shoulders

and doing the shoulder workout we gotta go with,

we gotta keep with the sleeveless look.

But I thought this would be pretty comfortable,

and it is stretchy.

- Oh my God.

- Oh, are you ready for Violator?

- I don't know if I would normally do this,

but for the people at home,

for the fun factor,

and maybe I've lost my mind.

I'm gonna try this,

although I did not shave my legs.

I have to admit I did not shave my legs for this.

If I had known I would have

prepared a little bit better,

but I'll do what I can.

- I think the Wonder Woman socks

will take care of that.

- Now Darren.

- Yes sir.

- Dealing with a national level competitor like this.

Sorry it's hard to take myself serious right now. (laughs)

- We all don't wear-- (James laughs)

It takes a lot of faith there man.

- What is it that Trina has to work on

in order to bring it for nationals?

And by the way what,

can you explain to them what category

you're competing in?

- I'm in the Women's Physique Division,

and it's a relatively new division

that I'm really excited about.

I don't have to wear heels,

which really appeals to me.

It's for women who are on the more muscular side,

as well as have conditioning.

Don't have to wear heels and get to

strut their stuff on stage and show a nice routine,

and I absolutely love it.

Love the category, love the people that are in it.

It's just an amazing category.

- How far out are you right now?

- Right now I believe I'm 32 weeks.

- Wow.

- 32 weeks. - She's still in her

off season phase right now so we're still building.

- Yeah, okay so what do you got planned for her

in terms of to bring her in better than she already is?

- Some of the feedback that she got from the judges

this past season was that

because she's so tall as you can see,

I'm wearing shoes and she's almost as tall as I am.

That because she's got longer legs

we need to fill up that space more.

So we gotta build more leg size.

So that's something we've definitely been focusing on

this off season so far.

I mean she definitely has no problem

adding more size to her upper body.

So now we're just gonna keep on

building those legs to match her upper body.

So that's what I think we're gonna do today.

- Well I have kinda the same issue,

so I'll go and get changed so--

- Perfect.

- We can kill it and train lives.

- Now you have to train like a girl.

- You do.

- Well I won't train like a girl--

- What a trainer like you needs totally.

(James laughs)

- I'm sure that training like a girl with you

will not be easy, so all right.

I'm gonna accept the challenge and I'll be right back

after I put this stuff on.

("The Dance of the Birds")

That was a crazy ass workout.

I can say that training like a girl

is not a bad thing.

Trina really impressed me today.

She trains harder than most guys that I know.

And you know a lot of guys may think

oh girls they don't train that hard or whatever.

Let me tell you women give birth.

They can take pain, and you know

just trying to keep up with Trina today

kicked my ass.

So I have my respect for her

and for her trainer Darren

for what he's able to build

with somebody like Trina,

both physically but also,

that honestly mostly is mental strength

to be able to do that.

So mad props to her for being able to do that

and for him to bring out the best in people.

- I think it's fair to say that

we've now redefined train like a girl.

- Yes.

- I think you can wear that tank top with pride now.

- I can be the spokesmodel for Train Like a Girl.

- There we go (laughs), I love it.

- We'll save their fitness video.

- That's a really fleek fitness compliment, man.

Well done.

- So I survived the

Freak Fitness

Train Like a Girl challenge.

(Trina laughs)

- Nicely done.

- Thank you.

- That a boy.

- Thank you, appreciate it.

- Good job Trina.

(zooming rock music)

Ooh rah

(rousing horn music)

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(rousing horn music)

- James Hergott here with Natalie Janik.

We are at Provincials,

even though it looks like

kind of a mediaeval courtyard or something.

Now first of all your husband Mike.

- Yes.

- He's been really helpful.

What's his role with MABBA and the Provincials?

- He is the president of MABBA,

so he helps run all the shows

that happen here in Manitoba.

- Well he's been a great help to us.

He's given us lots of access,

and the first thing he said to me

when I said, "Who's in charge here?"

He says, "I am, and Natalie's my wife."

So we appreciate his support and everything.

- For sure, that's good.

That's good to hear.

- It's been a great show.

Have you had a chance,

did you get a chance to watch the morning show?

- I did, I come to every single show.

I have two kids, so I bring them.

They've come to every show,

so they know the sport and they love it.

So it's kinda ritual.

We always come to the morning show,

and then I drop them off and I come to the night show.

- Well what do you think of the level of competition?

Because you know, a lot of Darren's people are in this.

- Yeah.

- And we've been tracking them, and--

- Well, I started in 2008 and I have to say

if I were to compete now what I looked like in 2008

I wouldn't have done so good.

The girls are definitely stepping it up.

The competition's getting harder and harder,

and some of these girls are coming in looking really good.

Like they can step on the national stage,

so it's impressive and I'm glad I don't

have to compete against them anymore.

- Yeah, it's crazy and I mean

they give lots of compliments to Darren.

And obviously he's kinda common theme, and

although he does seem to attract

a certain type of people,

they're actually a lot of them are friends

even if they compete against each other or not.

But they all have the same just insane drive.

A look that definitely, nobody slacked.

They all came in, in a condition.

So it's gonna be interesting to see

what happens tonight.

- Yeah, I'm not gonna lie.

Darren knows what he's doing.

He's been doing really well,

so I usually hear some people in the audience

saying, "I know which ones are Darren's clients,

"'cause their abs, they stand out."

Or "This stands out more than the others."

So does he know what he's doing?

I mean, it's on paper right?

You can see what he's done.

- Yeah, absolutely, and if anybody is of him

and doesn't look like that,

they're probably not following the programme.

- Oh and I kinda wondered.

I wondered, "Why does all of his clients do so well?"

And I think it's, you almost want to set a standard.

When he's got so many clients doing so well,

you almost wanna join the pack,

but you don't want to disappoint at the same time.

I mean, that's how I felt.

I was like, "Well, all of us girls do good."

He knows his method works,

so you just gotta stick with it, right?

- Absolutely.

So you're getting ready for your own show where,

how many weeks out, three weeks?

- Two weeks out. - Two weeks out?

- Two weeks today, yeah.

- Okay, so how do you feel being this close to the show?

- Well I'm pretty nervous, I'm not gonna lie.

I've gone to every show kind of knowing

what to expect.

This is the first show I'm going to

having no idea what to expect.

There's gonna be people there

that I have been looking at in magazines for years.

So for me this is a huge experience.

It's an honour to step on that stage.

I'm gonna give it all I've got,

and that's all I can do.

I'm gonna give it everything I've got,

gonna go with no regrets and hopefully everything happens

the way it should happen.

- Well just to recap Natalie is gonna be at

the Toronto Pro Show and this is her first pro show.

- My first pro show, yeah.

- So it's a really exciting thing,

and we're gonna be there to capture it.

- For sure.

- Other than being a little bit anxious

and excited and all that,

how do you feel about your physique

and what you're bringing to the table that way?

- I'm happy with my physique.

When I won my pro card a year ago,

I had just had a baby a year previously,

so I don't think it was the best body I could have had,

because my body was still recuperating.

So I think I've given it two good solid years.

So I'm happy with the way

we're bringing things together.

It's different than last year.

It's a little bigger, a little more conditioned.

So I'm happy with that.

- Was there certain changes that you made on purpose

in order to prepare for this?

- I wouldn't say on purpose.

I think my body just needed more time.

I think after having a baby,

your body kinda just is in limbo.

I didn't work out hardcore for awhile,

which is understandable.

I think my body just needed to bounce back,

and in a year it didn't happen.

So it took years.

I mean I can't complain 'cause after a year

that's when I did my best.

But I'm happy with what it looks like this year.

- Now watching the girls on stage tonight,

does it make you wanna be on stage

and kinda like feel like you should be there?

Or are you kinda glad to be able to step back

and just enjoy the show?

How do you feel?

- Well you know what, I always like watching a show.

If I was never gonna compete again,

I would be like, "Yes, I wish I was on that stage."

But because I know I have shows still ahead of me

I let them take the stage and

I'll just take the next one.

I'm fine with that.

- Does it motivate you to come here

and watch a show?

- Absolutely, especially the stages

and the way these girls are representing themselves.

I mean they're looking good,

so if these girls end up going to nationals,

the competition's getting harder and harder.

So seeing them look so good

makes me wanna work twice as hard.

It's good, kudos to them.

I give them credit 'cause it's not easy.

- Now you're on another level than them

in terms of your achievement.

Do any of them ask you questions

or tell you, you know, that--

- You know what, I'm gonna say that

in the gym I'm really quiet, so

I don't and I go at five o'clock in the morning,

so there's not a lot of competitors there

at five o'clock in the morning,

so I don't get a tonne of questions

and I'm usually pretty quiet.

I go to the gym, I do my thing.

So not a lot of people socialise with me.

So I get a few questions here and there,

but nothing major.

I think the most questions I get are from people

who aren't competing and just want to lose weight.

- Yeah.

- That's where I get most of my questions from.

- Well, we're really excited to see you

on the first big stage

here in Canada

at the Toronto Pro Show.

You know, a huge show.

And wow, you know no matter how it turns out--

- You're right.

- It's gonna be an amazing experience for you.

- Absolutely, it'll be good.

- You know, it's one thing to say that you're pro

and get your pro card.

That's the realisation of it right there.

- Yeah, you gotta go there and show

you deserve to be there,

and that's what I hope to do.

- Awesome, well we're excited.

Thank you so much for the interview.

- Yeah, thank you, no problem.

- And by the way, nice bracelet.

- Thank you, very much.

Thanks for getting it for me.

(pounding electronic music)

- James Hergott here.

Radical Body Transformations,

I mean the doors are gonna open here

and things are gonna get crazy,

'cause we are at the Toronto Pro Show.

And this is basically the biggest

pro event for bodybuilding in Canada.

And the people that are gonna be competing today,

they're the best of the best.

Not only are they pros from Canada,

but around the world,

and we've got a few people that we're following.

We're following Azaria,

we're following Natalie,

we're following Brittany,

we're following Chris,

and we're following Nick Scott.

All of them are going to be competing

on this stage tonight,

and we're excited to see how they do.

We've been following their stories for awhile,

and the electricity is gonna be amazing tonight.

And we are just excited to be able to

have followed these journeys and to have

covered the whole experience.

So check this out and enjoy the show.

(pounding electronic music)

- James Hergott here backstage with Natalie,

who just came off her pro debut.

I wanna get your thoughts,

you just walked off the stage.

What's going through your head?

- Well, I'm ecstatic, I had a really good time.

Like I said, it was a really good show.

The women looked phenomenal,

so I have no complaints with how everyone placed.

Everyone looked really good.

They brought their A games,

so I had a really really good experience.

- Awesome, so your teammate Azaria

placed in the top three.

- She did.

- What did you think of that?

- I think she looked phenomenal,

and I think she brought her A game,

and I give props to everyone who does that.

So good for her,

I'm really proud she's part of the pro team.

I have to be happy.

- I know they got different pro shows

and stuff like that.

Do you have an idea in mind

where you'd like to compete next?

- There's a Vancouver show that's coming up.

Those are in my thoughts,

but I gotta talk to my coach, see how things go.

If I need to gain size,

maybe Vancouver is too soon for me

and I might have to wait another year.

But we'll see how it goes for sure.

- Awesome, and what is it you'd like to eat today?

- Tonight I'm having a hamburger for sure,

a beer and some cookies that my good friend

made for me.

- Awesome, well congratulations on everything.

- Thank you very much.

- Amazing debut.

- Thank you very much.

(pounding electronic music)

- James Hergott here, Radical Body Transformations.

With Trina, who we've been following forever,

all the way since December

and now you've competed at nationals.

You've gone through an amazing journey.

You had the shoulder injury.

I think you look fantastic.

You came in like your all-time best shape

that I've ever seen.

And I know you added muscle

and I think you're even leaner,

and you walked away with a third place.

- I do.

- I think you should have done better,

but that's just my personal opinion.

First of all, talk a little bit about the injury

and about the added mass

and the changes you've made this year.

- Well it's been a very busy year

and my off season was great,

and we had really good gains of solid lean mass.

Very happy with that,

and started doing my prep and my,

I dislocated my shoulder, broke two bones.

And it was quite a game changer,

and thought I was gonna need surgery

and it was healing really good,

but once I had the injury

I found it very difficult keeping my head in the game.

Typically when I start a prep

it's like a switch.

I'm just so busy, I flip a switch.

I go into a go machine mode.

I just buckle done, and I just get her done

and I just do it.

And I didn't feel like a winner throughout this process,

and so I felt my confidence kinda wane.

And it was really hard for me to stay focused

and in particular stay

on my diet.

That was the hardest part for me,

just keeping my head in the game.

That has never been an issue for me in the past

with my preps.

- Well I mean you look better than 99% of the population.

I look up to you in terms of your physique.

I think it looks amazing.

So it's very humbling to hear that

you faced that mental game.

And I'm surprised because you really did come in

in fantastic shape.

What did you do to overcome that,

and to stay on track as much as possible?

- There's many days where I'm just so busy

and I have to have a lot of pep talks with myself

and just push through and you know,

having some honesty with my coach too

and just letting him know that,

you know where I'm at,

where I'm sitting at, owning my shit

as we'll call it.

You know I remember about a month ago

just sending him a post, because we had to send pictures

along with it, and I could sit there and play the game.

"I don't know why I look like this.

"I'm doing everything I'm supposed to.

"I'm not eating this, this and that."

It's like, no I'm a big girl, I'm an adult.

And I'm gonna own my choices and yeah.

Can't fault somebody else if I'm looking

puffy and bloated because I made some

different diet choices a few days before picture day.

So I just came clean with him,

and it was important because I needed a pep talk

from my coach.

I needed somebody other than myself

just to tell me, "Hey I believe in you.

"You've got this, stay the course.

"You're looking phenomenal, just get back in there.

"Get back in there, it's okay to fall.

"It's okay to fall, just get the fuck up."

Pardon my language, but get up.

Always get up, and usually I'm pretty good

about being able to check myself

and have those discussions with myself

and do that for me.

But this brought a little bit of a sucky baby

in some regards, and every once in awhile

I just needed an atta girl.

- Well was this your first trip with Darren?

Is that correct?

- No, I did do the world qualifiers with him,

for nine weeks.

- Yeah.

- That was the first time I was with him.

- So this is your first--

- No problem, it was no problem.

- Yeah.

- Buckling in, getting it done, doing it.

No problem.

This crap, once this happened,

it screwed with my head.

But I just pushed through, I just pushed through.

And I also know that I'm,

I'm fortunate that my body really responds very quickly

when I tow the line.

- Yeah.

- And so when I tow the line, I get the results

and I get them pretty quick.

I'm fortunate, so in particular the last couple of weeks.

I towed the line, and there were a lot of discussions,

and there was hiding peanut butter on myself

in the house, throwing it in the basement

so it wasn't staring me in the face.

Like just coming to terms with what I could handle

and what I couldn't.

Just being really honest with myself.

And that made all the difference.

- Well I think it's important for people to hear that,

'cause you know there's regular people that might

struggle with choices, and food choices

and even emotional eating,

and they come nowhere near to this type of condition.

So for them to hear that, you know,

what you have to do to overcome,

maybe that can relate to the average person as well.

- We all struggle with it in some regard.

Every show I do gets easier and better.

I wasn't expecting this injury, but I think that

every competition there is always

some sort of a little roadblock,

something that kinda gets in the way

or kinda puts in your face,

how much do you really want this?

Do you really wanna work for this?

- Well what do you think you improved upon this year?

- My legs.

- Yeah.

- I got some now.

I have them.

- Yeah.

- Legs has always been the biggest challenge for me,

'cause I'm long, I'm tall.

So they go quickly when I'm in prep,

and so I managed to pack on some size on my legs.

That was the biggest area.

My upper body usually sizes up pretty quickly.

It's just how I'm built,

but it's those legs that have always

been a bit of a challenge,

so with Darren's skills and his knowledge

and expertise, I finally managed to size them up.

- Nice.

Well how does somebody like you

who's in on mode all the time go to off?

Like when it's tomorrow and you're not prepping

for a contest how do you switch it off,

or are you able to,

or does it drive you crazy?

- You know what I think?

I think this one will be a little bit easier,

'cause I'm kinda ready to chill and relax,

and I'm ready to go back to my definition of normalish.

And you know it's summer and I've got my children home,

and they deserve their normalish mum back,

so we can kinda do some fun things.

The training is always constant.

I'm gonna take a week off.

If I wanna take more time off, I will.

Just kinda gonna let my body guide me.

If I wanna go lift weights in two days, then I will.

I'm not feeling any compulsion for cardio,

I'll probably kick into that in about a week,

but not for like a prep, you know?

Not two-and-a-half hours.

- Now, do you go to the beach?

- I do take my kids to the beach.

- You take your kids to the beach?

You must get some interesting looks.

- Yeah.

- Are you honoured by that?

Are you put off by that?

Do you feel weird about that,

that people look at you?

- No, I mean what we do you can't hide.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You know, I don't try to be overt about it

but you can't hide it, you know?

- So you're not gonna wear this

exact outfit to the beach?

- Maybe we'll tone down the glitter.

- Glitter, okay.

- Just a little, I'll wear the bling.

- Yeah?

- I wear a bikini at the beach.

Nothing, again, great sparkly or glitter.

There's no G-strings or anything like that,

but I'm proud of my work.

But I mean my focus when I'm at the beach

is I'm with my kids.

I'm with my family, and yeah I know I'm different.

I know I look different,

and it's obvious I work out.

- Well, obviously, yeah.

- But I just don't focus on it.

And most people are very complimentary,

and if they wanna talk about it

I don't have a problem with it.

I'm pretty approachable.

I like to think I'm pretty friendly.

I try not to be intimidating or rude about it.

- You should just lie and say

you work out a couple of times a year.

- I call it, it's the Zumba.

- (laughs) Zumba?

- Zumba, twice a week.

- Zumba and a little bit of yoga.

- It's the Zumba.

- Now your routine was fantastic.

I really enjoyed it, it got a big pop

or a big applause from the people watching it.

Even the girls you were competing against

cheered for it.

Tell me what went into your routine.

I know you've got a little bit of a background

with dance and gymnastics and performing.

So talk me through that process,

and how you enjoy that aspect of it.

- Well I do have the background,

but the one thing that I'm lacking is time.

Like I love the routines,

I love choreographing routines.

I don't have the time to do that,

so I am so fortunate that I had an IFBB pro,

Shelly Payne, she's a fitness competitor.

She and I just really came together with ideas.

'Cause I did have a lot of ideas,

and she had some amazing ones and we just,

you know we buckled down for two hours

and we just came up with some moves

and some thoughts together.

And we just work really good together,

and I can't take all the credit.

It was a really joint effort,

and I'll definitely use her again in the future.

But having the experience of the dance background,

being able to keep time

and just knowing how to walk and guide yourself

through that sort of thing.

Like doing my little butterfly ballerina walk.

You know, all that kind of experience plays a hand

in walking on that stage.

- That was cool, I enjoyed it.

And I think the audience enjoyed it as well.

- Always getting bumps in their faces.

(Trina laughs)

- So where do you wanna eat tonight?

- I don't even know.

All of it.

- All of it?

- All of it.

I haven't really been craving anything,

other than just to sit on my patio

and drink a coffee and just be.

- Yeah.

- That's what I'm craving,

just to sit and not have to rush off somewhere.

Not have to eat every meal driving a car

at the same time and applying my makeup.

Haven't got a ticket yet.

- I have a feeling this is going to last

like two days.

- I know.

- And then you're gonna get the itch,

and you're gonna be like, "Ah, I wanna go to the gym."

- Well maybe, because you know that lifting

is just so much more than just changing your body.

It's therapy.

- It becomes part of your life and you can't,

I find when I do a contest,

afterwards I think up to it keep thinking,

"I can't wait till I can just do

"whatever I want and stuff."

And then I suddenly am like, "What am I gonna do

"with all this time?"

And when it comes to eating, it's like,

"What am I gonna eat every day, pizza?"

- Well, I find for me it's usually about

three or four days of just gluttonous debauchery.

- Yeah.

- And then you feel gross and sick,

and I always gain about 15 pounds in 24 hours.

So then three or four days of just debauchery

and then you feel you've reached your full grossness

and you just get back onto a clean diet,

and in three or four days it's gone,

'cause it's water weight.

- Well before we let you do your full debauchery,

we have to hook you up with some bars.

- Oh, great.

- Do you have bars?

I'll just show you one.

- I don't know how I feel about peanut butter.

- Oh, peanut butter is in there?

And peanut butter.

- Oh, am I a lucky girl.

Two kinds of peanut butter.

Thank you very much.

- We'll hook you up with these two,

and if anybody complains,

first of all you--

- We don't care.

- Yeah, exactly.

- We just don't care.

- But you did accept packages

to give out to people,

and on top of that you did some guest hosting for me,

so you definitely deserve it. - I was glad to help you.

- Yeah, yeah.

And we appreciate you being a part of this whole journey,

and do you have any idea what you're gonna do next

in terms of competition, or?

- Well I know I'm done for the year.

- Okay.

- And I kinda just wanna sit back for a bit

and first touch base with my coach.

Kinda having thoughts on maybe Arnold's

or maybe doing this again North American.

So I'd like to do one or two.

That's probably good.

Doing much more than that gets pretty expensive,

and getting the time off work, so

I just need to catch my breath

and plot the next course.

It's always something.

- Trina Burns, mother, competitor,

and champion in my book.

Congratulations on all your success.

- Thank you.

- You did great.

- Thank you very much, James.

- No problem.

And that concludes this episode.

People make a lot of excuses in life.

Here you have Natalie, a mother of two,

who turned pro a year after

the birth of her second child.

And Trina, a single mother with four kids,

a full-time job, who trains like a beast

and got a major shoulder injury,

and still competed.

She single-handedly erases the validity

of anyone's excuses for not being in shape.

In fact, why am I sitting around

recording this voiceover?

I'm going to the gym.

In pink, and I'm proud of it.

Peace out for now, and stay tuned

for the next episode of

Radical Body Transformations.

(electronic dance music)

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