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Lift, move and place material safer and more efficient with a wireless camera system on your telehandler.

The high-resolution digital Ethernet camera on the tool carrier of your telehandler...

...provides the driver of a better view of the tools attached.

The system ensures maximum flexibility and provides better visibility with the telescopic arm raised.

Because the operator can precisely coordinate his tools...

...the camera system improves the entire loading cycle, boosting both the productivity and efficiency.

This means less stress on the operator, and better protection for machine and materials.

The camera system includes a compact EMOS Ethernet camera...

...two Ethernet Wireless Sender Receiver units...

...and an optional tablet.

The technology enables wireless digital video transfer via Wi-Fi.

The receiver is installed near the cab...

...while the camera and transmitter are mounted at the end of the telescopic boom on the tool carrier.

Positioning these components outside the range of moving parts prevents damage and vibrations...

...ensuring a long operating life while also providing excellent vision of the attachments and work area in front of the tools.

Up to four cameras can be displayed simultaneously via the WiSR in various configurations.

This makes it possible to add a rearview camera.

With a digital reversing camera on your machine... gain a better view of the working area to the rear of the machine...

...making it possible to drive more safely when reversing.

Boost your productivity and increase safety...

...with the wireless digital Ethernet camera system.

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