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assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillahirrohmanirrohim

alhamdulillahirobbilalamin hai

Yo what's Oracle Wassalamu'alaikum trophil Ambiya Iwal Mursalin Maulana Muhammadin Sayyidina wa

wa wa ala alihi ashabihi mujahidina fairing ammabadu Muslims brothers rohimakumullah

Hai at this meeting we will discuss the history Come prophet Adam alaihis Salam

O Prophet Adam was created by Allah

Hi from the ground and is the first human being and the father of all mankind

Hi when Allah was about to create Prophet Adam AS Ya Allah said to the angels

Hi this is ja'ilun fil ardhi caliph I will make a caliph on the surface of the earth

O angels with a slight protest tone said

Acacia Luffy ha play let's live ha wayasfiku sad wanahnu drama OBH Wonocolo God what do

you need to create a caliph on the earth's surface later if they

reproduce their work will only do damage, spill blood, be hostile to

each other while Don't we say the angels are enough Praise your greatness

O Allah then answer this A6 Um there are times but I know more about what

you all don't know about after Adam was created than the land of Devi Ukan

spirit then Allah then taught B Prophet Adam various kinds of knowledge knowledge

kwak address Azzam al-asma I am ha then Allah taught Prophet Adam the names of everything

Hi the name is a symbol of science Prophet Adam will be made caliph

on the earth's surface then provided by Allah subhanahuwata'ala al-asma I am the names of

all what is meant here is that God is quite savage, there is a lot of knowledge

where the tie at first protested Hi, we have had enough Praise God, we have

praised you enough for making humans as caliphs on the surface of the earth as if the angels

did not agree, O Allah, who knows the secret of everything Giving a verdict I know more

about what you guys Everyone doesn't know that because Prophet Adam was prepared to become

a caliph on the surface of the earth, God provided him with knowledge just like Prophet

Adam and so did we because not only Prophet Adam was made by Allah as the

caliph of the caliph on the surface of this earth whose value of our caliphate depends on the value of our caliphate. the condition of

each of us there are people who provide international level lifah to become leaders of the Islamic world

Hi there are people who become national level caliphs only there is a caliph at the city of Jogja there is a caliph

at the sub-district level there is a caliph at the RW RT level at least the caliph for

each household level without equip yourself with knowledge Don't expect us to be able to

carry out our duties as caliphs on the surface of this earth Whatever the prophet taught Man aroda

Dunya fa'alaihi Bil Ilmi wa mana Roshan hereafter fa'alaihi Bil Ilmi Wa man aroda syaian Whoever

wants the world must be with knowledge those who want the afterlife must also de With knowledge, those who

want the Hereafter must also have knowledge without a foundation of knowledge. Then humans will be

able to carry out the duties of the caliphate. Hi after Adam was taught the name of everything, you are confronted

with angels. If you said earlier, what is the need to create a

caliph. you name all these things that

are here this angel says subhanaka La ilmalana illa Ma allamtana O Allah we have

no knowledge we don't know all that except what you have taught us

Hi If you can't afford Adam Name them all there is a mention of it

smoothly hi that's when Allah ordered the angels to prostrate to Prophet Adam alaihissalam

Hi prostration here not to the title of worship because prostration of worship to other than Allah is forbidden

but the shock here is prostration and tawaf Irfandi Fadli humbled himself as an acknowledgment of the

virtues and advantages of the Prophet Adam then people who have a lot of knowledge The main thing is that people who only

worship a lot, even the devil is more afraid of pious people who are sleeping than stupid people

who are worshiping Hi this model Hi, it was told in Imam Al Ghazali's media that the devil entered the mosque,

wanted to tempt people again, the reminder had entered the corner of the mosque, people saw it while sleeping all the characteristics of the

devil came out Quickly his face met on the street his friends Why ran to his friends I want to be

stupid parents suddenly in the corner of the mosque there are people sleeping really afraid that people

who sleep are afraid How are those who sleep the people who pray are people idiot, stupid

person, this pious person, I'm really afraid that Lex Enno was measured by angels at that time Prophet Adam

worshiped more angels, obviously already exalted with tahmid, the prophet's angel will just be

created, but why did God command the angels to prostrate to Adam, it is the priority of the Prophet Adam to be

assigned the task as caliph to regulate life in the world? the face of the earth, if the angel who is a big caliph in

this world is not crowded, the world is trying to be bad Aikat material treasures don't need no need for this world to be tasteless

Hi, this world has become crowded after humans were given the function as angels as caliphs

by Allah subhanahuwata'ala, Muslim brothers and sisters, rahimakumullah, after manifesting the advantages of

Prophet Adam Hello Masya Allah ordered Prophet Adam to live in heaven with any pleasure

in it but because alone Hi lonely Adam God is omniscient then the creation of

a partner that is Eve from the rib to the left so that the prophet never message here

Hai knife sub Indonesia weindruch elements Nedi ati-ati You ngadepi women please

hear For men, women, just fight back, first, be careful, you face women. Wayne's

new nickname, because women are created from the left rib, what is the character of

the ribs, the ribs, the crooked curse of women, just like that, lastly install the

brothers and sisters, here we take one the wisdom that it turns out that it makes life feel e son,

because around us there are many other people who are stupid humans if he feels he can live alone

living in the middle of the village but his style is the style of people who don't want to know and don't want to know

neighbors, let alone in the world of citizens, Prophet Adam because he is lonely

Hi, do you want to live in Jakarta or what? only in Jakarta after your brother's Hotel Indonesia was

given to you by your brother Hotel Borobudur has a brother Monas buntel smells come home Clover take it but in

Jakarta you live alone it's good or not it turns out that life feels

good because there are many other people around us Hey that's how God created Siti Hawa after

created Vitae human passions, more moments, just hold on, say Allah, Hi Adam, don't

touch it before you pay the dowry. Hey Allah, what's the dowry, O Allah, the dowry is Anto

sollialammuhammad Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, the dowry, you pray to the Prophet Muhammad,

Hi, the human has not yet been created, but the name is already there. even

used as a dowry Adam and Eve, and in Islam, marriage is actually

not a difficult thing. So don't complicate it, but don't make it easy. In the hai hai

Hai, it means that the name is maharini, even though it's only a ring, it's true that people are very

incapable, even by teaching Fateha. I thank illegitimate Pulanna bint Fulan

with the dowry I teach him surah Fatiha if it beggar's right did not have any of that

Hi religion is easy because it is not complicated but also not in taking things easy in

Sai tu God commanded he is though antarzuqoni Jannah Hi Adam and your wife lives

in heaven wakul mnh spirits and haitsumma all the food in it you can eat

colorful clothes you can wear enjoy the laxative facilities that are in only others you can

like it don't you go near the khuldi tree it's special Don't be lazy to type don't have

relatives Ma'asyiral Muslims, that's human nature, if there are 10 problems, 9 are OK, one is

n't may or may not make him curious, yo yo, want to know whether

or not it is okay, especially if the devil is always trying, because when the angels are told to prostrate, all prostrate

to Adam, the devil doesn't want to prostrate at all. O God, scold the devil. Why don't you want to prostrate

where Maybe God showed it was made from Our fire is the devil Adam from the earth, the fire element is more

noble than the earth element. When I had to submit to Prophet Adam, I was annoyed, yesterday afternoon, I

just had to submit to this kind of person, right? I don't want to submit to his sport. The

devil was expelled from heaven because of his arrogance, he didn't want to prostrate. It's random, it's logic, if you're already

in heaven, it's arrogant to be expelled, especially those who still live on the riverbank

but it's not the event that the devil made a proclamation Hey what's the devil's proclamation

Hey roti vandermey your new password

Oh my God because of Adam I was expelled from heaven, I ask You Allah give

me a chance until the day humans are resurrected to God, it's good for us, but in the afternoon okay, what do you want

blue robbima achsin 6 filard even though ajma'in O Lord because you have misled

me I will decorate them humans with evil that is on this earth and I

will mislead them all proclamations of the devil because there was expelled from heaven Adam and the

bullets of his descendants sworn enemies do all kinds of ways to stop humans

so that they become people whom you are angry with Allah. Hi then Allah gives the answer to

this dialogue. The air can be seen in surah al-hijr verse 44 1-4 laughs What is good Qanun

marry another click maybe it can be my righteous servants - really I

won't have Dayaks to strengthen their Hai Dipo you won't have the ability to

derail them unless they really want to follow your influence for a long time

they really become servants of God which in fact they are beyond your control the

devil but if they have gone down become a servant of the treasure, servant of the world, servant of

their position , that you can buy as long as they are still alive still as my servants they are beyond the

reach of strength and power since then, the devil is always the finger of the way, how do you

get him to slip because of him I was expelled from heaven listening to the

devil Until finally he got news about the prohibition of Prophet Adam from approaching the khuldi tree it was

like falling day with a sad face the devil is the best Exo support him with a sad face Roman

came to Prophet Adam and Siti Hawa to the channel faced

hi why so white Hey Adam actually nothing makes me sad

Indonesia only Hi I got news

Hi that you will not be inside forever This heaven, oh Adam, if you can stay

in heaven with your wife, how happy I would say the devil, but he got light news, the

proof is that it is forbidden to eat khuldi fruit. Hi kudung means eternal if you eat the

fruit, you will stay in heaven Adam, God does not want it, that's why it's forbidden

kwe hu Ma This is the practice of Namin an-nashihin to strengthen his words, the devil's oath is a

fairy tale, it's really peaceful speaking only for your sake, check the chickens or you uh Who

knows only I have spoken as if it was for the benefit of the Prophet Adam, in fact, a goal that

did nothing more plunge Prophet Adam, so the devil in ancient times existed and so English

today seems to speak for the benefit of Muslims but actually the goal is to harass and

empower Indonesian Muslims

to ask Adam, I'm just giving Adam advice. If you want to be in heaven forever,

when the cave falls, it's all right, that's it. There, you're lying, donlowd, so that you and your wife

don't stay long in heaven, then it's forbidden for you to eat the khuldi fruit. just made it up,

brothers and sisters, we can read this devil's trick in

surah al-a'raf verse 20 to verse 22 but Adam was tempted Hey, added by persuasion

Hi Prophet Adam who was half-hearted was finally provoked. It's more of a woman even though

her role is not so visible but it is very decisive no husband can be successful

so whatever he is without a participation of his wife because of that as Muslims we have a life partner and we

have a life opponent Hey who is our life partner in the narrow sense of our life partner wife if

in the wife of course a husband who is obedient to Allah and his messenger in the broad sense our life partner is

every Muslim everyone whose view of life is the same as ours, this life partner

is indeed captivating our lives, who is the absolute opposite of our life, the devil in all its forms.

Hey, this finely shaped devil drives him away from it easier, it is said that the

devil is the devil, when you hear your people, you run away, he is read bismillah

This demon is expelled in the form of a human being, diadzanin, who is taking care of this MP3 Brothers and sisters.

Hey, this is an enemy in an absolute sense, while an enemy in an ideological sense is everyone

whose view of life is not the same as ours. The direct language of everyone outside of

Islam is ideologically As for human beings, we are still tolerant of each other.

respect agree in differences of opinion back to pri nted lakum

dinukum are obliged to respect each other but the ideology is not compromised

hi, that's how there are more temptations

Hey and that's how the devil always tempts the descendants of the descendants of the Prophet Adam to us now

every time we want to do various good this devil starts the business of gossiping about

brothers and sisters earlier from home going to see listening to lectures like this, is

dihybrid not itching God's demons don't listen to lectures on matters of

70 and above You are still young, we came to this place and here Do you think the

gym devil's face is whispering again, he is present, then he's just talking -speaking

Hi people, you're still active, don't talk, really listen. Yellow tablet listen.

Listen. Don't talk, just polish all kinds of ways that the devil does to derail people.

Hi When Prophet Adam took the khuldi fruit, the wrath of God came. Hi Adam

Hi, it's as if our language miss you exist from not yet I created you

Hi maybe you do feeling lonely I made Eve I raised her degree from an angel to an

angel prostrating to you I order you to stay in heaven with all the facilities

in it only one thing I ask for Don't go near the khuldi tree you can't be

out of Prophet Adam and Siti Eve from heaven come down This world is coming down again, God,

Hi, that person is usually hard to find, it's hard to eat his name. The food is usually happy to

meet cucak. Hey, if you're not mentally strong, look at today,


Hey, it's been decided that B Gondit's girlfriend isn't lucky to use a cheap plastic rope. It's true that he said that the soul is

not appropriate if the prophet ever recorded Irham's destruction minus the first

three kinds of human beings, az-zalzalah, a noble person who fell insulted by a high official, if he retires, his loyalty is

true, God no longer exists. the one who salutes the signature of az-zalzalah, the noble person

who fell, the second one Yes, Falling Poor from a life of all kinds, falling into poverty

Hi the third fatihani album Herjunot Ali baking The meaning of the law

but being played by stupid people who happen to have power

Hey if a fatwa is issued according to the message of AD sponsors Hai Halal can be fragrant

, made it dim The dim fiqh expert is being played by stupid people, it's really sad,

Hi, it's cool to be separated from Eve.

Hi As for the Prophet Adam, he came down regretting all his mistakes. The form of repentance is crying.

Hi according to a 300 year history, he is prostrating while reading the tambourine gonna anfusanaa wa

illam taghfirlana watarhamna lanakunanna Minal Khoiri, this is the prayer of Prophet Adam O Allah, we have

Golems to ourselves. If you were not a leg that did not forgive the sins

we committed, we really belonged to this ruby group of people whom

Adam read in his repentance paint at the end of his repentance, O Prophet Adam, Munajat to Allah Allah with the

greatness of Muhammad forgive my sins ur Kaifa Arok, you know it's cool, even though you 're your creature.

How did you know the name Muhammad Adam. Even though I just created the human, the power of the

first Adam was not when you created me, you breathed the spirit into my body, opened my eyes,

I looked down at you, there it was clearly written. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . if towards you lailahailallah

muhammadurrasulullah I know that Muhammad is the closest person to you O Allah

until his name is joined by your name at the foot of your direction Hey the second when I want to touch

Eve you are also the one who said don't pay the dowry before you pray to him,

my brothers and sisters respect O Prophet Adam accepted his repentance by Allah then

reunited with Siti Hawa after a long time apart the meeting took place on a

wide plain in a vast Padang which until now is called Arafat field where

the pilgrims perform wukuf, namely the peak of the pilgrimage and the meeting was itself

occurs on a small hill enshrined with the name Jabal Rahmah in the Arafat area, lives

above Jabal Rahma, there is a small monument to perpetuate the meeting of the Prophet Adam with

Hi Then both of them lived on the surface of this earth by God given the gift of many

offspring and every time they were born twins twins male-female male-female male-female

from here breed humans where at the time of the Prophet Adam cross-marriage is

not necessarily there are no other humans in Hi, cross-marriage that means

Hi Shia line and b this is the female qb then the second twin is born between AC with

DC then that's what I mate with D which I married with b, cross -

breeding can't be a twin marriage with Dila when she was born, well, among

the sons of Prophet Adam who later also made history, namely Habib and Habib's

cabin, his twin brother's name is pumpkin

in the cabin Iqlima's sister according to the marriage law at that time had to be missing Abel

had to marry Iqlima and Qabil had to marry a pumpkin the trouble protested he wanted to

marry his own twin brother in the sense that he was born with him, Iqlima

hi why because by chance this climate is prettier than pumpkin protest to

his father Prophet Adam Abah I don't accept having to marry Iqlima not Qabil you

have to marry pumpkin you don't want it why with pumpkin it's less fun to fight Prophet Adam

didn't manage to finish the king's attention to God just laugh like this makes both of you victims

Abel Qabil Who is the victim I accept he can marry with Iqlima Hai, it turns out that the victim

received was the victim Abel, so Habil married Iqlima but you weren't satisfied with the

vengeance, the devil appeared, possessed the recipes, finally killed his brother, Abel, this

is the history of the first murder in human life. Qabil killed Abel. Qabil was killed confused

how to put this corpse Yes A Allah then gave instructions in al-maidah verse 31 it was

explained that there was a crow fighting with one bird that died, so by the one who was still alive the ground was

on the claws of all its legs and the beak was the same so that it took the shape of a hole in the carcass of his brother, put

it in the hole and then sorted it again. the ground by the Joker his legs and beak are

Hi so kroger ah this way can that's the history of the first burial in

human development therefore O Prophet gave an explanation mensana sunnatan hasanatan wa

lahu ajruha wajma'na Mi practice history Shinhwa German Shafiyah Who is a person who does a

good deed he will get a reward and reward from those who follow his kindness

Hi usually brothers form a recitation crowded recitation brother a thousand people who come to

recite a thousand brothers get reward for sponsorship of kindness Hi on the contrary women nn use Advance

guys mohawk wait moment Amira she iwai smiles but whose child is it start a crime he

will get a sin d It's the sins of those who commit or follow their crimes. Hey everyone.

Hey, have a party. Hey, then at the party, all kinds of disobedience happened, so all the

sins that happened that night, you got the sin. Why did AD sponsors

yo yo once there was a Habib murder? It's a sin to sponsor AD,

but if two Muslims, for example pregnant, don't fight fish, they are killed, two

Muslims fight to Ternate G2, if two Muslims kill each other,

Hi then al-khazin welmab tool finer, both the one who kills or the one killed, both are hell

. the messenger of Allah who killed went to hell but the one who was

killed Why hell is the same thing because the intention is just the first time, that's the problem.

If he wasn't killed he would kill the oil already,

so if this Abel had he didn't see killing he was actually

killed by a clutch of brothers and sisters Brothers of the Muslims, Rohimakumullah, hi, then from there the descendants of the Prophet

Adam (Peace be upon him) reproduced so that we can say as a conclusion hi

hi that humans are creatures of Allah who occupy the highest position and come from the

Prophet Adam as the first human with angels even though humans are actually higher when

if he is still truly a servant of Allah paint who equips himself with science is

like code by acquaintances there, usually nisaqueen we create humans in the best form

and human height is not determined by the materials from which humans are created

but is determined by the existence of a skirt that is blown into the body and the abilities generated by

spiritual values Earlier, because biologically, all of our ingredients are Kama from Sari Fatimah, the

soil that produces fruit that is eaten by our father and mother, forms hormones to produce sperm,

there is a good cooperation between mother and father, so that later we gave birth to this

world, biologically, our ingredients are the same and not that's what m Determining the height of a human being, even though he

descends, also affects because Oh yes, now there is a term that many people talk about IVF

Hi and the Ulema Council has given a fatwa if the sperm comes from the Father, it

doesn't matter if it's from other people, it's even worse for developed countries not to go

through natural processes. the uterus is given in one tube, which is similar to the one in the womb. The

sperm of the male and the ovum of the female's semen are given the same temperature

in the womb and it is hoped that they can give birth to humans through the glass tube.

Hi, I can't imagine if people ask now. our origins will still be

good we will answer Hi You are the son of my father's thighs I'm home Mother Teteh come home Oh know me but

people who will come if this project succeeds your father Who didn't know I was the one who came out of the

tube with low dignity according to him it's the same as there are women Have you ever protested

that Islam is unfair, why did you say it in Islam, men may marry more than one woman,

cannot marry more than one, so that they are both Ajir It is possible for a woman to have

more than one man. I said that's where Islam wants to maintain human dignity.

Hi, if a husband has his wife and then his father becomes pregnant

Hi, obviously,

but if one woman has a husband and 4 and then gets pregnant, which father is it? Yes, it's

human dignity. Hey, when the baby is born, the mother, look at this.

Hey, his forehead, Kesya, this is your child, here's your forehead.

You say that I'll pause for a moment, but Benny's ears don't want to. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The child's wings are adrift without knowing where he should call Mr. Mother, register the child

to school, the teacher, asked again, Nibenia Pabu, confused, the delicious writing, the bubin, destroys

human dignity. If that's the case, Hi, Islam maintains the height of human dignity,

so humans are free, Ahsani Taqwim when he can maintain his servanthood in front of Allah

by carrying out his function as caliph in the surface of the earth but when he is no

longer a servant of Allah no longer functions as a caliph he has entered the house of Roda and

asfan we will return him to the lowest place, lower than the animals, even

if he keeps his position higher

than the angels prostrate to the Prophet Adam

Hai especially to other creatures according to this but if he is not smart, he is

lower than animals, this is the unique thing about a creature called man with his position he

can be higher than angels But also he can slide lower than animals

Hi to guard that is needed Religion in our lives today is not just a lipstick

as soon as a guide as a way of life that will color the way we think set of mine

Run of thinking the way we see life is colored by religious values, thus the

film So humans are not descendants of monkeys

Hi bro, there is a theory called the theory of evolution which presented for the first time by Charles Darwin

, he put forward the theory that the real development of life in this world showed

the main link in the chain through what is called natural selection, first

from fish through selection to amphibians from amphibians to reptiles from reptiles to mammals from mammals to

small mammals and small mammals to Prima Prima to monkeys from monkeys to Homo Erectus Hi this is

Darwin's theory but he doesn't clearly say that humans descended from monkeys are only descendants

Hi offspring doesn't mean descendants or Hi, it's like this Toyota Kijang and Toyota

Corolla The descendants of the Corolla and the kitchen are just different, in the sense that the source is the same

Hey creatures that can't stand natural selection by very cold air, the development of very hot weather,

earthquakes and so on, natural selection is called an extinct journal from circulation.

Hey, it's like there was a giant animal, it's a dinosaur, right now, right? just a fairy tale

that name or skeleton by natural selection, he didn't survive that passed human natural selection

Even though it was a small one who passed this natural selection so that an earthquake, a hurricane hit

Hi, this Darwin's theory, this theory of evolution is supported and proven by the remains of

fossils or living animals and plants and died during its development from the first

organic forms to the closest predecessors of humans Hi but there is one weakness of the essence of the

theory of evolution This is the first of the developments of Homo Erectus Yani humans Standing straight

Hi like a gorilla so Hi to the latest humans still uncertain catch up

Hi means Ok if humans are descended from monkeys, Hi, the boundary between humans

who exist today and ancient humans, what is the link between monkeys, this can't be

considered a missing link, the name is missing in scientific terms and this is still being

looked for now. Hi, even if it was closest to humans, update humans purb a

say Human Homo Erectus Go straight and then the next generation before it was in the form of a human

Hi it turns out that until now there is still a missing link in the missing link

hi then the second evolutionary theory stopped

Hi to modern humans Hi if we are humans now yes the result of

evolution of course we will continue to evolve again and what will we become later it turns out

that humans have been humans for thousands of years, just like this, they don't evolve in us

Hey did his eye turn out to be just one in the middle of evolution, the clink didn't evolve then

Hi so back to the Quran the first humans were Prophet Adam and humans -Humans are

descendants of savages and are not the result of evolution from monkeys nor will they

revolutionize anywhere a true Is it true that the theory of evolution to say absolutely true is not

our authority to say that it is totally wrong as well as the truth of science is relative as the

relative power of human thought besides him must prove it's true then it's true Science

is a relative and temporary truth, just a small example, like people used to theorize that the smallest part

of an object is called a molecule, right so this molecule can't be divided into the smallest part

of Steven and it's called a molecule. Science continues to evolve, it turns out that molecules are actually

made up of atoms that are the smallest part of an object that can't be divided anymore, it's

changed already the first theory didn't become a molecule or later it seems that atoms are still composed of

particles this is the smallest part of an object that has changed again

Hi and it's not impossible it will there was a discovery that particles can still be further divided

Oh so also with this theory of evolution so that some experts such as doctor Charles oxnard

physiciangenz Paul helm from Chicago and California they have disproved this theory of evolution

Hi but the main problem for us is

Let's be created by Allah comes from Prophet Adam alaihissalam Prophet Adam was

created It will come from the ground and we are not the result of evolution nor will laundry evolve.

Then, to creatures called humans, they are given a function as folds on the surface of

this earth. Hey, these angels used to protest as caliphs, our duty is what is Allah's vicegerent

on earth, translating Allah's nature according to boundaries. Our humanity, O Allah,

is merciful, we are merciful to creatures according to our human limits.

O Allah, is helpful, light-handed. Now, we help people in need, according to the

limits of our abilities. The function of the caliph is to function as caliph properly. We must

have a capital called science and knowledge. Islam was very encouraging, it was long ago 14

centuries ago from a small village called Mecca whose plots did not fit people in the world who did not know the

call for Autobild Elma even though bisshin Seek knowledge even though China spoke Democratic China

Even though they were not yet on the map, people did not know it a there is a revolution in science and

culture, even if you have to cross to China, if there is anything else, for example, Ali Maula, chin

disaster or rimayah, calmness, teach your children to swim and throw a javelin with a

sport disc , a sign of Islam, the religion of the future, 14 centuries ago in Saudi Arabia, the prophet taught to teach

Your son swims, if Islam is a religion for Arabs, they want to swim in the sand. G2 Arabs have broad views.

Most of them are Islam. True, but Islam is not Arabic. That is also clear.

Subhanallah. As long as we are still the caliphs of Allah, we will

click on that as long as we are the caliphs of Allah. membudidayakan alam ini kita kadang-kadang terlalu

ada ayat wama minta batin pilar DNA amherst semua yang melata di muka bumi dijamin rezekinya oleh

Allah ayat itu betul karena datang dari Allah bahwa rezeki disediakan di muka bumi memang

tapi Rezeki itu tidak turun begitu saja laksana jatuhnya embun di waktu pagi kita harus berusaha

dan usaha manusia mencari r ezeki lain dengan ayam Kalau ayam dari tahun atuh dari rezekinya tuh

modalnya cuma ceker Coba dari tahu charcoal asal punya ceker punya patok gua udah dapet rezeki dia

nggak perlu masuk TK SD SMP tapi manusia cari rezeki apalagi zaman sekarang Hai persaingan

hidup tajam lapangan kerja tulis Fancy ekonomi tinggi masuk sekolah urusan Tamat sekolah urusan

kadang-kadang Dilema juga masuk perguruan tinggi negeri sulitnya setengah mati

unta masuk ke lubang jarum masuk perguruan tinggi swasta yang favorit biayanya selangit

Hai artinya tanpa membekali diri dengan muka Kian

kir Kemampuan sebagai khalifah sulit untuk bisa kita laksanakan

saudara-saudara kaum muslimin yang berbahagia

Hai kalau fungsi khalifah ini mampu kita laksanakan iblis foto saja sudah

Hai sebagai khalifah di satu pihak kita menyembah hanya kepada Allah nilainya kita

membudidayakan alam ini ada apa sih Perut Bumi minyak gas terima The Mask Ada apa

sih di lautan pelajari lewat oseanografi membudidayakan alam Hai air sungai sup aya

arusnya enggak mengalir mubazir ada manfaatnya bisa menimbulkan Energi yang menghasilkan tenaga

listrik bisa mengairi persawahan irigasi Bikin apa Bikin Dam membudidayakan alam

Hai tapi juga mengislamkan budidaya itu Bahasanya mengkulturkan Nature mengislamkan kultur

Hai membudidayakan alam dan mengiklankan Budi dan budaya manusia sehingga apapun yang kita

kelola dari alam ini nantinya akan untuk menunjang tugas sebagai khalifah wujud kepada khodry rabun

jauh lift saudara-saudara maka bersyukur kita oleh Allah dijadikan manusia tidak pesan terima beres

cantik Hai dari segi biologis maupun psikologis tidak ada makhluk secantik manusia Hai dibekali

dengan agama di samping akal MP3 agama membimbing akan agar sampai kepada kebenaran yang Hakiki

Ayo kita sebagai keturunan Nabi Adam AS

ia memegang fungsi khalifah jadi jangan main-main loh kita ini turunan nabi betulin

Hai Darah segar yang hadir semua di depan saya ini termasuk saya kita gini turunan nabi kita ini

Hai Nabi Adam AS

Hai jan gan main Milo turunan nabi gede biru Nabi Adam

Hai Sayang kalau posisi yang tinggi kita tidak melaksanakan fungsi yang canggih yang

KSOP itu manusia harus adil kepada dirinya dalam arti menjaga diri

dari sesuatu yang bisa menghancurkan ketinggiannya dalam pandangan Allah

Hai jadi kalau kita sudah Hai lemparkan diri ke Meja Judi hanyutkan diri ke tempat mabuk hancurkan

diri di tempat maksiat itu sudah tidak adil kepada diri sendiri tidak bisa menjaga ketinggian yang

diberikan Allah kepada kita dikasih bajuber cie dicemplungin di combrang injak-injak lagi

kita gede ciptakan vs Sony Taqwim Masa mau turun berbuat seperti binatang living makhluk rendah

di masa mau mengikuti tipu dayanya Ibnu kemudian sudah proclamation bau itu musuh bebuyutan kita

Hai innahu lakum aduwwun mubiin setan musuhmu yang jelas dalam segala bentuknya


Hai Nah untuk berfungsi sebagai khalifah ini sekali lagi Bekali diri dengan ilmu pengetahuan

Hai dan ilmu itu Di taman kita sekarang tentu kalau Nabi A dam diajari langsung

oleh Allah wa lama ada Man Asmaul aha ndak Kalau kita menunggu Tuhan ngajarin goblok

terus iya tidak mustahil Allah memberikan ilmu yang disebut ilmu Laduni ya transfer

langsung Allah memberikan kepada seorang hamba membukakan pintu hatinya tapi bukan potongan

kayak kita yang dapat ilmu Laduni macam begitu satu contoh menurut ceritanya atau ratusnya Kiai

Hasyim Asy'ari itu kan ngaji beliau kepada Kiai Kholil Bangkalan Madura oleh nih Wali 2 tahun

Hai berguru di sana nggak diajarin apa-apa cuma kalau pagi jadi rumput tiap hari 2 tahun akhirnya

tetap bilang Kapan diajari sudah Sin kau pulang saja Insyaallah kau adzim gitu aja pulang Jadi

orang ahli jadi samping terus beliau belajar ke Mekah kita harus melalui proses belajar ini untuk

menunjang tugas kekhalifahan kita sebagai hamba Allah dan sebagai khalifah Allah di permukaan

bumi sehingga dua tugas lu bisa kita laksanakan dengan sebaik-baiknya menjaga martabat manusia

sebagai makhluk yang mulia dan keturunan dari Na bi Adam alaihissalam darah saudara ini sajalah

pembicaraan kita kali ini Terima kasih banyak atas segala Perhatian mohon maaf atas segala kekurangan

usikum wanafsi bitaqwallah aqulu kaulihat Za Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

hai hai

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