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[Intro Music Plays]

Welcome to the Kill Count, where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror media!

I'm James A Janisse, and today we're looking at the first season of Crypt Tv's Mordeo, which had one episode released

in 2017, and four more in 2019.

The Mordeo is a rift on the El Guaycan folk forest monster, The Wendigo.

And the series was made by my pals over at Crypt TV, who's sponsored this video and who recently released a SUPERCUT of Mordeo Season One.

You can watch that 17 minute SUPERCUT by clicking the little bubble in the corner up there.

What began as a simple tale of a hungry guy lost in the woods has since expanded to become

part of the larger Crypt TV Monster Universe. And as can be expected from Crypt, that expansion included

a WHOLE lot of bloodshed.

How many kills will this showcase of cannibalism deliver to us?

Let's find out and get to them.

[Kill Count Music Plays]

The series begins with a kill.

Yep, this Daniel Stern looking dude is dead and being eaten by a guy who can i only assume

was his friend at one point (Note: What a Great Friend!)

So sad when a friendship ends in cannibalism.

After the people eater notices he not alone in the woods, his victim comes back from the dead to taunt him

with an unexpectedly velvety voice.

[Trapper Hat Dude]: "Ohh you've done it now, there's a price to pay for eating flesh in these woods." [D:]

[Dead gasp]

"You belong to the Mordeo now"

[James]: What the fuck does that mean?

Ohh shit it means a TOTAL MONSTER MAKEOVER!

The antlers might not have not been fatal on their own, but when this dude's flesh starts splitting open

Yeah... I'ma put him on the Kill Count.

Even if it is more of a transformation than a death, since now he's a skull headed Mordeo.

At least this guy in his human form was kinda killed, right? I think it counts. Oh well, back to Nom-Noms.

The 2019 episodes start with some fingers getting cleaved, courtesy of this guy called The Butcher

who looks like he didn't quite finish getting dressed that morning.

A woman named Linda hides behind a nearby tree, and watches as this masked mutilator consults his

cannibal cookbook.

But this dude hears an ancient howl and runs off to genuflect at the church of the Mordeo.

Leaving Linda behind to tend to her 7 fingered partner, Dan.

The Butcher consults his Bible/map book and realizes that he's close. 'The ritual site is just past

the Misty Mountains'.

When he gets to the bone filled site, he sees the Mordeo watching him in the woods.

And after trying some finger food, he begs to join the club.

[The Butcher]: "Please,"

[Licks his chops]

"Please make me one of you."

[James}: But this club is too fancy for Long johns and Overalls,

So the Mordeo shows the dude how you *really* eat fingers, before killing him

with a simple neck snap

[The Butcher]: "Oh shit..."[[that expression to..]

[James]: Waste not one Moredeo(?)

You better eat all that good flesh (yum!)

There are starving Cryptans all over the world!

The Butcher's blood splashes on a news story about some missing Mohawk scouts.

But talk about false advertising, there ain't even a fohawk among the lot of them!

The Mohawk that these scouts are from is the same Mohawk from Crypt TV's Mohawk.

The three episode series featuring a chain happy vengeful spirit named Estelle.

I was really hoping to see a troop of girl scouts running around with Mr. T and Seamus hair styles,

But what you gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_

These three scouts are completely freaking lost and in the case of Lady Rushmore back there,

pretty freaking injured too.

But after hearing a scream, they run off towards it, maybe hoping to get thier merit badge in

Murder Prevention

Instead, they find more of that bone art, and a BIG OLD BOOK.

Which ends up being the Crypt's- cyclopedia, AKA the Cryptome, AKA The Tattoo Flash Art binder

used by Rodger from Sunny Family Cult.

With their compass broken, the scouts start to fight, and self appointed leader Jen storms away from this chick

who just looks like she should be named Lucy but is actually named Nancy.

Nancy watches as Angela, the third mohawk-less scout, is killed when her throat gets ripped out

by a hand with long finger nails.

And I thought these girls were supposed to have *survival* skills.


Jen comes back and, thinking Nancy killed Angela, gets into a fight that ends with Nancy bitting at Jen's fingers

And Jen dying after her head is smashed against a rock.

[Groans with disappointment]

And she was only two merit badges away from retirement.

Nancy gets a visit from the Mordeo, because judging by the rapid dilation of her pupils there

I guess she's joined the club.

Wait, that finger bite counted as eating flesh? (Logic)


That little nibble?

Come on now! Who among us doesn't nibble on a little flesh every now and then? [winks]

Linda and Dan (the couple that survived the overalls attacker) find their way to a cabin,

Where Linda wraps up Dan's mangled hand.

His convalescence is interrupted by a knock at the door from someone who Linda sees

standing on the sto.

[Linda]: "Its a girl."

[James]: Better hope she's not asking if Tamra's home.

But there are no doll faces here, only Nancy. Who Linda lets inside and recognizes as

one of those scouts missing a mohawk-

er, missing Mohawk scouts.

Hey, by the way, what troop do you belong to little girl?

[Nancy]: " I belong to the Mordeo now."

[James]: Oh! I-I was Pack 1381...

Nancy falls to the ground and starts her transformation into a beast.

And since I set the precedent right at the start of this video, this, too will count as a kill.

it is a little messy though, I could use a second opinion. What do you think, Dan?

[Dan]: "I think... I think..."

[Gets Attacked]

[James]: Oh, well I think you're DEAD Mothafucka!

'Cause even though Linda is able to get the beast off of Dan with a fire poker stab,

Dan dies from the bite wound that tore open his neck.

And it's a clean kill, too, no messy transformation stuff.

Linda stumbles onto a very useful Candyland Map in that giant book of Crypt.

So after tooling and psyching herself up,

[Linda]: "Let's get the fuck out of these woods."

[James]: She stumbles through the woods, while a contingent of Mordeo monsters stand by in the background.

Linda gets chased by the Nancy Mordeo, who looks like its on its way to a dinner date.

But after she hears that ancient howl reverberate through the trees again,

That fancy little monster is gone.

And in its place is the Mordeo queen, who is loud and proud.

[Mordeo Queen]: [Roars in Mordeo] (my fuckin ears!!)

[James]: Linda ends up stabbing the Queen in the face and running away from her.

Thankfully, finding her way to a road where she flags down a truck.

But she'll get no help from the truck driver, who looks like he plays piano at a honky-tonk bar,

Because it turns out, he's joined the club too!

[Truck Driver]: "You belong to the Mordeo, now."

[James]: And the honky-tonk man is right,

'Cause hear's her highness now.

Although we don't see a kill happen on screen,

I'll count Linda as dead because of this aggressive head grab.

It's usually not a good sign.

The season ends with a mid credits scene that sees a handsome young hitchhiker comes across the Cryptome.

Judging by his wrist tattoo, it looks like Mordeo 'bout to get served Sunny Side Up!

How many bodies did the Mordeo leave strewed about in the woods?

Let's find out and get to the numbers.

Right after I have some of this delicious beef jerky!

[oh boy..]

that doesn't taste like beef...



[In Mordeo]: There were about 8 kills in Mordeo

And with 4 male deaths and four female deaths,

We have a even split in the pie chart.

And with a run time of 17 minutes, we have a kill on average every 2.13 minutes.

I'll give the Golden Chainsaw for coolest kill to the Cannibal dude from the beginning.

The way he transformed into one of my minions was FANTASTIC.

I'll give dull Machete for the lamest kill to James A. Janisse.

Even after saying he doesn't like CG blood, he goes up and USES CG BLOOD!

And he can't even be on here anyway, he's the narrator!

[James from the dead]: Alright buddy, let me finish the video, OK? Get outta here.

And that's it! Mordeo Season one is available to watch on Crypt TV on YouTube and Facebook.

And in case you're not already, make sure you subscribe to them for more high quality horror shorts. (Seriously, check them out.)

Until next time, I'm James A. Janisse, this has been The Kill Count.

[BTS of James' kill]

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