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(lighthearted music)

- Hi guys, it's Jordan, and today I'm gonna be

spending 24 hours in my Slime Suite, woooo!!

So, I have prepared all the things I'll need

for the next 24 hours:

I brought a pillow, a blanket, two bottles of water,

stay hydrated, Cheerios 'cause that's a necessit-ay,

chips, freeze dried strawberries, almonds,

Jenga, and treats from Pakistan.

Oh yeah, and tape.

And that's all I brought into my Slime Suite.

Everything else, this Slime Suite is just a mess,

so I think the first order of business

is to repair the Slime Suite

because I haven't been in here for ages,

and my brothers came in and here

and it looks like things have gone destroyed.

And walls have moved as well, so,

I need to repair the Slime Suite.

And as you can tell I'm trapped in here

so I literally have to spend 24 hours in here

until somebody gets me out, so, I might as well fix it.

Lets go in with the tape, and fix the edging.

This is gonna be so hard because

when we made the Slime Suite, my sister, Audrey, helped me,

and in order to reach that back corner,

I had to get up on her shoulders

and she had to give me a piggy back ride

in order for me to put on the edging.

So I don't know how I'm going to do this by myself,

but, we're gonna figure out a way.

Cause I can't step on this counter

because there's a tunnel underneath it

and if I step on it I'm just gonna go, whoa!

And like fall all the way down,

so I don't know what I'm gonna do,

but we're gonna figure it out.

First off, let's try to just slap it back on.


Getting caught, I'm gonna step on my phone.

This one's wrong


Whoo, that's a lot of work already.

First order of business, repaired the Slime Suite, check.

Now, we need to do something else.

Actually, it's not checked, it is a disorganized mess

because my brothers came in here and messed it all up.

So I need to sort all the items out.

Look at this tray, ahh!

So I need to sort everything, I'm not done yet.

Okay guys, I've finished organized my Slime Suite,

and this is what it looks like when it's all clean

except we have a problemo,

the counter is sinking in, ahh!

We need to do some repairing, but unfortunately,

I can't leave my Slime Suite so

I can't really repair it today but I'll repair it later.

I think we should get on to our first activity

cause now it's been like an hour

that I spent of me cleaning up this area, so,

I think we should move on.

Let's actually make some slime, now that I set up my area!

I'd say, I wanna try one of these slime kits.

Alright guys, let's open up the slime kit and try it out.

Oh look at that, nice and easy packaging,

love it when that happens.

This looks really easy, actually.

It only has three things, whoa,

this is like magical mystery liquid.

Look at that, it's like shimmery, metallic that's pretty.

Let's read the instructions.

Okay guys, we moved onto the floor

because we realized it'd be easier.

Basically, you have three steps:

Shake the activator, pour in the activator,

mix the mixxy, done.

Basically, first off we gotta shake the activator.

Just take a look at that, that's amazing.

I hope you guys can see how magical and metallic that is.

It looks so cool.

So, we're gonna shake it up.

So, basically, shake it, pour it, stir it,

oh, then you're supposed to wait for one minute.

We got everything open and we're ready to go ahead and mix.

What, is this glue?

I think it's just clear glue, let's take the shovel.

Oh, it's not clear glue, looks, it's like Jell-O!

Eww, what is that?

It like, (gasps), it's like Jell-O and pudding combined.

Eew, what is this, wait I think it's already slime.

It's already, this is already slime

you just add in the color, it's not activator.

It's already slime!


I'm so confused, what is this?

Well, that just ruined the magic for me, okay then.

Now we're gonna add in the activator color.

Alright we have magical food dye activator

that we're gonna add in now, ta-dah!

Okay, that's too much activator, I can't.

Oh my gosh this is stressful.

Trying mix it, but do you see how pretty though?

Like look how pretty that is.

I can't mix it, I'm so worried I'm gonna spill it

all over this carpet that I'm sitting on right now.

It's a slime bubble!

There's literally a slime bubble right there.

Oh my, and it doesn't pop, what, it doesn't pop!

That's so cool, okay then, well,

you do you slime bubble, just chill.

I'm so worried I'm gonna spill it on the carpet

that I'm sitting on because this will stain for sure.

And it's so full of this food dye.

Its not mixing.

I need to get in the other bowl and put it in there.

Should I do that, should I just get the other bowl?

K, I'm getting the other bowl, got it!

Okay, this will be a lot safer now,

we can just dump it all in there.

Oh, look at that, the activator is so pretty.

Ewww, (laughs) Ewww, it's like a big blob.

Okay, now we can mix with these.

So you're supposed to mix it for two minutes

and then let it sit for one minute.

and then you're supposed to mix it again

and then you're supposed to play with it.

So I'll come back once all of these steps are complete.

Alright guys, our slime is complete,

this is what it looks like, dun dun dun dun!

Oh, man (laughs).

So it's actually really cool, I love the color.

It's really like kind of goopey, like look at that.

But the only thing is, is that, I don't know,

it's kind of hard to mix in all the liquid,

but now it's all mixed in, I really like it now,

it's good now.

It's really hard to mix in, and it's more like jiggly.

I hope you guys can see that, and it doesn't click,

it's just like jiggly slime,

and it comes with a charm, which is amazing.

It's a little monster charm!

And that's our slime!

So, I just need to put it in one of our containers

and then we try the other slime kit

because I'm really curious to see

what that one's all about too.

Alright so now I'm gonna put the slime

into my container to keep.

I think this is my second slime that I have in here, it is.

I'm gonna put the little charm in there as well.

It's so cute, little monster slime, ta-dah!

Jiggly monster slime, Yes!

Now, we're gonna move on to the other slime kit

which is this one which I have never seen anything

like this before,

and I'm really curious to see what it's all about

because it says "Squeeze and Slime" and that's it.

So it's like this little zombie thing

and I guess you're just supposed to squeeze it?

I don't know.

Oh it says on the back that you're supposed to

remove the zombie head, peal off the seal,

and then you squeeze the slime out of his brains.

Okay, lets open it!

Okay we have our little zombie slime dude ready

and I think we're ready to get the slime out so

ready, set,

go, oh no oh no oh no.

I'm so scared it's gonna fling out!

It's not going, hey I hear something.

Is it working?



Looks like the zombie has an eye infection.

There is slime oozing out of his eye.

Okay well, let's just keep getting the slime out.

This is so weird!

I feel like my brothers would really like this.


Oh, it's coming out the other eye, too.

It's starting to come out the other eye, eeww!

Oh it's oozing on my hand, although I must say,

I really like this color of slime, like yes.

Eewww it's so oozy, okay.

Oh, my.

(gasps) Eewww, look at that.

He's a zombie.

Alright guys, we got the slime out

and this is what it looks like.

I really like the color, but it's such a weird texture.

It's like kind of jiggly slime.

It's half jiggly slime I guess?

You can't hear any clicks but you can feel the clicks,

it's so weird.

It kind of stretches, that's pretty.

It's so weird, it's like one those things

where if you hold in your hand it looks wet,

but if you take if off it's not wet.

It's so weird, it's the weirdest texture,

but I actually really like it cause you can just, eeeh!

I'm gonna keep this slime and put it in my other slime jar.

Please notice our garbage pile that is building up

as the minutes go on (laughs).

We used to have a garbage can in here and now it's gone,

so that's great because I have to spend 24 hours in here

with a pile of trash next to me so, okay then.

It's been a few hours, actually,

it's kind of towards night time now,

and I want to go to bed.

I'm gonna start getting ready for bed

because I'm kind of tired and I'm done with slime

cause I've played with slime for a long time.

So I'm gonna go set up my living quarters and head to bed.

Alright guys, this Slime Suite is really small.

Honestly, is almost the length of my legs, just my legs.

I think we need to move into this area.

I don't know what this is, it's part of the Slime Suite,

but I've never gone in here, so I don't know what it is,

but we're gonna go in and find out.

It's like a mystery flap-closet.

We're gonna go in and see.

Maybe this will be where I sleep because it's nice and dark,

so it will be easy to fall asleep.

I don't know, let's go inside.


What is this?

How am I even supposed to get in here?

Why is there so much toilet paper?

Do you think that toilet paper that was sitting

on my Slime Suite was from here, you guys?

Oh my goodness, okay.

Literally, somebody has a toilet paper obsession! (screams)

It's so much toilet paper.

Maybe this is somebody's secret stash of toilet paper.

I just found out something new, what is this?

So this is still a great place to set up sleeping quarters,

cause I could sleep like diagonal

and my entire body would be able to fit.

So I don't really wanna move this toilet paper

back into my Slime Suite

because that was already a hot mess before,

and I don't want to get it messy again

right after I just cleaned it,

so, I'm gonna keep this toilet paper in here.

I don't even know whose toilet paper this is, like what?

So, maybe I'll make a fort inside a box fort

and sleep inside my toilet paper fort

that's inside the box fort.

Let's do that!


We did it, yay!

So here's our little toilet paper fort inside the box fort.

So, I don't even know how I'm gonna sleep in here

cause that one's actually smaller.

But look at my leggings,

let's take a minute to acknowledge this.

See how many fuzzies are on this from the toilet paper, now?

Are you kidding me, I need a lint roller that I don't own!

Are you kidding me!?

I think I need to move in my pillow and blanket in here.

I think I'm ready to go to bed.

I gotta find my phone though

because I'm not really tired yet.

So I wanna watch like a movie or two before I go to sleep.

Take that,



and don't mind if I do.

A little midnight snack before going to bed.

It's actually not midnight, it's only nine o'clock.


Alright, I'm gonna have a little snack,

and then I'm going to settle down for bed.

I'll see you in a little bit.


- (Jen's mom) Jen, good morning.

I'm back to help you finish.

- Yay!

I guess I knocked down my toilet paper fort in my sleep.

- You looked cozy in there.

- It was actually really warm, surprisingly.

Okay, well, Let's get this day started, breakfast!

I'll sanitize the hands, cause that's what you do

before you eat.

I want to eat these freeze dried strawberries,

cause these look good.

So I'm gonna eat these for breakfast.


Just kidding!

I can't eat the freeze dried strawberries.

Why didn't I check this before?

I thought it was gonna be open, okay well, never mind then!

Alright, guess we're gonna eat Ellen's cereal.

Question of the day:

Do you pour your cereal with the bag in the box like this,

or do you take out the bag like this,

and pour it into your cereal?

Cause Audrey takes out the bag and it's so annoying

because you have to always put it back in the box

because I stick it in the box and I pour my cereal

cause then you have a structure to hold on to.

So, I don't know, what do you guys do?

Comment down below.

This is really loud.

Do you take the bag out or do you leave it in the box?

See how annoying it is to try to fit it back in?

Anyways, I'm gonna enjoy my Cheerios, I don't have milk.

Alright guys, I finished up my breakfast.

Now I want to play a game, good thing I brought Jenga!

Because I think I should play Jenga with you guys

because that sounds really fun,

and nobody else is in my box fort to play with me.

Good thing you guys are here!

Okay guys, here is calm and collected and focused Jordy.

As you can see, we have our Jenga tower here,

and while I feel like it's very fragile

and I'm trying to make it so it doesn't fall.

So, I'm gonna play Jenga with you guys,

and my mom behind the camera

is gonna act as you guys' hands.

So, I'm gonna go, actually, do you guys wanna go first?

We'll have you guys go first.

Take a Jenga piece, oh no, are you sure about that one?

Oh no,


Almost took out the top row!

(sucks teeth)

Easy, you got the easy one, okay, oh no.

You can only use one hand, but you can rotate the bottom.

(breathes hard)

Wooh! Alright!

Your guys' turn! (laughs)

Who do you think is gonna make the Jenga tower fall?

Probably me, honestly, because, it's very hard.

Yeah we're gonna do it where you can touch all of them

and pick which one do you want.

They're all, like, supporting the tower.

I'm gonna go with this one even though it's really iffy.

(breathes hard)


Nothing like a good old intense game of Jenga

in the morning to refresh your senses.

Wake you up.

Okay, where is it?

Right there.


Okay, turbo round, let's go! (claps)

Hurry, pick out the piece, we're gonna go turbo,

as fast as you can, alright.

I'm gonna go for this one right here.

Oh no, gotta go turbo, gotta go turbo.

(blocks fall) (screams)

Okay, let's play mini-Jenga now. (laughs)

Alright guys, I've just been watching movies

on my phone for a long while now

and now it's actually lunch time,

so I brought some Try Treats with us today,

and this Try Treats box is actually from Pakistan!

So, we get to try some treats from Pakistan for lunch,

which I'm so excited about.

Here's some of the snacks that we got.

Oh, this looks good, whatever this is, I don't even know.

Snow Cones, that looks good.

We're startin off with that (laughs).

I'm up for the sweets.

Whoa, these are different Snow Cones.

So it's got the cone and this it's dipped in.

I don't know if it's supposed to be dipped in.

I don't know, okay, well, we're gonna try it.

I think it's supposed to be gummy,

but we let this box sit for three or four months.

So, it's not really gummy anymore, it's pretty stale.

It does taste like a snow cone, that's weird.

Should've ate them while they were fresh.

But now we're gonna try these

Snackers salt and pepper chips.

Let's go with it.

They just look like chips.


It's really salty and peppery (laughs).

(gasps) What is this?

(gasps) Oh this looks so good!

Rio, it is strawberry and vanilla cream biscuits.

Let's open it.

It's like a cream sandwich.

Hope you guys can see it has cream on the inside.

Alright, let's give it a taste.

Okay guys, I'm gonna finish watching my movie

which is the newest Maze Runner

and then I'm gonna get to leave because

24 hours is almost up!

That actually was not as hard as I thought it would be.

I'm gonna finish my lunch and my movie,

and then 24 hours will be up.

You guys, 24 hours is up,

so now it's time to leave the Slime Suite

and I'm so ready because I am done being cramped

in this little box fort so it's time to break free

from the box fort and leave woooh!

So thank you guys so much for watching this video.

If you enjoyed it, give it a big thumbs up,

and don't forget to comment down below how you eat cereal,

how you pour your cereal.

I'll see y'all next time, bye!

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