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This is going well, well do this

He? We should have been on that one

Yes the two of us Line 3

There are too many people Fuck!

Zero euros in the pot

Well Shall we do it?

Intern bond? Slutty bond

Which finger is over the book? Stop with the finger. Will you tell them?!

Lets leave whats in here in here

I dont get

Then youve got the wrong shop

Johan, I just want to show them

I can also give you the value of the box

1500 euros for the pot

And the discussion was done

The candidates are 1 third in their trip

They slowly seem to find their way

They were ahppy when they

suddenly earned 1500 euros for the pot

But the euphoria was short

Because the race is ongoing

Jaike was third to go

Her leaving impacted the group

But a lot of time to adjust wasnt there

Because the next challenge asks for focus, calmth and concentration

They cant afford to be fragile

Although the mole doesnt think so


Oh look, how lovely

I love the pastel

You wouldnt be able to put a lot of flowers in here

But youre also just one big flower

I love it here

Sometimes its difficult The games are killing

Your head is spinning and sometimes you physically have to do something

But, its an amazing game

This is the tallest Dutch person

He wants to race you

Hell run and youll win That way

Its a relief I didnt go first

That Im thinking:

If you go the first or second episode

thats almost as if you werent in it at all

I think some people have gotten more nervous as the game went on

Three people left

I think Rob and Claes feel the heat a bit

That maybe theyre next

They say that breaking glass brings you luck

But thats not your case today

In duos you will go through a maze

Through an old factory with lots of porcelain

You cannot break anything

Thats ok

But you also have to bring along an object

The more difficult the object

The more money youll make

Whoever goes last

Will take the final object

with a value of 750 euros

You can earn a maximum of 2850 euros

If you dont break anything

Because if you knock something over

You pay for it yourselves

Per vase, 75 euros

Good luck

Thank you

You have to be flexible and handy

So the group starting looking around

Leo, you should go last Youre best built for this

I should go first I want to go first too

Hows your ability to balance? My balance is fine, thanks for asking

Ok well start

Ok thats good Then us

I see Buddy as a sportive guy We should see who goes last

I think you

We had no idea what were up against

We were first Was that wise?

Here are sticks with amounts on them

We have to take them through the parkour

Oh should we go through here? Oh thats fun. I can do that!

I had to start at the beginning and Johan at the end

It meant that we had to cross each other as well

I left with my stick I had a cross of 350 euros

Two sticks, one short, one long

I had to wiggle my way through these vases

You could keep the stick in front of you

I chose to drag it behind me

That way, I could look in front of me

Whats coming and then put the stick through

Thats the first bit

Lets see

Its childish, but I looked in every vase

You feel like an idiot But you still do it

Claes came from the other side So we had to pass each other

Is there space? Then Ill come to you first

He came from a very small part

So I held my breath and let him through

It was tricky because you look one way

And before you know it, you knock something over on the other side

Oops, thats one

And there went a vase

In pieces

Thats too bad 75 euros

It was a very ugly vase luckily

So its not too bad

Sometimes you had to hold in your stomach

Sometimes you had to duck

And sometimes on your toes

Im through

Im almost done

Yes. Take your time.

Im done

Yes! Nothing broken

I broke one I heard

It was very ugly thank god

Yeah not now

Ok guys

There are different amounts

There are several sticks attached to each other. We both took 350 euros

We both came out almost unharmed

I dropped one vase A very ugly one

There is one of 450

Thats the highest

You can choose Shall we go?

You have a good height You cross each other so take a high one

The 450. Well cross each other Nathan

For the 450, he can do it

Johan and Claes both went for the 350

I saw the sticks and I played it safe

Instead of taking the 450

I took the 250


There were several options for me

There was 450, 250 and 150

But I thought to myself

There are two of 450 left

As a team we decided that Buddy and Leonie were the best

If I take the 450, Buddy has nothing

So I chose the 2nd highest and left the 450 for Buddy

And there it went. Ice skating through

I think I set a small world record

I had to think tactical how to place the stick

Did you take the 250? Yeah we said so

I doubted between the 450 Because we can do this

We both took the 250

Not the 450 Neither did Nathan

Good luck You too

Oh stupid

I shouldve taken the 450

Ok check

Done? Well done Leo

And how did it go?

Yeah but

I took the 250 and so did he

I thought the 450 is for Buddy

No Buddy has to go another one Hes taking a 750 one

They both took a mediocre 250 one

We had talked about it We would take the expensive one

Mil? Yes All in!

All in? Were all in.

Rob and I are a bit of All or Nothing people

It means you go for the 450

Oh the hat I walked 7 steps

Rob? You ok?

O, shit.

Yeah You feel immediately

Like knocking something over at your grandmas house

We keep going and again

Check Do you know the saying

An elephant in a porcelain shop?

A bit of bad luck

Gone was the vase

The pants are not too handy Mil

Yeah its your pants right


This is going well

Ok lets see whos going first

Ok Ill go there

Easy. And Ill go in that corner

Thatll stay I have to take it there

Yes, check

I tried to be careful

In my case, Im missing some eyes

Im looking at one thing

And at the bottom I feel

Honey Yes theres a vase

Im trying to push it back with my hip

As long as it doesnt cost money

Small fall

A piece broke off

Broken is broken

So lets keep going

Youre already

Its not fully broken

Maybe itll matter

Lets put the biggest ass

with the most expensive stick

Ok Im here Me too!

There they are

Lets see if they smile or laugh

I get that you left the big ones

I got stuck with my pants

I dropped 3

But took the 450

They did take the 450

We had 900 euros minus the vases that got stuck in my pants

Doesnt matter Rob, well done Mil!

Money in the pot Now its your turn

Then it was time for the grand finale Buddy was up

Buddy was given a stick of 750 euros

We got to watch

Ok should we coach him, or keep quiet

I got that I went last Im smallest

Im the youngest. I have dance experience Im pretty bendy

I got that I went last

But I felt a lot of pressure Good luck!

Oh youre actually here Yes but well be quiet

Pressure times 10

Because theyre watching So I have to do well

Oh this is hard guys The front and back are long

It was so difficult

I think it was 2 meters long It had a point at the front and back

and in the middle a sort of triangle

Oh this is hard

Easy Buddy, youre the smallest Youll be fine

Keep looking where youre going

Oh this is awesome

Sweat was running down my face

Im on the floor

My shoulders would turn

I didnt think I was so bendy

Im going to do it!

Keep doing what youre doing

Focus on yourself, breathe in breath out

Until I started hearing noises like:

Those noises dont help Itll only make it worse

We were completely silent

And suddenly:

A vase fell And everybody thought

And I turn around

This is just money Are you kidding me?

Johan is standing there

He drops a vase

Yeah sorry sorry Come on!

Im working my ass off and someone just drops a vase. I was in it

And I suddenly felt something on my shoulder

I hit a shelf

I looked back and saw a vase

And there it went

I couldnt believe it

It did break my concentration

Was this?

I wanted to reach the finish without breaking anything

But oh well


Youre almost there

We tried to get Buddy back into his concentration

Dont talk Let him do his thing

Very good

Youre doing great

Very good!

Well done man!

Ok Buddy

Well done!

I didnt want to break the moment What the hell!

I was in it too

It shook me!

Whoever wins, youll give them 75 euros

Oh thats fine Ill owe 75 euros

Or a very ugly vase

Im very clumsy

Congratulations, candidates

You turned out to be a lot more flexible

You knocked over 7 vases

It means you earned 2325 euros

And because the owner could breath easily

well ad a bit and round it off to 2330


23... and 30.

Thank you Congrats

A lot of money We earned it

Yeah we earned it

Oh Johan

Yeah sorry

A well filled pot and a cold beer

Thats what we got after the assignment

we were enjoying ourselves

Im curious if my family sees it Oh Johan

Yeah my god

It scared me too I saw it

I saw you balancing in sweat

What hit it? Your shoulder?

I dont even know I didnt feel it

I just saw it go

We only laughed about the vase

I dont think anybody thought it was a real mole action

Even Rob, who sees something in everything

he also got This isnt something

Youd be a really clumsy mole if you did this

Whats in the pot now? The final amount?

Nathan whats in it?

Give me some space guys

To get my administration in order

Somewhere in the 6000? Its a matter of trust

It was nice Everybody is in it

But you slowly notice: we keep going

To the next test and execution We just have to do a few tasks

And try to find out who the mole is

Im a real pisces

Im constantly gathering information

It seemed wise to give a bit back

To the people who I think

that arent it

And thats Claes

and Nathan.

Nathan and I It was clear

that felt right

And Claes slowly got closer

I trusted him too

I said:

I have this

This is a good day for an active assignment

Or just sit at a table

and Rik hands out jokers

Just one easy assignment Like One more please

Yeah Ill have one more

Rob told me he has another black exemption

From the first episode

So eh

Thats why I think

it would be fun

if a lot of jokers

and exemptions are put in play

Joker rain

Just stand there like

Grab what you can

Youll catch them How many do you have? 6. 9!

Because I know someone has a black exemption

and because I know

I can keep my goodies while the rest loses them

We shall see

We are going into the mountains

New day, new assignment

We arrived in a huge parking lot

Mole terrain, enter at own risk

We walked onto a parking lot And who was there, not to our surprise


Good morning Good morning

On this parking lot 10 cars are wrongly parked

Your task is to take them through specific streets

into the right parking spot

The more cars you park correctly

the more youll earn

The first car will get you 5 euros

The second double

And then again double

So the amount could go as high as 2560

Two of you will be traffic guides

Who know exactly how to park the cars

Four of you will go look for them

and will do what the guides tell you

One of you will drive the shuttle car

that can drive wherever and move the others over the lot

You have 45 minutes

Nathan, youre treasurer

In that role, you can decide who does what

Good luck Oh youll get that position

Youre treasurer

And you get to divide the group

Ive always wanted to be a bus driver

One doesnt drive

If its not an automatic it doesnt seem wise

When Rik said it, I knew who I wanted where

But oh well I let them dangle

Traffic guide

Traffic guide

Shuttle Yes you were so close

Very close The rest will drive

Buddy jere, I have A1LW39ADK550. at P2.

We were divided over the lot

I was with Claes at P1 and P2

In front of me I found 2 carkeys with licence plate numbers

With Claes were 3 sets of keys

This is Leonie, my licence plate number is AT0Z29.

On my side I found 2 sets of keys

and Nathan had 3

You take the keys read the number

The question was who had the number

Johan or Rob Well check, over

I had an oversight

I didnt need to go over the phone

Thats how I like to play the games

Just watch what happens

Dont work too hard But you can see everything

I took the key with Leonie

who also took a key and got in

the car with Mil, who drove the shuttle

Welcome at the busstop

I want to get everybody in a car first

I heard a licence plate number And I had all these cards

So you quickly try to look

Do I have the card with the car

Johan, did you have A60WTO?

I have S9 and A1

Johan, which A1 do you have?


I want to hear numbers, friend

Why? Then Im sure youre not molling

A lot of mistrust in the early morning

I have the A1 from Claes that he just said

to us all, which is A1NP01...

Like I said Thank you

I was very cranky I didnt like anybody

I thought, just remember what I said

and just relax with the phones

I had a bad night

and a phone to your ear is a lot of noise

Guys, where do I go?

You need Claes

Buddy also gave a street name

Then pick Buddy

The shuttle is coming and Im taking A1NPO1.

Where do I go?

Start with Australia

I have to go to Australia Thank you

Everybody is in the shuttle Except for Nathan

Looking for the car with the same license as the one on the key

Youre looking at the plates right

There were several candidates in the car

And this was the moment to test

Who is looking around

and whos not paying attention Thats my car!

I see my car!

Leonie here Ill give you my number

Ill get in car AT0Z29, over.

Got it, over You have to go through Sri Lanka

Annemarie Jung, then Canada, then Kees Tol then in P1.

Johan, give me the first steps this is too many

Lets get Nathan

First, yeah why not

Fill the shuttle Grab a key

There were signs with names that had to do

with previous seasons of Wie is de Mol

Johan, Leonie here. Im in the street Canada

Where do I go?

You have to go through Canada to the Keel Tol road in P1

So my final destination is P1

Affirmative, over.

Johan I dont get it

Affirmative, over.

Affirmative, yeah thats just...

Thats robot language thats what you say in a radio phone

I felt like Johan

didnt give me the right instructions

I reached P1 quickly

I think I skipped a few streets

Ok guys, new licence plate number

because I parked this car correctly

Here it is: S9FS06, over.

Hey here, A1NPO1!

I have a car with lovely purple seats

Its a very stylish car

How do I go?

That one

The white one Is that yours?

Thats my car

Im waiting for my instructions

So Ill call out my plate number again

And Ill wait for an answer

I dont know whether Rob or Johan has my instructions

I'm waiting.

Im in a car with A60WTO.

Could you give me a location

The first one is Dominican Republic

Second is Yvon Jaspers Singel.

If you want more, let me know

Yes I want more because Yvon Jaspers Singel is in my sight.

They were mostly street names of old moles

So I ran into Buddys name

Joke That was a joke

I took a left at Buddy

How does this work?

Is the key not

Hey honey!

Robbie, after El Salvador, where do I go?

What is it? Where do I go?

I dont have your key sweetheart Ask someone else

Claes came up to me with his phone

Stops 4 meters away from me window down

starts asking for information through the phone

I said: Claes, just put it away I can hear you fine

Ok Johan doesnt have it So it must be Rob

Rob, AQN779.

Where and how do I get to my postion?

Oh I do have it. Sorry

You have to go to Argentina, Jan Versteegh.

Argentina, Jan Versteegh, thats enough

Remember two things Argentina... Jan Versteegh, great.

Ok he can only remember 2 things

but I didnt remember I had his card

This is Buddy What was my route?

Your number ends in 550 right?

Yes that is correct

Hongkong, Philipenes, Kees Tol Road, And then Northern Ireland and Jordan

Susan Visser Street, P3.

Robbie lets focus here

Im in front of Thomas Cammaert Square...

can you give me instructions

Rob for Nathan, Ill look it up

You end in WTO, hold on

At one point I had to wait a long time

and Nathan and Buddy did as well

We couldnt move on

to the second two names

And it took forever

And why? No idea

Robbie, Robbie, look at that Thomas Cammaert Square, please.

Rob for Nathan, I just explained

Did you not get it?

Rob for the mole, would you not press the button

and keep your hands off it

You just need one person holding down the button for 10 seconds

while Rob is explaining something and youre molling

I feel like someone moled here

What is this? This is impossible

And Johan is badmouthing the whole time

Rob for Nathan.

Youre at Thomas Cammaert Square right? Over. Klopt.

You can park there, at P2


You have to give better instructions, Johan

Honey Im saying everything Im saying it all

Furious, she was haning from the window

Johan, give us good information!

Johan was messing around on that little platform

with his yellow vest

You should always say whats bothering you

Get it out of your system

I thought, Leonie, thats great Just keep going

I didnt feel like it I thought everybody was annoying

Especially Leonie

I went past all the places I had to go past

And my final destination was P2

It was quiet on the phone so that was a moment for me

to talk to the group

that I was proud of them

Guys it starts with a p and ends with roud

Im very proud Were doing great

I loved doing this

I saw a lot of countries today

Hey Johan, step it up man

Mole a bit less

We had to keep going I was thinking about the time

I thought it was going well

Robbie, Ive got something for you

Im in car A1LW39.

Can you give me instructions

You start at Colombia.

Buddy for Rob.

I have the shuttle in front of me

and I have A0U11R.

Can you do something with that?

I surely can

Bingo, Ill get on

Nice going Keep it up

Ill keep the line open

Rob for Buddy.

You go through Portugal, Susan Visser street...

South-Africa, Dennis Weening block.

Park in P2.

Robbie, to be sure Ive gone through the streets

Park in P2 right?

Park in P2 correct, over

I went onto the parking lot

Buddy was there He parks in nr 3

and I got to park in 4

I got out and thought

We did pretty well

Nathan for Rob and Johan

Can we do a little victory dance?

Go ahead

Yeah, there were 2 left


Its not this one

Oh there it is!

How is that possible? Someone parked it

And hung it back

Who hung that key?

This car is parked and done


I was in a hurry

I knew we had very little time

Which idiot hung it back?

Johan this is Leonie To be sure, its P3 right?

Leonie, go to P3 Thailand, P3

Were doing great

Lets land the last one

So Claes, if you need something let me know

I have the last car That is AX1L73.

And again, purple seats

Correct car, Claes

You go through Bali Kim Pieters Alley, Thailand...

Patrick Stoof Boulevard.

Damn, time is up

Yeah time was up We went back to Rik

We did park 9 out of 10 cars

So I started calculating

It could be around 1000 euros

Lets start with the good news

Your etherdiscipline is fine

It went well

Out of 10 cars, you parked 9

Seven are in the right spot

and went the right route

It means you earned 320 euros

And not 2560

But oh well

Here you go. 320 for the pot

Thank you Congratulations

Its a bit less than 2560

That key, you know, Claes

The key was hung back

while the car was there

So we drove off with the key of a car that was already parked

you did that Why did I do that?

Someone hung that key

You parked there right?

Yeah but there were more cars there

On that side there was only one I parked on the other side

And left the key inside

I added my car the last

So it wasnt Leo her car

It must have been yours

But more than one was wrong

Who put their car in the wrong spot?

I dont get that either

I asked: Which parking spot?!

Lets go to Nathan

Because were never critical of him Thats right

Theres no need for that I did very well

We kept it positive

but we did drop some points

because I think with the way we did it

with the way we communicated we could have had more

So compliments to the mole But Im watching you


Can I have the noodles

Claes dont eat that Thats the head!

Im holding it wrong

What does it taste like? Like chicken

It tastes like chicken

It doesnt liven the conversation either

but a key was put back

Who did that?

Well it wasnt Johan or me


Does anybody want to say something?

Rob is the one collecting the most information

Who is most uneasy

So you have to draw him out

And Buddy is a master in it

Because theyre both young

Both eager to win

So Buddy is making himself suspicious

I threw some extra oil to the flames

And so it lights up

Its impossible that all keys were lost

Why is it me that hung back the key?

Because it was the key of your car

And the other car was mine

But its possible someone else took a key as well

who got in that car

took the key and hung it

I have no idea

No, it wasnt me

Very strange

Very strange

For a candidate of Wie is de Mol

Is making a test exciting enough

Do you have the right mole in sight?

And have the facts straight?

It becomes disruptive when that test

comes a lot faster than expected

And the candidates dont know yet

that the solidarity in the group

will be tested


Get ready for test and execution

That came as a surprise

We only did two assignments

No it has to happen now

So there was a slight panic

Its time for the test

20 questions about the identity and the actions of the mole

Whoever has the most questions wrong has to leave

Except the mole who never goes home

Im not done here Its too soon

Its all or nothing

I was shocked we got the test and execution

I wasnt prepared

If I had to leave now I would be miserable

I pretend to be very certain

like I have confidence in the test which I have

I get there and sit down to do the test

and I see a long stairs with high tables

But oh well, time for the test

I still suspect Buddy

Also because of the key story today

I still suspect Leonie

Maybe a bit less

And Miljuschka... I don't know.

Its a bit of a puzzle

My mole is Buddy



Ill stick to it and it works

and thats to spread

I promised, top 5 You get to go one way

But its still a guess

I have 4 in mind

Mil, because I think shed be an amazing mole

Johan, Leonie and I think Buddy could be the mole too

because he keeps asking

if Im the mole

It could be a great tactic from the mole

Im still spreading a bit

Little bit on Mil Little bit on Bud

But mostly on Leonie

When a task starts Her look changes

Her face changes

I can barely communicate with her

Shes in a different universe it seems

So Im on Leonie yes

My main suspect is Leonie

but Johan is also suspicious

Johan is like: Oh yeah, oops, a question

I dont buy it

Johan and Leonie.

My suspects right now are Buddy, Miljuschka and Johan.

Buddy, because Buddy makes mistakes

And asks surprised and a bit angry

if you say something

Johan is just confused

And is that real?

And Miljuschka is there for the assignments

But in the mean time

My mole is still Nathan I think

He is someone who can keep a distance

He doesnt write much down knows how to divide the game

I try to get closer to him

But the whole conversation is really:

Are you the mole and who do you think it is?

It was very cold on top of that mountain

We felt a bit of a wind

and it made it all more mysterious

Anita, Tina and Jaike.

Those are the candidates we said goodbye to

Who will be forth?

Who will get a red screen?

You can make sure nobody sees their screen

Nobody needs to go home

But what is it worth?

You each will walk an exemption route

Does the majority choose a groupexemption

youre all through

But on the way, you will find other treasures


If the majority chooses that

Then everybody seems their screen

And someone will go home

If the majority chooses the group exemption

Nobody sees their screen


I assumed nobody would choose the exemption

We werent allowed to talk to each other

We were given a group exemption if the majority choose that

Oke. Ehm...

Well exciting

The concept is simple:

every few steps, you find a box

When you get there You can open it and think

If you dont want it, you close it and keep walking

But if you open something and you want it

and I take it out

I cannot see the other boxes

that are still there

A joker is good

And that has value

I wasnt allowed to use it for this test

Then you have to choose the group

Because it is a real exemption for this test

For yourself

And the rest

Do I go for myself? Do I go for the group?

Im not sure

One joker.

500 euros.


Next box

Two jokers

Thats interesting

And I think to myself

You know what. All or nothing

Ill go for the last one

Whatever it is I cant go back

So Ill make the guess

Ill be honest I wasnt thinking about

the other boxes

I thought: As soon as I see one

with the group exemption Ill take it

If I have to chose for the team Ill always go for the team

It was easy first box opens

and there it was

Its in my nature to choose a team

Ive always chosen a team

If we decide as a team to go through

we can all enjoy it

Im determined to go to the final

and you can only do that one way playing for yourself

Do I want the group exemption?

I mean, I want to keep going

But I also want someone to go home

Whatll make me happy? Standing still means going backwards

So I thought Someone has to go

One joker. Mmm...

Is nice

Then I thought:

There might be a black exemption

So I thought: Ill go for that

Maybe the green exemption is further down the line

Three, four or five jokers

so I thought: Ill go as far as I can

One joker. I do like having a joker

Second to last box when I opened it

500 euros This has money

The black exemption was a bad guess its not here

And I felt like the last one had a group exemption, which I dont want

So I took the 500 euros

One person, I was sure of would go for the group

Nathan. I also thought Claes would go for the group

And I thought or Miljouschka

or Rob would go for it too

So I thought we would be fine


In that moment 1000 things go through your mind

But mostly: Should I do it?

You made your choice Lets see how you did

Did you choose a group exemption?

Or not?

If four people went for the group exemption, we were through

If it were less

the execution

would happen

500 euros for the pot

A group exemption

Another 500 euros for the pot

Group exemption


Another group exemption

Group exemption

Oh three

We only need 1 for the majority

Which means no red screen and all through to episode 5

A joker

Someone chose themselves

If this is a group exemption

youre all through

If not

well do the execution

Oh I love you guys!


And 1000 euros! Sick!

Very good! Congratulations

That people go for money

and jokers

I cant blame them

Eventually everybody wants to win

no matter what they have to do

Its a choice

Im glad I went for the group exemption

I want a bath and a hamburger

Its clear there are people

that play for themselves

Have no group feeling

Thats not bad Its part of it

Its good to know


Guys I have to switch!!

Super Mario.

Its easy for me

Hes missing a slide

This isnt right

Hee, Mil. Yes?

Can we speak of a real bond now?

Do you have it? 1, 2

It has to go this way Go ahead

I cant see anything Nothing

Eh, can you...

Then you know who the mole is

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