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Chill Mix 2019 'Happy Days'

But a baby blues


Gots like me it's not

Do I need to go? Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, cuz like you'll have fun get me do it. I wanna

Thank you

I just wanna know what's next. I know you're looking at your phone. Hoping better

Serve it up waiting for this

For this

Well my words right everybody, all right

The rise is she

You dream

about you

I've been just falling

Upon you

Let me get back to you

Let me give it back to you

Steady now we've done this song before. I keep leaving. You just want to

The time is right now

Pick that it all no need to take it slow. I see the same thing every time I go

only happens when you

Wait the smoke

When the climate stop the missile is a thought and say

like a part a magic potion you can lead a


To space yeah


No feeling like a fire our stylist y'all

Make me feel nice

Like you there's no lies so small

Now feeling like I'm a stylist y'all

Make me feel nice. I can almost fly it sing me soup

I see shadows crawling

So let's go so human

I'm gonna dance it and a shouter

Gotta shake the tree

- a bitch

Anyway snow colors

Don't stop things getting hot hot it's only the light, um, you know fire

Don't slow down and eat your body closer

To release you had a take, you know, we want to better


And the bear that we made

Each day, baby. No, I'm ready. Leave the light off. We are on fire

We messed up don't leave the light we

You know, we won't do better to release you hi Daddy, you know

We don't need nobody and about that we make

We in foot

You sir

Your show


Very homey

You make my brows family your army

Gym in my brows bearing young army

And the touch me - yeah

But I need your closer made your name

Touch me to


Let's go pikachu oney

Lately, I was feeling like me on purpose

But when you talk to me give me the innovation I scratch your surface

I'm too old for this bit around this broken-down way too long

What was I thinking babe love Elvis texted me should've never left your side

That night for the story it's no surprise

When you were there for me you said my love is fake



Guy with a penis

No, I don't want your number. No, I don't wanna give you mine and I don't wanna

I don't


room be sad

Me one no scrub scrub is I gotta





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