Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Barbecue/BBQ Roll Maneuver | Lateral BPPV Treatment

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In this video I'm going to show you how to perform the Barbecue Roll Maneuver also known as the Lempert

360 degree roll maneuver as a treatment for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo from the lateral semicircular canals

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the BBQ Roll Maneuver

Involves a series of movements of the head and body in order to move the debris out of the lateral semicircular canal

several cohort studies and case reports have reported success rates between 50 to

100 percent for the BBQ roll maneuver to treat geotropic lateral semicircular canal BPPV and

Kim at all in the year 2012 have shown that the BBQ roll performed better than

sham maneuvers both one hour and one month after treatment

Be aware that the BBQ roll maneuver can lead to nausea

So make sure that you have a bucket at hand in case your patient might need it

The patient should also be counseled that his symptoms of vertigo will be reproduced and that he might feel nauseous

On top of that make sure that your patient is able to tolerate neck movement. In order to perform the BBQ roll

Successfully you should have diagnosed the affected side during the Supine Head Roll test before

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Have your patient lie on the treatment bench in supine position

Some authors recommend to roll the head towards the affected side as the first step

So for the right ear, we are starting in maximal rotation to the right

This position is then held for 15 to 30 seconds or until the nystagmus stops

Then roll your patients head to the unaffected side

again, hold this position for fifteen to thirty seconds or until the nystagmus has diminished. As

A next step keep your patient rolling in the same direction

Until your patients head is completely nose down and he's lying in prone position for another fifteen to thirty seconds

some authors recommend to end the maneuver here and to return your patient into sitting position as

Anatomically the debris is repositioned

Originally, the roll is completed to 360 degrees

So the patient rolls further onto his right side and the position is again held for fifteen to thirty seconds or until the nystagmus has stopped

At last, the patient is then returned into sitting position

Alright this was our video on the BBQ roll maneuver for lateral semicircular canal BPPV treatment. If you want to learn how to

Assess for posterior semicircular canal BPPV make sure to watch our video on the Dix-Hallpike Test right next to me.

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