Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crypto isn't just about money | #PennydropMoment with GJ Van Rooyen

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- My name is G-J van Rooyen,

I'm the co-founder and CEO of Custos Media Technologies.

I ran into Vinnie Lynnium,

and he was sparkling with excitement

about what you could do with bitcoin and its blockchain.

The penny suddenly dropped

that this is something that can be much more

than just an easier way of doing EFTs.

You know, in the same way as the internet

and the very first days of the internet

sort of replicated what we do in the physical world

so internet newspapers came out daily,

and they looked like paper newspapers just on screen

because we didn't know how to think in terms of

the internet yet, we couldn't have predicted things

like Twitter and Facebook and Snapchat in the mid 90s,

because we didn't understand all the ways in which you

can use the new technology.

And I think that was the time when I first realized

that using blockchain for payments,

is that very first application,

there might be really cool things that you can do

with it, that we can't even imagine now,

because it's so different from what we have in

the real world.

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