Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Have A Dream

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My brother! I welcome you!

Last night I had a wonderful dream!

Let's go! I would like to tell you about it!

A stranger had invited me to a big feast.

There was plenty to eat and drink,

because every guest had brought something from his country,

the ingredients of a wonderful meal.

First course: The daily soup

ITALIAN tomato soup with FRENCH herb and creme fraiche.

Second course: TURKEY-Salad

Salad with GREEK tomatoes, TURKISH cheese

and POLISH turkey breast.

Third course: The main dish


GERMAN potatoes

GREEK asparagus

and DUTCH sauce!

Fourth course: The Dessert


consisted of gingerbread,

SPANISH strawberries,

BRAZILIAN cane sugar, and much more.

Among other things we could drink the following:

Coca-Cola from the USA,

lemonade and beer brewed as in PILSEN,

CHILEAN Chardonnay,


TURKISH tea and much more.

By the way, for these gingerbread it was brought the following:

Honey from EGYPT,

cinnamon from SRI LANKA,

cloves from ZANZIBAR,

aniseed from SOUTH RUSSIA,

cardomom from GUATEMALA,

coriander from MOROCCO,

ginger from NIGERIA,

nutmeg from MALAYSIA

and as baking powder potash from the DEAD SEA.

In addition almonds from PAKISTAN,

peanuts from SUDAN

and walnuts from KYRGYZSTAN.

It has been eaten and drunk,

sung, danced and laughed.

It has made all the joy

up to the exhaustion the next morning.

The whole world was to make friends

and one place was still released.

My friend, I missed YOU!

When, finally, YOU are present?

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