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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to say the time in English - Examples and Reference

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hello everyone welcome back to eat for

you that calm website today I will talk

about how to tell the time in English

are you ready

what's that what time is it nine oh five

or it is five past nine nine ten it is

10 past 9:00


it is a quarter past 9:00 9:20

it is Chinese past 9

nine ten to five or it is 25 past 9:00

9:30 or it is half-past nine 935 it is

twenty five to ten 914 no 814

it is 22 ten nine three five it is a

quarter to ten


it is time to attack

now I see this ice

it is 5 to 10

it is 10 o'clock

haze one flap


he is 102 two minutes

he's 111 11 minutes past 1:00

he is 115

a quarter past one

he's one ton of silver

twenty-seven minutes past 1:00

hey gays 130

House passed one

he's 136 24 minutes to - he's 145

a quarter to two

he is 149 11 minutes to 2

he's 137 3 minutes to 2

that is the end of the lesson today if

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