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It is a long and difficult journey which is the distance between the man I miss and me

I will seek the truth and express my loyalty without looking backward

I am thinking of the beauty whose thought is profound

I am thinking of the beauty in the cold alone night

I have an idea like a plant with fragrance, but who will discover

the elite living in the ancient time didn't get the chance, only leaving a piece of their ideal

I am thinking of the beauty whose thought is profound

when I am thinking of beauty, even my dream is sweet

the world is drunk, and I will live my life like floating on the blue ocean

I am riding on the swan soaring towards the sky afar

Song of Phoenix

Episode 43

Unfortunately, I can't be with an old relationship; with whom am I going to admire these plants I chose? - Thinking of a Beauty from Nine Chapters by Qu Yuan

Lord Shang, the Queen Dowager, told you to find the best doctors in the Chu,

but look at these impostors you've found.

Replying to Your Highness, they are already the best doctors in the Chu.

You dare say that again.

Their prescriptions heal only the symptoms and not the cause,

and you dare call them the best doctors in the Chu.

Just Mo Chou committing a crime and the whole Inner Palace gets no peace.

Mo Chou.

You've come.

Mother? Mother!


Mo Chou.


Mother, each step is challenging.

Deep within the Palace, there have always been many risks.

How could you have been at ease?

Then what should I do?

The savage does not suffer as those who are not.

No need of words for sadness in paintings and boudoirs deep.


Mother! Mother!

The heartless do not suffer as those who are not.

No need of words for sorrows in paintings and boudoirs deep.

Mother, what are you trying to tell me?

I never thought that you'd do something like this.

Grand Adviser, my sister, would never do something like this.

If you're sensible, you should confess instantly.

Otherwise, we'd be in a difficult position too.

What trouble is out there for you?

Also, I do not want you to get physical suffering,

but if you refuse to confess,

then the blame is not on me.


Grand Adviser, we've yet to investigate this thoroughly is,

to use torture might not...

If we had investigated this clearly, would we need torture?


Qing'er! Qing'er!

Don't hit her anymore! Don't hit her anymore!

You're despicable and without shame!

I am but doing my job for the King.

You made you this difficult.

Otherwise, why would this little girl

need to endure such suffering.

I've told you, it was not me who put the poison in.

Not me! What else do you want me to say!

The poison was found in your herb pot.

If it wasn't you, did the poison get in there by itself?

Tell me. Who made you do it.

I did not! I did not!

You put it that way,

then you're making it difficult for me.

Hit her harder!


Grand Adviser, we can't keep beating her like this,

otherwise, it'll get out of hand.

Judge Chen,

you were supposed to investigate this case fully.

Should I go out and leave everything up to you?


Hit her!

No! No!

Zi Shang!

Get away!

- Big Sister! - Qing'er!

Big Sister!

I've told you, I did not put the poison in.

If you want to beat someone, then just beat me!

Outrageous! Outrageous, the pair of you!

Fine. You want to get beaten? Then I'll satisfy your wish!

Hit them! Hit them together! Hard!

Big Sister! Big Sister!

Big Sister!

What? Mo Chou?

Yes. The medicinal herbs that Musician Mo Chou gave to His Majesty

were found to be poisoned.

Such a big issue, why hasn't the Queen reported it to me.

Her Highness the Queen must be afraid to make you uneasy, Your Highness,

and wanted to report to Your Highness only after she's got some results.

Is there a need for more investigations? Isn't the result clear already?

But I feel that,

musician Mo Chou doesn't seem to be the person who poisoned the King.

You think?

How well do you know Mo Chou?

Mo Chou is naturally kindhearted.

She is not someone who would do such obscure things.

The Queen and Grand Adviser Shang are investigating;

when the time comes, we'll know.

But from what I know,

the Grand Adviser is already torturing Mo Chou and her friend.

If he keeps beating them like this, I'm afraid that...

it'll be a confession under pressure.

How dare you.

Are you saying that the Queen and Grand Adviser have wrongly accused her?


Please be appeased, Queen Dowager,

I just hope that innocent people will not be wrongly accused.

If you don't have proof, then stop speaking.

If Mo Chou really did not put the poison in,

then the Queen and Grand Adviser will let her go instantly.

If this is related to her, no one asking for forgiveness will be of use.

Move it!

- Yi'er! Yi'er! - Yi'er! Yi'er!

- Yi'er, are you okay? - Yi'er!

- Are you okay? - Big Sister. Big Sister.

Father, why are you in here as well?

- Mo Chou, what happened! - I...

As long as you tell me who told you to put poison in His Majesty's medicine,

your Father and younger brother will be okay.


- Poison? - P-Poison?

Why do I need to confess things I didn't do?

Stop dreaming!

Still so tight-lipped.

- Attendants! - Sir!

- Beat them! - Yes!

- What are you doing? - Mo Chou!

- Big Sister! - What are you doing? Yi'er! Yi'er!

- Sister! - Let go!


Stop hitting!


Stop hitting! Yi'er!

I did it!

I did it!

Mo Chou, what are you saying?

Big Sister, stop saying it. No matter what you say,

they'll still kill us.

Stop hitting them! Stop hitting them!

Stop hitting them!

Zi Shang! Are you not afraid that His Majesty will take you to task

for using torture?



Let go back first.


Father! Father!


Father, Father!

- Father! - Yi'er!

Father, how are you?

- Ji'er! - Father!

Father! Father!

I'm okay, Sister Qing'er.

Hua Mo Gong (Jasmine Flower Palace)

Okay, okay, stop drinking. It's late already.

Just leave me alone. Stop bothering me.

Pour me some wine.

Are you still annoyed by Mo Chou's case?

Apart from this, what else is there?

How is that hard to settle?

Just write up a confession for her and press her finger to it.

We'll see if she admits to the crime or not.

Who is she? How many pairs of eyes are watching?

Then what'll we do? You have been investigating for so long,

and still, haven't found the accuracy.

What if His Majesty wakes up? How'll we respond to His Majesty?

This Mo Chou didn't admit to anything even until the end.

Do you need her to admit to anything?

Haven't you figured everything out already?

The poison was in her own pot.

As it is, we can only ask Her Highness the Queen Dowager to make a decision.

Didn't you have a maid called Xiao Qiao?

- Xiao Qiao? - Am I wrong?

I remember she was from your Palace, I've seen her before.

That Xiao Qiao you're talking about,

that was a long time ago already.

There are so many maids in the Palace, how can I remember them all?

I think when Mo Chou came,

the Palace managers sent her to serve Mo Chou.

What is it?

Why did you ask about her for no reason?

Not so, not so.

Xiao Qiao is yours.

From here, we might be able to get some information.

How is she mine?

She was yours before.

That's before, now it's different.

Which servant have you seen who served one master all their life?

Servants are servants.


if we talk about loyalty only to one in this world,

perhaps there's only me towards you.

This Mo Chou is really very bold.

She has tried to kill you, now she tried to poison the King.

If we had known, it would have been better if we'd...

Funny. What is that Mo Chou's identity, do you not know?

Her Mother was the Grand Shaman.

You're right when the Grand Shaman died,

The Chu experienced three years of drought.

What I'm worried about is exactly this.

If they really find Mo Chou guilty of the poisoning, then...

It was all my fault! It was all my fault!

Big Sister.

If it's fortune, then it's not misfortune.

If it's misfortune, you can't escape it.

My child, this is fate.


- I'm sorry. - Father.

Uncle Mao.

- I'm sorry - Uncle Mao.


- Lan'er! - Mother!


You've finally come back.

- Father-in-law. - Father.

You've finally returned.

heading to Qi this time to seek an alliance for defeating Qin,

and bring about peace and prosperity for Chu citizens,

it is a different, noble act.

Father, what is it?

Did something happen in the Palace?

It's His Majesty.

What happened to His Majesty?

Queen Dowager.

That Mo Chou still has not committed to the crime?

Tight as a clam, she hasn't said anything.

She can sure endure things.

I've used everything I can think of,

but I couldn't get anything out of her.

Then what should we do?

I came to check today with you, what if we...

We cannot do that.

She is, after all, the woman His Majesty loves the most.

Then we must punish even more.

Think about it, look how good His Majesty has been to her.

And what does she do? Bite the hand that feeds her.

We could spare her, but really we cannot.

Be that as it may,

but, the Musician is the model of paradigm of ceremonial etiquette.

To execute the Musician, it doesn't sound good.

Queen Dowager, you are too kind.

To not execute a criminal, that will sound even worse.

Then do as you think right.


Your Majesty, it's time to take meds.

Has the poisoning case been solved?

Y-Yes, it has.

Who did it?

I heard it was...

Say it.

Lady Mo Chou.

What? Mo Chou?

Your Majesty, I did not believe it at first,

but that poison was indeed found in Lady Mo Chou's pot.

- I will go ask her myself! - Your Majesty, you just woke up!

Your Majesty, where are you going?

Where? I was just going to ask.

Mo Chou why she did something like to me.

Do you really believe Musician Mo Chou poison me?

The poison was found in her pot, what else can she say.

If she really is the one,

why would she bring it and wait around to be taken?

Unless she did not put this poison,

and someone who wants to frame her did.

I believe this case must be investigated more.

I-Investigated more?

What, do you have objections?

Your Majesty, I heard that Her Highness the Queen Dowager has bid the Grand Adviser to punish her severely.

What!? Why didn't you tell me earlier!

Luan Kun Gong - Queen Dowager's Palace

What do you mean.

I dare not say for certain yet,

but this case has many dubious situations,

so I ask that Your Highness the Queen Dowager

allow me some time to investigate this case.

Your Majesty, what do you think.

I also believe it cannot be her.

Okay, if even you think this way,

then I have no further objections.

You just go investigate, investigate it clearly.

Your Highness the Queen Dowager is wise.

Thank you, Queen Mother.

But if you still don't find any results in three days,

then that Mo Chou will die for sure.

Big Sister.

- Father. - Big Sister.

What do you want?

What else?

Mo Chou and Qing'er intentionally used poison to kill the King.

Lu Mao, Lu Yi also cannot clear themselves of blame.

The four of you plotted together on a crime

that was evil in the extreme and will be put to death quickly!

On what basis!

You are killing indiscriminately!

What are you waiting for? Take them out!


No! Let go!

Big Sister! - Yi'er!

- Mo Chou! Yi'er! - Let go!

- Let go! - Let go of my Big Sister!

Let go!

- Uncle Mao! - Father!


- Father! - Uncle Mao!

Let go!

Father! Father!

Big Sister! Big Sister!

His Majesty has arrived.

Greetings to Your Majesty.

Who made you do this?

Your Majesty, killing Mo Chou and her group

was ordered by the Queen Dowager.

His Majesty and I have met with the Queen Dowager

and she has asked us to investigate this case.

Who did this!

Your Majesty, it was all to investigate the case.

I've already said this,

Be extra carefull, great care when using torture.

Have you just ignored my words?

I admit to my error.

Was it you lot who performed the torturing?


Attendants, bring the whip!


You hit them yourself.


Thank you, Your Majesty!

There is no need for thanks.

But if Qu Yuan finds that

you were indeed the perpetrators,

then even I won't be able to save you.

- Father. - Father.



[Qu Manor]

These are the residuals of the medicinal herbs Miss Mo Chou gave to His Majesty.

You meant

His Majesty did get better

after using the Musician's medicine for two days, right?


Based on the prescription, the Musician did use a nourishing formula.

I have also checked His Majesty's pulse.

His Majesty is indeed weak physically.

Is there anything wrong with the medication, Vice Chancellor Qu?

Judge Chen, this herb seems to have only started appearing on the third day.

Quickly go check what this is.

What do you think it means that His Majesty

suddenly asked Qu Yuan to investigate this poisoning case?

Could they not trust me?

I've worked so loyally and hard for those two, Mother and son,

I'm stuck in such an awkward position in the end.

Then did he find anything?

Don't worry, even if this poison wasn't put in there by Mo Chou,

Could they kill me? I'm not the one who put the poison there.

I'll at least get some peace, what are you so worried about.

W-What would I be worried about?


Massage me a bit.

That's enough, you can leave.

You're the one who bade me come, now you're asking me to leave.

What's going on?

I'm not in the mood.

Not in the mood?

If you're not in the mood, then why did you call me here?

Go, go, go. I've got other things to worry about.


Madame, calling me over so urgently, is there something you want?

You've done well in this matter.

Did you not always want to meet your Mother?

I'll take you to see her now.

Thank you, Madame. Thank you, Madame.

Be careful.

- Come. - Father

Uncle Mao will be fine, he'll be fine.


Ferryman, why isn't there anyone?


- Who are you? - Who I am is not a point.

- What do you want to do?

- Her Highness has sent me to see you off.

"Her Highness"?

No, Her Highness said she'll let my Mother, and I leave.

Exactly, so I'm here to see you off!


I heard that Qu Yuan is going to bring the case back out

and re-investigate it all again.

The proof and witnesses are all there,

why do they need to investigate it again?

Leaving the case hanging like this will be hard to explain to the Queen Dowager.

It is a life after all.

You cannot just sentence her in such an uncertain manner.

Then what you mean is

that Her Highness the Queen and the Grand Adviser

was not fair in their investigations?

I have no such thought.

It's just this matter involves the Inner Palace,

I'm afraid by being so hasty we'd lose out on thoroughness.

Sister, if this happened to you,

you would not like it either if you were sentenced so hastily.

What Sister Ying has thought of, I too have thought of it.

It's just these matters of the Inner Palace,

you need not worry over them.


After this Lady Mo Chou was captured,

her personal maid Xiao Qiao disappeared.

The Grand Adviser looked for her for a long time and still couldn't find her.

If we could find her, maybe there'd be a change of wind.

It's been so long,

Maybe we'd never be able to find her.

Maybe the secret is indeed with Xiao Qiao.

On what basis do you say that?

No basis.

I was just guessing.

I remember that Xiao Qiao served you.

Ever since Lady Mo Chou entered the Palace,

she went to serve her.

No wonder you keep speaking on her behalf, Sister.

This Mo Chou even dares to hurt His Majesty,

such a merciless and cruel heart.

How could she let Xiao Qiao live to this day?

So Sister Zheng is saying that Xiao Qiao has been silenced?

How could you know?

I was guessing too.

Water, water.


- Water. - Father?

Father, you've finally woken up.

- Qing'er, water. - Coming, coming.

Uncle Mao.

Father, come.



How long was I asleep?

Two days and two nights.

I had a dream.

Father, what dream did you have.

I dreamed of your Mother.

All these days, I've missed your Mother every day.

After your Mother left, I have thought of

not living in this world alone.

But before she died, your mother

said her biggest regret is not being able to see

the two of you growing up, getting married...

I promised your Mother,

that I would look after the two of you.

When I go to find her,

I can tell her,

that our Mo Chou and Yi'er

are all living very well.


if there wasn't you,

Yi'er and I would not have lived till today.


You say it's me looking after the two of you,

but in fact, it's you looking after us.

Mo Chou, I'm sorry.

- Father! Father! - Uncle Mao!

- Father! Father! - Uncle Mao!

In the future,

I cannot accompany you anymore.

You must live on well,

take care of yourself,

look after Yi'er.

No! Father!

You cannot leave me, Father!

You cannot leave me!

- You cannot leave us. You cannot just abandon Yi'er and me. - You can't leave us.

Mo Chou... Don't leave us...

Mo Chou,


Father, we are here.

- We are here. - We are here.

Mo Chou, when you have hate in your heart...

...when you have hatred in your heart,

- you'll never be happy. - Father.

You and Yi'er must live on well, okay?

Promise me that you'll live on well.

Father! I understand.

Father! Father!

Su Qin... are you here to take me?

Father, father!

- Father! - Uncle Mao!

- You cannot leave us! - Uncle Mao!

- Father! You can't leave us! - Uncle Mao!

You cannot leave us!

You cannot leave us!

Father! Father!

Uncle Mao!






Uncle Mao!

It is Chu's fortune that Your Majesty is healing.

Oh, that's right, how is the investigation going?

Vice Chancellor Qu is investigating this case.

It's been two days, why is there no news?

Greetings to Your Majesty.

How is the case going?

Your Majesty, I have already investigated it clearly,

Miss Mo Chou did bring nourishing medicine for the first two days,

but on the third day, there was a fresh herb.

What herb?

This herb is called Bai Ri Ai.

It is a kind of poison from the State of Zheng.

Your Majesty, do you still remember Musician Mo Chou's personal servant?

Ever since Musician Mo Chou was arrested,

she has gone without a hint.

I believe this case definitely has something to do with her.

I'll give you two days to find Xiao-Qiao.


Your Majesty.

What is it?

Lady Mo Chou's father, Lu Mao,

is dead.

No matter how good it is in the Palace,

it still cannot beat the life of a commoner.

What do you know, no matter what,

you are still the descendant of the Grand Shaman.

How did this happen?

This... this, I don't know. He was fine yesterday.

Attendants! Take the two of them out and beat them!

- Your Majesty, have mercy on us! - Your Majesty, have mercy!

- Your Majesty, have mercy on us! - Your Majesty, have mercy!

Mo Chou...

You caused my Father's death.

- Give my Father back to me!



Sister Qing'er

Let me out.

I want to bury my Father.

Your Majesty, we must respect the death.

Please allow Mo Chou and family to leave the Palace.

Your Majesty, we have yet to finish our investigation,

letting the suspect out of jail

is not in line with the law or reason.

It's just the suspect Xiao-Qiao is missing,

we are not able to verify with her.

Then we cannot determine that this case has nothing to do with Musician Mo Chou.

Your Majesty!

Enough! I'll give you one day to find Xiao-Qiao,

otherwise, I'll take you all to the task!


Little Sister, it's so late, why have you bade me come here?

I've come especially to take you

to see an old acquaintance, Elder Sister.

Old acquaintance?


Where is this?

Elder Sister, please come along.

Elder Sister, please come inside.

Lady Tian, you've come.

It is continually passing by, the sun and the moon, the summer, and winter

the plants and trees will experience blooming and falling, but the beautiful girl stands still

Rumors broke the trust between the lord and his ministers

can the Heaven be the witness of who is loyal

muddy or clear, beautiful or ugly, the world will be awed by it

Angelica or magnolia, orchids or Eupatorium fortune, all the fragrant flowers lost their odor

Why do you live against social norms? What is good for living to admire one's own ideal?

no ones know how the hometown becomes so unfamiliar

in the chaotic world, I choose not to stand by the mass, who can understand my ideal and dream?

I am going far away to travel while rooted in my hometown

take a sip while singing the poem of Li Sao which describes the sorrow of parting

I will devote my life to serve my country regardless of what my destiny will be

But the journey is such a long and difficult one without seeking any achievement

how much I worry about the world and the common good of the nation

sing the poem of Li Sao which describes the sorrow of parting

the people who know you the best are always far apart

I won't regret the ideal I hold dear to my heart, but eventually, it will be decay into ashes

If the dream I hold is unrealistic, let it be a fairytale for the future generations to read

in the chaotic world, I choose not to stand by the mass, who can understand my ideal and dream?

I am going far away to travel while rooted in my hometown

take a sip while singing the poem of Li Sao which describes the sorrow of parting

the people who know you the best are always far apart

I won't regret the ideal I hold dear to my heart, but eventually, it will be decay into ashes

If the dream I hold is unrealistic, let it be a fairytale for the future generations to read

The Description of Song Of Phoenix EP43思美人-Chinese teen costume drama (Jackson, Kyle, Viann, Qiao Zhenyu )【Fresh Drama】