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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 58 Things You Missed In Look-See | CryptTV

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If you want to hear about the secret murder plot hidden within the world of Look-See,

stick around to the end of this video.

If you yourself cannot release, then it will come to take a piece

But what does it mean release?

Im not holding on to anything!

It couldnt be talking releasing these 58 Things You Missed from CryptTVs hit web-series

Look-Seecould it?”


Alright fine.

I was going to keep them to myself but here they are.

XX Things You Missed.

Before we get started, youll definitely want to have seen the CryptTV web-series Look-See,

so if you havent seen it yet, click or tap right here to watch it before coming back

to this video.

One of the things thats never fully answered in Look-See, is what the extent of the titular

creatures supernatural powers actually is.

In other words, how is Look-See able to use its abilities punish its victims?

Starting in episode one, it looks at first glance that Look-See has the ability to teleport

or at least move extremely fast to catch people who arent able to release.

For example at the very beginning, this woman runs into the bathroom as if shes already

been chased, then checks all three stalls to confirm that shes alone.

She must do this because she already has an idea of what Look-See is capable of and wants

to make sure shes alone by checking every inch of the bathroom shes hiding out in.

She eventually decides to hide in the middle stall.

Now focus on this crack in the door.

Did you catch that?

The creature crosses from left to right.

The only door in and out of the bathroom is on the far right side.

So how did it get to the left side so quickly?

On top of that, The shoes end up appearing under the stall back over on the left side.

This constant movement puts the viewer on edge.

By breaking the rules of space, were never sure where Look-See might appear.

There's another example of its uncanny movement ability at the end when it appears

on the toilet seat behind her.

In episode 2 it warps out of the Daniels bedroom, then later warps in and out of the

shower area to kill the woman Daniel is having an affair with.

Then in episode 3 it shows up behind a bedroom door.

So how is it able to do this?

Is it teleportation?

Episode 5 offers a couple possibilities to solving this secret.

First, we see the creature double itself.

Daniel shows up at the hospital, but she soon sees that he's also a victim of Look-See.

When he grabs her knee, pause it right there.

Its Look-Sees hand with Daniels arm.

I would infer that whenever we see someone who has died come back to life, Look-See is

behind it.

But Look-See also seems to possess the ability to duplicate itself, because right here dead

Daniel and Look-See appear side by side.

You can pause it to where theyre on screen at the same time.

There could be multiple copies of Look-See helping create the illusion of teleportation.

But that doesnt explain how Look-See appears in rooms that the characters have already

proven to be empty.

Episode 5 may offer an answer for that as well.

The protagonist has an opportunity to attack to Look-See, but despite having no eyes, it's

extremely fast reflexes and movement speed help it get away.

My theory is that Look-See has the ability to move so fast, that if you let it out of

sight for a moment, it can rush to another location.

And it can do all of this quickly and quietly.

That's not the only ability it has though.

It's super flexible, enough to bend down so it's head is down by its feet.

It's strong enough to rip off body parts and contort corpses.

And it can open and close doors without touching them.

Honestly, it seems like it can do whatever it wants, and tends to just toy with its victims.

I wouldn't be surprised if we haven't seen the full extent of what it's capable of yet.

Despite all of this, it does seem fairly easy to hurt Look-See.

It gets injured when it's hand gets slammed in the door in Episode 2 and when she stabs

it in the head in Episode 5.

It doesn't stay down for long though, later tossing the bloody fork back to mock her.

Now that we've covered what the monster can do, let's take a look at why.

Each character receives the same note.

If you yourself cannot release, then it will come to take a piece.”

Let's break it down down episode by episode.

The first woman won't release herself from a marriage that has clearly gone south.

If you've ever heard the term, “take her hand in marriage”, you'll know why it's

symbolic that her hand was taken from her.

And similarly, if you've ever heard the term, “She walked out on her husband,” that

could be the reason her legs are broken.

She is one of only two characters to survive an encounter, so it's possible that Look-See

is actually giving her a second chance, so that once her legs do heal, she'll appreciate

them enough to put them to good use, and walk out on her man.

Another episode shows her writing tons of notes for other victims, which makes me think

that there's kind of a Jigsaw-esque apprenticeship going on here; like if you survive your game

you'll become a stronger person for it and help setup the games for someone else.

In fact, the themes in this series aren't too dissimilar to those in the Saw franchise.

In the next episode we see why she needs to leave her marriage: because her husband is

seeing another woman.

The adulterous woman wants more than to simply sleep with Daniel though, she's got her eyes

set on being the replacement.

She wants to be the girl whose face appears next to him in that photo, which is why Look-See

takes away her head.

She needed to release her idea of being with a married man.

There's evidence around the house that this is the home of a man in a committed relationship.

The obvious one if the picture on the bathroom mirror, but she also steps outside briefly,

where you can see two heart shaped chairs.

In the bathroom, a double shower head is installed, one for the taller man and one for his wife.

There's more backstory on why Daniel cheats on his wife later in the series.

But for now, let's move on to Episode 3.

The character in this one needs to release his obsession with his deceased daughter who

drowned in an accident.

His release would be to move on with his life.

We find him in a sad state, preparing his daughter's would-be 13th birthday cake and

eating it by himself while flipping through an album of old photos.

This isn't just a one time thing for his daughter's birthday.

He still has cupboards locked up, something you would do to prevent a child from getting

in, and seemingly he hasn't touched the daughter's room.

He wants nothing more than to embrace his child again, so Look-See removes his arms,

while leaving his hands and twists his head around to signify that he needed to turn around

and stop looking to the past.

Episode 4 is where things really get interesting.

It opens with the death of a high school student at Harbor High.

Shortly thereafter, we discover that there are already 12 victims being investigated

and this kid is the 13th.

Pausing the video to read the small text uncovers the reason for all the deaths.

Medication found poisoned.

Laced over the counter.”

This is the biggest event that has happened so far in the series.

This headline confirms a mass murder plot, and all signs point to it being someone other

than Look-See.

There's even a possibility that it goes much bigger than what is shown on screen.

If medication was laced at a pharmacy, there are probably other adult victims that we haven't

seen yet.

This community has a mass murderer on its hands.

It's no wonder Look-See is drawn to this area, because there must be countless people who

need to release.

This is actually where the whole saga begins.

The series presents the episodes in an order that lets us discover more about the monster

with each passing episode.

But CryptTV later released a special supercut with the episodes arranged in chronological


It starts with this funeral episode, which tells us a lot why there is so much grief

in this community; the reason that Look-See comes here and pushes these people to release.

It is here that we see the beginnings of Daniel and his wife's relationship falling apart.

I would assume they are at that funeral because one of the 13 children who were poisoned was

theirs, and losing their child ours puts a huge strain on their relationship.

It's here that Daniel meets the woman who he later has the affair with.

Often in times of crisis it's comforting to turn to someone you can relate to and unfortunately

in this case they develop a relationship.

Daniel's wife finds out and that leads into the next episode chronologically, where Look-See

forces her to release in the bathroom.

Not long after, we have the infidelity episode, and my theory is it's both Daniel and the

affair woman who are punished in this one.

When she gets out of the bathroom, Daniel is nowhere to be found because Look-See has

already taken him, removing his eyes, because it was his wandering eyes that initially led

him to check out this woman.

And by the way, it may not have been the first time his eyes were up to no good.

Later that night, the wife wakes up in the hospital and tries to kill Look-See, but she

is unsuccessful.

It's unclear how much time passes until the final episode on the chronology, where Look-See

returns to punish the lingering father, at the end of which Daniel's wife has become

Look-Sees note writing lackey.

So if she's been the one writing the notes, then who wrote her note on the bathroom stall


That's also answered in episode 4.

The short answer is: its this guy.

But lets take it back to the start of episode 4.

The kid who dies in the opening shot, is featured on the memorial, where we see this photo of


Im assuming thats his sister.

Her name is Gretchen Holt.

Turns out shes a cop, and shes tasked with cleaning up the evidence markers.

Her release is gonna involve moving on after the tragedy, just like the guy from the 3rd


But in her case, she wants to do a little bit of investigation on her own and starts

to snoop around the school when something out of the ordinary happens and she sees one

of kids who was covered in the sheets back up and moving around.

As we know, this is a manipulation of Look-See.

After coming face to f--... well, after an encounter with Look-See, we finally meet the

mystery man, and he actually saves her, but ends up getting picked off himself by creature.

Gretchen actually survives, but the man is forced to leave the message in the bathroom

before eventually killing himself at the start of episode 5.

We dont know a lot about this character, so all I can do is theorize about what he

needed to release.

His death may not be the best place to look for clues like I did with the others, because

it would appear that he committed suicide to escape the torment of Look-See.

So he got out on his own terms.

All we know is that he was in the school at night after the murders, sneaking around backstage.

You may not have noticed this in the background, but when Holt surveys with her flashlight,

you can spot a girl facing the wall.

My first inclination is that Mystery Man is doing something to her when he notices Holt

and kicks her out.

He also makes a brief appearance at the funeral, looking down on the crowd from above before

making his exit.

At this point, hes looking like the top suspect to be the murderer.

My guess is he has some kind of grudge against society, and his release would be to simply

let it go.

What he ends up doing instead, is killing dozens of people, showing up the funeral to

watch the parents suffer, then returning to the scene of the crime for some more foul


He knows Look-See is going do something horrible to him, so he ends his life on his own terms

to get away.

Thats the last death we see onscreen, because the married woman ends up getting away at

the end of episode 5.

But that doesnt mean the fifth episode doesnt still offer some clues about Look-See.

There are some elements that keep popping up for each victim.

For example, the victims always seem to be around flowers when Look-See attacks.

They can be seen beside the hospital bed, the flower wallpaper in episode 3, also flowers

on the cups, on the jars, on the toilet in episode 2 and again on the wallpaper in episode


The wallpaper design resembles the cracks on the walls in episode 4 and the newspaper

article in that episode encourages people to bring flowers.

Back in the first episode, a butterfly design is seen on Look-Sees shoes, so Look-See

could represent a butterfly going around from flower to flower, or victim to victim, spreading

its message.

There are some other similarities, in the attacks, but the meanings, if any, may not

be as clear.

For example, I saw an apple and banana on the scene of two of the attacks, and two of

them take place around 6 oclock.

That could have something to do with the stopwatch, which comes in the shape of an eye, the one

feature that Look-See noticeably does not have.

The stop watch could be a countdown for how long someone has toreleasebefore they

are punished, but those details are yet to be seen.

One conclusion I would like to make however, is that the body parts that Look-See collects

from people make up Look-See.

Looking at its design, Look-See does seem to be stitched together from a bunch of various

body parts, and we see the main characters own hand used to give her the stopwatch near

the end.

As I mentioned, Look-See is prominently lacking eyes considering its name is a portmaneau

of the words look and see, the two verbs most commonly associated with eyes.

It will be interesting to see what Look-See ends up doing with Daniels eyes.

That brings me to my last Thing You Missed, which is this title card asking about what

will happen next.

That may be the end of season 1, but it appears that there are plans to bring Look-See back

for a second season.

You dont want to miss out what happens next, so Ill leave you this link to subscribe

to CryptTV to stay up to date on Look-See and plenty of other great short horror content.

Let me know some of your own theories about Look-See and where you think the series will

go from here in the comments.

I will see you in the next one.

Assuming we both survive.

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