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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 25 Native English Phrases to Use in a Conversation

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welcome back to my next episode of

freshly taught phrases on real English

with real teachers down under the series

of videos that gives you the language

taught in my natural conversation

classes these are current real and

pretty darn useful so let's get stuck in

so this first one it was referring to a

student who felt like they were being

hard done by by their boss their boss

was giving them a difficult time and it

seemed like their boss just just didn't

like them consistently like they didn't

even give them a chance to prove

themselves and ended up making their

life really difficult at work rubbish


I've had that experience I remember in

my first office job I did not get on

well with with my with my boss or

supervisor could be a line manager or a

supervisor but a phrase you could say is

that they had it in for you they had it

in for you somebody has it in for

somebody else means that they just don't

like you they want to cause difficulty

for you and criticize what you do so he

had it in for me I was a nightmare she's

had it in for me since day one since the

first day day we met maybe an X has it

in for you now because you did something

bad or maybe they did something bad and

they're crazy now hopefully not but yeah

to have it in for somebody do you have

it in for somebody else maybe you don't

like somebody give them a break



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if you've ever felt like you were just

about to say something and then somebody

interrupted you

this phrase could be useful so I I felt

like my girlfriend sometimes interrupts

me when I'm in the middle of a joke and

I'm about to get to the punchline the

the bit that everyone's meant to laugh

obviously because I put laughs cue cards

up and yeah she interrupts me so she is

cutting me off she's cutting me off

this means to interrupt but it has a lot

of different meanings that that phrasal

verb cut off it could be that your phone

call got cut off the connection got

dropped or the connection broke you

could also be isolated like if if the

flood came in and the village was cut

off from society for a couple of days he

can't imagine what would happen or if

you're getting a bit too intoxicated a

bit too drunk in a nightclub or a bar

the barman could cut you off from the

bar which is

not not what you want if you're in full

flow if you're enjoying the night but I

would say most people would say they are

they're barred to be barred that's that

no that means to not be allowed into the

actual bar itself or pub you're barred

he's barred Oh Jimmy he's barred from

from the Bell down down at bucum that

was my village or one of the villages so

to be barred means to be banned from a

pub and to be cut off from the tap or

cut off from the bar means you can't get

any more alcohol which basically means

you're barred because why would you go

into that place if you can't drink


and you know when you're coming back

from work and you're just exhausted and

all you want to do is relax and before

you know it you're back home and your

kids are screaming at you or you're

jumping on skype with Charlie or Harry

to have a Skype lesson to improve your

English but on the way home at least you

get to relax and it's there that you

could say I like to switch off I like to

switch off not not the engine you don't

want where you could you could switch

the engine off and then you could switch

off but you are relaxing your mind

you're kind of saying I'm stopping

paying attention to the really demanding

things like you've just finished work

and you're able to switch off so a lot

of people like to have a 30 minute

commute to be able to switch off and

another synonym unwind relax to unwind

to switch off it could be used if

someone's not paying attention to

somebody else so if I'm in a class it

would never happen of course but maybe

someone has switched off when I'm

explaining a phrase like you are right

now come on wake up let's concentrate on

this video and learn how to use switch

off correctly and I think you just have

so well done by and then another phrase

that I found useful when teaching some

of my students was that you might be

excited about something you might you

might get pleasure from doing something

particularly in a little bit of a sexual

way it doesn't always mean sexual but it

often refers to getting pleasure out of

something sexually and it's a really

simple one you might even come across it

some songs or any kind of informal

language it's to get off on something

and you often say just it so you're

referring to the context of the

conversation for example someone who

likes to take control of social


they might get off on it but you can

play around with it like you can suggest

that somebody gets off on it it doesn't

mean that they are going to have sex

with this thing it's just a way of

playing with the language and letting

people know that that you think that

person really enjoy something to the

point where it's a little bit worrying a

little bit worrying so Stacey could say

I love organization I've got my backpack

on here and I've got it perfectly

organized I've got lots of different

pockets with all of the gadgets and she

says ah you get off on organizing your

stuff don't you

or you get off on it when we're talking

about that the thing so I don't I don't

have sex with my bag but I do enjoy

packing it so there you go to get off on

it let's get off this bench now getting

off it not getting off on it


the wind is being unacceptable right now

it's it's a little bit too strong for me

to be teaching you some phrases through

video but I could say that it's it's

just not on it's unacceptable you could

use this phrase something is not on to

mean that something's unacceptable and

it just shouldn't happen maybe you're at

school and the the teacher has told you

off they've said swearing at your

teacher is not on it's not acceptable

it's not on coming to work drunk is not

on you're fired

goodbye cheating on me is not on it's

quite a formal phrase to use for a

relationship because it's kind of like

they're telling you off in an

authoritative way so if that's the case

that's maybe why they've cheated on you

but it's not on means it's unacceptable

or it shouldn't be done

political situations you could say

bricks it the indecisions have gone on

too long

it's not on we need to decide one way or

another we need to finalize this

if you ever feel like you need to be

told something in advance or you want to

tell somebody maybe even you just feel

like they should know this information

before it happens and you could say I

want to give you a heads up a heads up I

want to give you a heads what was that

bug didn't give me a heads up that who's

gonna enter my eardrum how rude

so I'd like him to give me a heads up

warn me next time that he's coming into

my eardrum maybe you'd like to be told

when you're being invaded when one of

your orifices is being invaded or do you

like the surprise I don't know no it's

you your own decision but it's a good

phrase still heads up give me a heads up

next time yeah sometimes people like to

be surprised when someone visits them

for a cup of tea come around for a cup

of tea next time oh you sure you don't

want me to give you a heads up

jammies give you a heads up no no it's

fine just knock on the door and I'll

have a cuppa come round it'd be lovely

alright that's fine I look forward to it

if you come to Sydney I'd love to see

you just give me a heads up and I'm all



the good thing about YouTube videos is

that they're free they're free and you

know leaning on a tree's free as well

unless it's a private tree then it will

cost you and I hope that it won't cost

you too much because you never like to

pay too much for something and there's a

phrase for you this is your bonus idiom

well done for sticking to the end of

this video and it is to pay through the

nose for something to pay through the

nose I've paid through the nose to fix

my car and it's still making a weird

sound how annoying

so I paid through nose I paid too much

so tell us what did you pay too much for

did you pay through the nose

I've gone ahead and created a list of

those phrases for you to revise on the

go which is available in the description

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the free material we hope you enjoyed

this video and see you again soon on

real English with real teachers


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