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Om Shanti !

Today's Murli Date Is 12th July 2018

Essence: Sweet children, sustain one another with knowledge by exchanging jewels of knowledge.

Live with one another with great love.

Question: On what basis can you maintain limitless happiness while you are unwell or going through the suffering of karma?

Answer: Instil the habit of churning the ocean of knowledge.

If any suffering of karma comes or an illness occurs, tell yourself: I have now completed my part of 84 births.

This is an old shoe.

I have to settle my old karmic accounts and I will then become free from all types of illness for 21 births.

There is great happiness when one becomes free from any type of illness.

( Baba has taught today - What to think when adverse situations like illness etc arrive in our lives ? )

Song: Mother o mother! You are the bestower of fortune for all.

Essence for dharna: 1. Consider yourself to be a master seed, withdraw your sense organs and practise sitting in silence.

( Baba reminded us on our stage, made us imbibe virutes, also taught us to stay in stage of silence )

2. Churn the ocean of knowledge and remain happy.

Settle the old suffering of your karma with happiness.

Talk to yourself: I have completed 84 births and am now going to Baba.

Blessing: May you constantly be an embodiment of power and remain free from all waste with the art of keeping your mind busy.

In todays world, those who are in a high position set their daily work schedule according to the time.

Similarly, you, who are images of support for world renewal, the hero actors in the unlimited drama,

the ones whose lives are as valuable as a diamond, you also have to set your programme to stabilise your minds and intellects in a powerful stage.

Make full use of the art of keeping your mind busy and you will become free from all waste.

You will then never get upset.

Slogan: Remain cheerful while observing every scene of the drama and you will never be attracted by anything good or bad.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada.

The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

We spiritual children convey to spiritual Baapdada, our love our remembrance, our good morning & our namaste namaste

Om Shanti !

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