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welcome back to the Blast Zone today we got another awesome video turbo

Achilles A4 slingshot we are gonna be testing it against the 16 best SlingShock

beyblades and we're gonna see if this beyblade is the best SlingShock

face let's do it be sure to stay tuned to the end of this video because I'm

gonna have a special poll above my head is this the best Hasbro SlingShock

let's get these battles started alright let's open it guys here is Achilles

A4 it is so dope and shiny it's really cool and here is its tip it's a

balanced tip here's how you put in a SlingShock you just twist it around until

it goes to max height look how tall this beyblade is it is the tallest ball

I've ever seen it's probably gonna destroy each and every one of these in

my opinion these are the 16 best Hasbro SlingShock beyblade we're including the

two brand new has real slingshot base Balar B4, Gargoyle g4 I'm gonna battle

Achilles A4 against all these days and I'm gonna give you my opinion if it's

the best bit and the first beyblade I'm gonna battle is vice Leopard

L4 versus Achilles a4 let's do this alright guys give me first of two points

three two one alright let's go see who's better by sled bird or exceeded our

healing one with a spin finish one zero all accuse had to do was knock him into

the ring and he just stops it three two one got off alright girl really gonna

see some action hey destroyed Leopard it's to see you're all Achilles

Leopard to spin finishes in a row the next battle is gonna be Archer Hercules

versus Achilles three two one left oh he Lee's got this

one see some attacks you haven't even touched each other yet

come on finally took forever please go in these beyblade got this

Achilles barely won that one zero beyblade lee's you got this

what is this battle they're just hitting each other under all this is close

well I think Achilles is gonna lose this first round right now - Nikki Lee wins

to zero again - see that is a big win for Achilles

because Hercules is one of the best days now the next battle is gonna be Scalia

beyblade versus at Achilles

acuity is Phoenix Callie Italia says no mercy 1:0 Scalia destroyed a tea leaves

in one shot is 1:0 galaxy's winning three two one all right come on Achilles

really gonna talk like he leaves if he loses mad now oh oh this is a really

good battle one wine achilles is catching up final battle who's gonna win

- what's Achilles win that - on jolliest I don't even know half and he just

dragged along the floor and touch them once then yeah

Achilles it's still not lost yet let's bring out the big guns gargoyle the

destroyer versus at least two one let's go now Achilles destroy gargoyle to

the dress loser the next battle is gonna be hazard

kerbeus versus Achilles April let's do it three two one go

Tilly's you got this yeah a bit hard Achilles didn't even attack me what is

going on oh no I think he's good salmon I'm on right now Achilles you got here

Kerbeus so one more time really hard all comes down the stamina career most

likely gonna win if Kerbeus he's going in trash right

away since the defense right he hasn't run out of Santa yet oh yeah Achilles

lost 1-0 previous got the first point two one zero

luckily it's destroying all right so if you used to Kirby's

you're going to trash like what is this come on Achilles all right really

big hit right there Cabarrus wins to zero

hey guys I really not like this favor like so that's a big negative

our first winner and our first loss goes to Achilles next battle is gonna be

galaxies neutron versus okay let's do this three two one go okay Lee please do

try really right there's like three attacks in we're really that strong oh

come on a few choices Neutron that'll be nuisance

destroy these fronts next battle for base k400 three two one the trailer

Achilles destroy him discover instant stamina wait

okay I was about to say wasn't moving alright so there's only one attack right

now is pretty sloppy who's like to attack those old rattle 1:01 throw

Hailey's attack hard for really good attack from beyblade I don't even know

just happened to zero keys from the first battle the next battle tell

salamander versus it keeps 104 you see Westeros running real with the top we're

really good attacks like he leaned out an icepack battle 1-0 Achilles one dad

three two on beyblade burst that'll really cool Achilles is

destroying it to zero spin finish ruler Achilles - salamander just got

destroyed next fabulous wizards are going on verse t is a huge rip all right

so it's blizzard I honest is really swab a versus Achilles which is like three

times as big as him so this would probably be a really instruction for a

Achilles beyblade make such like one - that whole battle

one zero launcher all right come on at Achilles beyblade design on if you

are throwing you in the trash is what happened we're going the spinal tap

get out of here so I just ring out at them to zero

bring out finish for the Kiwis the next battle is over versus okey-dokey Lee

into caucus it's right over your saying it alright next battle is Bell our beef

or Achilles beyblade i let it go alright let's see your new skills I've haven't

ripped Bella before so Hercules this one hits everyone 1-0 Keeley's waiting

through two other go bow are loose your chest I'll I move slow 3-0 Hakeem you

just boosted bow on like lipstick next battle Achilles beyblade say four versus

and keep doing their total Achilles beyblade destroy him when more tactic

should be red well I guess multiple attacks ones heroes the spin finish for

a huge three 200 well he leans to your power for Achilles beyblade

oh really good attack my right on amiss all right so they're basically going

around I've only seen one really big attack in the saddle he leaves the

swirls around beyblades like it's nothing to zero Kiwis one next battle

duel a hand versus a key to one the trick well luckily it's got this alright

so I've never been a really big fan of the LAN so on voting friend to lose

money look I won't shot again I'm gonna use

this move later just one shot the kids like this ok I'm going to go into

an OPA rip all right come on Turkey be let's see your one shot right you really

to tax it all took to beat him to a hand loses the next battle it's 40

of Achilles beyblade one shot and floor come on okay there's one attack already

on there's only been one attack this or battle two attacks

it's a record 1-0 all right one is sac ring out finish okay these wins again

you know guys I'm just gonna call right now okay this is one 13 battles in my

opinion guys Achilles is one of the best slingshock beys ever in fact he is the

best he towers over everything you like one shots every day and I would love to

hear from you guys so we should take the poll but my head if you think this is

the best swing shot bang thank you guys for coming back to Blast Zone please

subscribe please like and there's always bye guys have fun

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