Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Catching a Massive Swarm of Bees

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ok what we've got here pretty large swarm about the size of a

basketball that's a maybe it's actually quite being transformed I think we're

gonna get girls into that box and into the hive

7 o'clock in the morning so many of them going out

view from the other side

pretty calm. Dont want to drop this one so wanna be really careful

look like Italians to me.. i could be wrong

anyone wants to comment on what species they are...lets do it

Ideally you would want some one film but im her by myself in the morning

I hope i get it all in one shot

One hand on the camera one hand on the bees

not really easy to get the box in there unfortunately

position the box as best as i could

its right over it ....lets see how this goes

Im gonna shake it

bzzz bzzzz bbbbzzzzzzzz

got about 90 percent of them

Sorry about the shakey video

What ill do is close this up a little bit

hopefully they will all find their way back in

in half an hour or so

how beautiful is that

we got most of the bees in

some are still outside

i just put them in the box

they should start scenting in a few minutes

That's a good indicator the queen is here

look like their

I just left enough gap for the bees to get trough

Hopefully in a few minutes the will start

scenting and they will all come into the box

They are starting to scent

So the queen is in the i think... very good chance

yep yep

in a few minutes we will have

10 or 15 of these girls scenting

here we go look ...look see them walking in

That's a good sign

There is a pretty good chance we got the queen in there

They are all starting to fan

They are lifting up their bums

So thats the nasonov gland

this one here

there you go

she is fanning

she is lifting up her bum

lets see if their landing on the box

a couple of drones i can see

look at that

the drone is looking fro his home


we will just leave them here for a few minutes

I shook some of the branch

they are still coming back to the branch

i just swept them up

and threw them on the box

apart from the flying ones

lets have a look

they are starting to scent which is a great sign

that the queen is there

see her bum stick up

this one here

this one here has got her bum sticking up

she has got a little gland at the base of her abdomen there

and it has a special scent which allows the other bees to

know that there is a queen in there

you can actually see they are marching in to the little crack there

So ill leave these for about another

sorry there's bees crawling around the lens

classic signs of nasanov scenting

we will just wait a few minutes

wait for the scouts to come back

and put them into a hive

there is a big cluster there. Ill pick them up from the other side

there is a fair few down here

Fair few here

So apparently they have been here since 5 O'clock yesterday

so they stayed here overnight

no rent charged

you can actually see they started to build wax

lots and lots of wax

this is where they were

I don't think they would have made that their permanent home

sometimes they do

if they cant find a spot they will make this site a permanent home

start building comb from there

see the little while spots they are not Aphids

Those little white spots all over the place is wax they are already starting already to deposit

About 12 hours

what ill try and do now if i can

im by myself here I was supposed to have someone else but they did not show up

small little patch here small patch there

some are still trying to go back to the tree

so they're the scouts coming back

and you have got lots of nasanov scenting here

lots of scenting they are saying the queen is this way girls.. come

the queens in there somewhere in the box

OK im just about to pack up, I think.....

you can see they are all scenting there... again

That's most of them.. I have been here for just under an hour

just waiting for the field bees to come back in

the scenting is really working you can see them taking off

there is a little cluster about 50 bees

if they don't move in about half an hour i'll just pick them up and throw them in the box infact ill do that now

they are all gone from the tree

ok im gonna pack them up and..... put them in the hive


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