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- [Narrator] Japanese sword making is a tradition

that goes back centuries,

and one that's carried on to this day.

Each sword requires dedication, skill,

and can take over 18 months to create.

The resulting blades can be worth thousands of dollars.

So, what makes them so expensive?

Master Akihira has been making swords for 21 years.

He was inspired by a sword crafted by the legendary

13th century swordsmith Masamune.

And after a five-year apprenticeship, and years of training,

he became one of the 180 swordsmiths

working across Japan.

Japanese swords have always been more than just weapons.

They were artworks, status symbols, and throughout history,

held a huge spiritual importance.

Each sword is a unique artwork,

and one that is made to be admired as you would a painting.

As sheets of steel

are folded into each other again and again,

wood-grain-like patterns form, and these patterns,

coupled with the skill of the sword master

create a completely unique blade.

Knowing what to look for in each sword is important.

Characteristics like the angle and length of the blade,

or the way the metal is folded,

could give away the era in which it was made,

and even who made it.

Looking at the months of work

that go in to creating each blade,

it's easy to see why these swords command such a high price.

And as there are less and less sword masters across Japan,

these works or art are only going to become more valuable.

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