Practice English Speaking&Listening with: कल से सिर्फ दो बिस्कुट खाये है - Lock Down Issues - No Work No Food For Poor

Difficulty: 0

How you are seating. Yes,

We use to sell Junk. Wear your mask, Yes, That put on your face.

Where you stay? We stay there.

Do you get to eat? No, we are not getting to eat,child.

Even we don't have a single money.

Wait for two minutes.



Clean your hand first.

Clean your hand neatly.

Keep this with you it is senitizer.

Alright, Both are not together? Both are together?

Promise you, I never lie by taking promise. Yes, We have only ate two Biscuit since last night. Only Two Biscuit,

you haven't ate anything in the morning. No one has turn up to give food. Ok

How is she related to you? She is related to me as a mother, but not from birth. Ok

Both you stay together? No we stay Seperately

Ok, Distribute this among each other.

This is rice,Thankyou, This is wheat,Thankyou

Since you haven't ate from last night, Just Drink the coldrink First. Give me Biscuit, Yes i am giving. Fist take this You eat, you also eat.

Alright, take this You need Biscuit, take this Biscuit

You feeded me, you will be always happy.

I am being shocked you haven't ate from last night. I haven't lied i have promised you i haven't ate.

You did a great work No issue, it's all your. See this is chocolate Biscuit, as well as bread is also inside. It's all your, Alright

Eat easy, Eat easy

Take this, Distribute among each other

Thankyou sir,Thanks alot. You gave to eat. Ok,Thankyou Thankyou.

May god bless you Thankyou

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