Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and 2020 education politics | IN 60 SECONDS

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The 2020 election has shown just how profoundly education politics have

shifted. For decades, Republicans used education to demonstrate compassion and

signal the sincerity of their commitment to equal opportunity. Democrats used

education to show that they were more interested in offering a hand up than in

handouts. Today, neither side is all that concerned about assuaging the middle or

signaling pragmatism. Education is now playing an amped-up role in primary

campaigns. In 2016, Donald Trump hammered Jeb Bush with the Common Core. In 2020,

Trump has energetically embraced school vouchers and used them to draw a sharp

contrast with Democrats. In the Democratic primary, candidates have raced

to one-up each other on free college, loan forgiveness, and teacher pay. Whether

Trump or a Democrat claims the White House in 2020, it's clear that the winner

will be less inclined to compromise and more likely to stick with the more

partisan playbook. Welcome to education's new normal.

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