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- [Announcer] Raven Elyse TV.

- [Raven] Hey guys, what's up, it's Raven and Ziya.

And today, we're here with Ziya's updated

curly hair routine, including how I wash it, how I style it,

what products I'm using and what new techniques

we have incorporated into her routine.

So, if you're interested in seeing how I do Ziya's hair,

then just keep on watching.

So, the first thing I do, of course, is just take

her hair down from the previous hairstyle

that it was in, usually it's all kind of matted

and crusty and dirty because we have moved

from washing her hair two to three times a week,

to now I only washed her hair once a week.

So, I tried to keep it in sort of like protective styles

throughout the week while she's going to school,

and it definitely gets dirty, dusty and sandy.

So, I just start by cutting out the rubber bands,

taking it down, kind of finger combing it

and fluffing it out, and just getting it ready to be washed.

Another new thing I have started to do is washing her hair

in the shower, with the actual shower head instead of just

in the bathtub with pouring the water on her.

I just find it easier, I've just been teaching her

how to take a shower, she pretty much knows how to take

a shower on her own by now.

Of course, I don't let her do that but it's just easier

to let her lean her head back and get her hair wet

on her own and then, I can shampoo her hair.

The shampoo that I'm using is the Cantu Kids shampoo.

I have switched over from the previous L'Oreal No Tears

shampoo that I was using before.

I just wanted to switch to something that was sulfate free

and everything like that and just better for curly hair,

so, I really like this shampoo so far.

So yeah, now that Ziya's is two years old,

I just find it much easier to do it standing up

in the actual shower.

Also, because I can stand up next to the tub and wash

her hair and not have to be kneeling over

and bending over down so far,

it really hurts my back when she's sitting down

in the bathtub.

So, this is better on my back and it's usually

easier for her.

She was acting kind of silly because we were filming.

Usually, we don't have any problem with her

just leaning her head back and rinsing her own hair.

This time, she was being a little difficult

and acting a little fussy, so I did have to help her

prance and wipe face.

So, after shampoo is of course conditioner,

and I'm still using the same Aussie Miracle conditioner

that was in the last video, I just really

like this conditioner, I like the fact that it has

a pump on it, too.

So, I'm just applying a kind of heavy amount of conditioner

to her hair, and just raking it through

with my fingers first.

But, since I am only washing her hair once a week now,

I do like to kind of deep condition her hair.

So, I have added in this Garnier Fructis

One-Minute Hair Mask.

This is the goji extract flavor, they have like a bunch

of different flavors or types of this hair mask.

This is just the one that I like because it smells good.

But, I applied this to her hair on top of the

conditioner and really finger comb that,

let it sit for a few minutes, I can kind of let her

play with toys in the bathtub, or just let her do her thing

while I let it sit for like at least five minutes.

And, this is kind of just deep conditioning

her hair for the coming week.

Next up, before I rinse any of the conditioner out,

I like to de-tangle her hair because de-tangling,

with all of the conditioner and the hair mask in it,

is going to make it so much easier and smoother.

And, I have switched from using just like,

a regular wide tooth comb to using this wet brush.

It's like, literally called The Wet Brush,

so it de-tangles pretty good.

You can also use like a Denman brush or something like that,

but this little pink wet brush is just really cute,

and it works really well.

It makes the de-tangling process go a lot faster.

Of course, I just start at the ends of her hair

and work my way up, and just keep going until the hair

is nice and smooth like you see here.

Ziya's hair is definitely growing,

I have gotten some questions about what I use

to make her hair grow and I don't use anything special.

I just make sure that I keep it moisturized

and take care of it and that's it.

But, I don't use anything special to make her hair grow,

but it is down to like her mid-back now.

So now, it's time for the final rinse

to rinse out all of that conditioner.

And, like I said, on a normal day,

this would go really fast she can basically do it herself

and just lean her head back and rinse.

She's acting kind of silly, like I said,

so I had to help her out, but yeah.

So, I'm just rinsing out all the conditioner,

making sure there's no residue left over and then,

we're gonna get out, do a light towel dry

and then, move on to styling.

So, the first product I'm going to use to style her hair

is the Curly Cuties Leave-in Detangler spray.

I actually was gifted this in PR from Sally Beauty.

And,I actually really like this spray because,

when you spray it out, it's like a creamy,

white consistency, even though it is a liquid spray.

So it's really a good conditioning detangler,

it's not just super watery.

So, I've been using this lately, and I just sprayed that on

just to comb through her hair one more time.

I did detangle it in the shower

but it still needs to be detangled again.

So, I spray that on first and comb through it.

In Ziya's last hair tutorial, you guys saw

that she was just sitting there, talking,

letting me comb her hair, making conversation.

Now, she does get a little bit more squirmy,

so, I actually had a Peppa Pig playing on my laptop

in front of her, so that she would sit there

and let me comb her hair.

So, don't feel bad if your toddler doesn't sit still

to get their hair combed, mine doesn't either.

Next, I'm gonna be using the Mane Choice

Green Apple Kids Leave-in Conditioner.

I know it kind of seems like I'm going ham

with all the different conditioners,

but like I said, this is a once a week thing,

so I'm just trying to make sure that we're good.

And this one is actually a leave-in cream conditioner,

unlike the spray, which was kind of more of a detangler.

So, I just applied this all over her hair just to make

sure, sure, sure that it's moisturize.

And, lastly I'm gonna be using the Camille Rose

Naturals Curl Maker, Marshmallow and Agave.

This is like a jelly, more so like a gel,

so it's going to actually add hold to her hair.

I'm putting this on because I do want to

kind of slicked down her edges,

slick her hair into little ponytails and also,

make sure that the curls hold their shape.

So, starting with the actual hairstyle,

I'm just parting it down the middle first.

That's pretty much how all of her hairstyles start

because I like to keep it very simple.

And then, I'm just parting it down the side,

going towards her ear like so.

So, I'm gonna be creating two ponytails on the front top

of her head.

And so, I'm just using one of these kind of like

wave brushes, I think it's called a boar bristle brush,

I think, to slick her hair down and really

smooth it into place.

And then, I'm gonna use one of these little

soft baby scrunchies to tie it up with.

I've been using these little soft scrunchies

more often than the rubber bands,

just because these are more reusable.

It's a little bit easier for me to actually

take these out and reuse them,

rather than like cutting the rubber bands.

But sometimes, honestly, I do still have to cut these.

So, I mean, they're cheap I got them fora couple dollars

at Walmart for a bunch of them.

But yeah, so I'm just slicking her hair

into two ponytails in the front first.

And then, actually, I can kind of just comb

the back of her hair and let that part

just be down, and this can be hairstyle number one.

So this is one hairstyle that I could do.

I'll probably only do this hairstyle if we were

going to dinner or going somewhere fancy,

only for a couple hours, because I really don't

want her to just wear her hair out,

because it will start to get matted

and messed up really easily 'cause she plays hard.

So, I definitely don't really, usually let her hair

be down when she goes to school or anything,

maybe for a special occasion, she could wear it like that.

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And then, just to kind of transform this into hairstyle

option number two, I'm just gonna continue that middle part

going down the back of her head.

And, I'm going to create two more ponytails

in the back her head, using the same little pink scrunchies.

So, this is obviously really simple,

just dividing her hair into four parts and then,

making four ponytails and I'm just kind of

combing them through, so the curls can pop.

And, that's pretty much it for hairstyle option number two.

So, this is a really fast hairstyle that I would

typically do for school.

And, it lasts maybe two days, looking decent,

and then, I kind of have to take the rubber bands out

and re-slick it and redo it for school.

But, I don't really have to add any extra product,

I just kind of spritz it with water and redo

the ponytails, and just kind of leave it like that.

And, for the third and final little variation

on this hairstyle, I'm just taking the two front ponytails

and twisting them up into little bantu knots.

So, you just twist up the ponytail and then

twist it around itself.

And, I'm using a smaller, little plastic elastic

to hold that into place.

So obviously, just doing on both sides and it just creates

these cute, little bantu knots in the front.

And it's just a fun variation on this hairstyle.

Also, if it's getting a little frizzy or something

and I just kind of want to twist it into a bantu knot,

so it looks more slick and clean, you know what I mean?

It just kind of helps keep her hair into place.

And also, if she wears it and a bantu knot

for the first day, than I can take it out

on the second day, and it's kind of like

a bantu knot out or twist out.

So, I like doing that and that has been also another

hairstyle that she's just been wearing

every day for school.

So yeah, guys, that is Ziya's updated curly hair routine,

along with three really simple, easy hairstyles.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it helpful.

Let me know in the comments down below

if your toddler has curly hair,

what products do you like to use for them?

Share the knowledge, share the wealth

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