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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Mugged Miles

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Oh, dude. So -- okay you and I were both at Pax West

And I had a weird thing happen to me. So I can't tell if a guy was trying to mug me or not.

(What?) So one morning I decide to go to the pikes place market (yeah)

and I was walking back and I went down like

a ~shady~ street

And this dude like is crossing the street making a beeline for me in a hoodie and look super disheveled

And I'm like all right this guy -- he's probably gonna ask me for money or whatever

He says -- was like 'excuse me, sir, do have a second'. I was like 'hey!'.

He's like 'I'm so sorry to bother you--

I'm so sorry to bother you, this is real embarrassing man. I'm not really from the area, you know, but um

I got MUGGED last night.' And like he pauses, and I like 'I'm so sorry'.

he says 'yeah, yeah, it's real terrible

I need money to catch the bus

But all I got to sell is this knife. Think you can help me?' and I went

'Nah, sorry, I only have a credit card' and I just kept walking (hahaha) (holy shit) and

As I was walking away I remember thinking '~golly gee~ that guy put some weird emphasis on some words and pulled a knife on me

Was he trying to mug me? Noooooo. Right?'

But I remember thinking like if he was trying to mug me that's how you get like Friendzoned man

You just need to make your -- you know, make what you want very clear from the beginning (yeah)

You know be more forward with it (yeah, should be more alpha). Yeah, well that was his thing. It's like

I wasn't trying to mug him, what I was trying to sell him my knife.

That's my thinking is that, had I like

pointed this guy out to the cops, he would have been like I never once did that; I never once was mugging him I was asking

If you want to buy my knife. (smart) But it was easy though because I walked away with a skip and my step

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