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MICHELE MOUTON the only woman who won a WRC rally

We're at the Audi Walhalla in Sexbierum, Hessel Terpstra.

Quattro celebrates its 35th birthday this year. Behind me are some icons.

The RS3 may be too new, but all have Audi 5-cylinder engines. If we say 5 cylinders, we think...

The cameraman thinks Volvo, because Volvo did something with 5 cylinders as well.

We think about the Audi Urquattro, RS2, RS3, and TT RS.

Those are nice rockets with a wonderful 5-cylinder engine.

Why Audi developed the quattro AWD system is a funny story.

Jrg Bensinger drove the Audi 100 in Scandinavia (some say the Audi 200), a large FWD Audi.

There was snow, but the VW Iltis, a sort of army jeep by VW, performed better in the snow.

He wanted to build road cars with AWD.

He suggested it to Ferdinand Pich, whose name we know from VAG.

He thought it was a good idea as well. This is how the Audi quattro was born.

Old school, back to the '80s. Let me describe it. You can also look at the video.

The quattro badge on the dashboard, punched in plastic.

An LCD dashboard or "Musekino", a mouse movie theater, as the Germans call it.

This was cool in the '80s. A famous lady, who did the traffic info on the radio, recorded all warnings.

Very old school / '80s. Fantastic, those details.

Warning. Brake system defect. Please put on seatbelt.

Please switch off the lights.

There's a wide gap between the modern RS3 and 1980 quattro, when it was introduced.

The quattro AWD system was revolutionary.

Instead of a bulky transfer case, it has a hollow axle running through the gear box.

This sends power to the rear wheels. There were differentials, but the distribution was 50:50.

You could lock the differentials, as if you're driving a LandRover Defender with old fashioned diff lock.

The well-known Torsen differential was added in 1988, with torque sensing.

This means that, depending on the grip on the front or rear axle, it sends power to the right side.

What to say about the Urquattro while looking at modern standards?

The 2.1 5-cylinder turbo produces 197 hp and 210 lb ft. That's not much, but the cars were lighter.

It feels feisty, although you need rpm to build up turbo pressure.

0-62 mph takes 7.1 seconds, the top speed with the 10 valve engine is 137 mph.

At the end of its life cycle, in 1989, the 20V quattro with 4 valves per cylinder was introduced.

It had 217 hp, raising the top speed to 143 mph.

The key question is why the Urquattro became an icon. It wasn't the first car with AWD.

The Dutch brand Spyker has that honor, in 1906.

The mass production of AWD cars first happened in the USA, the AMC Pacer.

I think it's the Urquattro's rally success which make it so appealing.

A woman, Michle Mouton, won rallies as well.

She's the only woman who won the WRC world rally championship; in an Audi quattro.

Manufacturer's championships as well. Very successful.

The first rally driven with an Audi quattro was in 1981, the rally of Monte Carlo.

They beat no. 2 by 9 minutes.

Then there was equipment failure, which happens with an Audi (stupid to say).

Audi won the manufacturer's championships in 1982 and 1984.

Hannu Mikkola won the driver's championship in 1983.

Stig Blomqvist won both the manufacturer's and driver's championship in 1984.

Casper got to ride along with him once.

Another appealing Audi is this RS2. It's a sports car in a wagon package.

It's getting more literal. It wasn't Audi who built this RS2, but Porsche. They did a lot of development.

Porsche built cars for more brands back then.

They just finished the Mercedes 500E, after which they started with the RS2.

Back then, Audi had the 90 based S2 coupe with a 2.2 5-cylinder engine.

For the RS2 they needed a different approach. That's why Porsche did a lot.

Most important is the bigger turbo, a different intercooler, a better breathing exhaust system,

a different camshaft, engine management system, etc. The result is a big power increase.

It has a lot of power for a 2.2 engine with 311 hp.

This means that the RS2 is very fast, especially on the first feet with AWD.

A British car magazine tested the 0-30 mph sprint, which took 1.5 seconds.

That's faster than a McLaren F1 and some Formula 1 cars. It's very fast.

0-62 mph gives different numbers. We're not testing it with this car, but officially it's 5.6 seconds.

Lower numbers can be found, though. The top speed is 163 mph. Some say it's limited to this.

For a long time, the RS2 was the only Audi not limited to 155 mph.

The performance package came later, enabling 174 mph in an RS3. The Audi R8 is even faster.

Those are fun details. It's a strange engine. Below 4,000 rpm it's lacking, but then the turbo kicks in.

This makes it more difficult to handle than the Urquattro. If you think it's not special enough,

there are also 4 Audi RS2 sedans. 1 stands in the Audi museum, 2 went to the United Arab Emirates,

and the 4th is lost. Maybe you can track it down. Porsche's influence makes this car special.

Parts, like the rims, look like Cup editions such as the Porsche 964 has.

They're Porsche rims, with a different size. It has Porsche brakes. The turn indicators as well.

The side mirrors come from a Porsche 911 993. Those details make this car different. That's funny.

The handling is more balanced than with the Urquattro,

which understeers when you hit the throttle. Not much, but you feel that balance.

Now you understand why there's a Sport quattro with a shorter wheelbase,

to make it more agile so to better kill you and make it unaffordable.

If you payed attention, you've read that the real Audi RS models are build by quattro GmbH.

This one wasn't. It was the first RS model.

The first model quattro GmbH did build, was no RS but the S6 Plus with a 322 hp V8.

I think 5 cylinders has something raw; it's something different. A 6-cylinder runs smoother.

I'm talking about a straight-6. It has a better balance. A 5-cylinder is cool.

This is a newer car. You see this with everything.

Sometimes people say there's no more car development.

I'm thinking, the Audi A3 is available as a plug-in hybrid as well, which we didn't have 30 years ago.

This engine is brilliant as well. An international jury awarded this Audi 2.5 TFSI 5-cylinder engine

1st price in its class 6 years in a row. I don't know what that class is, but no matter. It's a nice engine.

Nowadays it has 362 hp. It launches. With a 7-speed DSG it is a very fast car.

Thanks to launch control it does 0-62 mph in 4.3 seconds.

This Audi is limited to 155 mph, but if you pay the Audi dealer extra, you get to do 174 mph.

I don't think this is a real quattro. I think it got neutered. It's a Haldex, so basically it has FWD.

When there's wheelspin, it activates the rear wheels.

You don't feel much difference, unless you go rally in the snow or desert.

A traditional quattro system, which always powers the rear wheels, is prettier,

but thanks to modern electronics is this fast as well. You don't feel it.

I have an Audi TT myself, a fake quattro. I call it an UrTT to tease everyone.

You feel wheelspin on the front wheels with the old Haldex system, and then it's gone.

You don't feel that here.

We're complaining about the consumption, that cars didn't get more economical. That's not true.

This car has a lot more performance than an RS2.

Faster to 62 mph, a higher top speed, sprints in between are faster, more comfortable,

and it's still more economical. More so compared to an Urquattro. There's development here.

It's cool that Audi sticks to the 5-cylinder for the RS3. The same probably goes for the TT RS.

They have a 4-cylinder as well, which produces 296 hp in the S3.

I'm sure they can tune this to 362 hp, but they didn't want that. They wanted a 5-cylinder.

I'm grateful for that. It sounds brilliant. Listen. Wonderful.

These 3 cars can't be compared. There's so much time in between, but the 5-cylinder connects them.

I think that's a statement to develop an engine for 2 cars (3 if you include the RS Q3),

while most share things now, up the turbo pressure and call it an S or RS.

Still, they stick to the 5-cylinder engine.

I won't say the RS3 is an icon just yet, but the RS2 and Urquattro are for sure. This is a very cool car.

Thanks to Autobedrijf Terpstra

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