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Am the senior West Coast writer for People magazine and I put together the most beautiful people issue

Sexiest man alive issue and this year we are putting in the fabulous guys from Queer Eye into the sexiest

man issue. This is the perfect year to include the fab five because they're making such an incredible sensation

People are really excited to watch them on Netflix and they're just really having fun and their energy is contagious.

We're very excited and they're more than worthy to be in the issue.

As a result of them being in sexiest man alive

We have asked them to help give tips to our readers to make their

Spouses and their mates a little more sexy and a little more romantic

The typical reader's husband, not that they need it, but just even more so than usual

and so

We've got my husband Terry

Who is such a trooper and I am going to owe him big-time.

I have no grooming habits to speak of I use shampoo. I've never been in skinny jeans. I've never been in pointed boots. I've never had anybody

Suggest a certain style for me so

I'm curious to see how that's gonna be, I'm looking forward to it.

Hey guys, how are you?

What's going on Terry, hey I'm Bobby. I love your big knocker.

Antoni: Nice to meet you

Karamo: Hey, how are you doing? I'm Karamo.

Bobby: Wow, such a lovely home.

Tan: Yeah it really is so nice.

Terry: Guys, have a seat. Tan: Thank you so much. How long you been in this house?

We have been in here for 12 years now. All right, Terry. Yes. We're here to help you remind

I need help. You're a married man and we're here to make you sexy. I am a married man

Antoni: What do you think you need help with? Terry: Wow


Just need a lot of help with a lot of things

Is there anything about yourself that you think is I know you probably use the word sexy but is that you like about yourself?

What is it that you like about yourself? Terry: I would never consider myself sexy. So okay

I don't even know how to respond. Tan: he's gonna deal with that. Antoni: Does your wife consider you sexy?

I would like to think so but

You know, it's probably more so 18 years ago

So we're here to make sure that we're gonna take care of you by the end of this


you've got a date and we want to make sure that

Every day is could be date night where you feel really good about yourself

So every one of us is gonna take care of you food grooming fashion interiors

And culture we're gonna make sure that by the end of this process you're gonna feel great like yourself

Are you okay with us creeping around your house while you start with one of us?


All right, so I'm gonna keep you and they're gonna get out of here.

Can I go check out your wardrobe


Stay out of the night stand drawers. Never look at anybody's nightstand drawers

You already have a beautiful home

Well, thank you

Um, usually when I walk into people's homes, I'm scared, but I actually I love this. It's very serene. It's decorated well.

It's all my wife.

The great thing about Terry is he was not way over here. He was here

He just needs to be taught to take some time to really appreciate Julie and to let her know how much he appreciates her

It just takes an extra five minutes a day to really make your partner know that you love them

What I kind of want to teach you is how to make some little different moments every day

To kind of mix things up a little bit because I know you're having date night with your wife tonight, right?

So to me, it's very important to kind of take those moments at home and do something that is unexpected

So I'm gonna set up a little picnic moment for you. I'm partnering with Antoni on this

He's gonna work on the food with you

I'm gonna work on the design and it's gonna be this nice little romantic picnic

I hear Antoni in the kitchen already rummaging through things. So I'm gonna let you go in with Antoni. Awesome. Okay. All right

Thank you. Thank you Mike. Give me a hug. Yes

Have fun with him. Listen guys

I understand. We as a culture we tell men that you shouldn't feel like you good-looking

You're supposed to dole all the compliments out and no one's ever giving you any but that has to stop

Oh Terry

How was it with Bobby? Terry: It was good

Is he gonna redo your whole house in five minutes?

I hope so. Antoni: be honest with me looking at all of this how intimidated are you on a scale of one to oh my gosh


Okay. So a lot of these things aren't familiar. No, I think that for tonight

I want you to have a really cute little night with your wife that doesn't require a lot of effort.

But that requires a lot of care and thought. We have this awesome

Block that we're just gonna basically assemble this whole spread on. There's literally no cooking.

It's just assembly.

Terry is overwhelmed at best when we get in. So I wanted to make something that was simple

We have a cheese and charcuterie board exploring local cheeses and then something French from across the pond

I just wanted to kind of like open up his palate and his extend his horizons and just have him try things

He's never had before so we're gonna get started here

so we're gonna open this little guy up here and we're gonna plop it down wherever it fits.

A farmer's cheese goes really nicely with honey. We'll take some dried cranberries have those strewn about on the side

Have you ever had a blue? Yes, so you love a blue cheese. I like strong cheese

Let's grab this guy because we know that you love him this little blue Javert our little French blue


Let's just kind of go extra and make this thing kind of feel more like a painting one dollop like so and then swoosh

So with the manchego think we do need something that's like nice and sweet for this. What do you think we should add.

I kinda like that one.

How about this one? Antoni: Yeah!

Great answer! You wanna do the olives? just with your hand just grab a few and you can just throw them in around. Yeah

You dumped it right on there

So then just to finish it off as well as you say I think we need more meat. We need more meat, right?

So prosciutto often I did buy the pre-sliced stuff. I'm totally guilty of that. I do like to buy it

Sometimes just from the deli and have them cut it up. Are we're missing anything?

Is there anything else that we can add maybe just some dried apricots just to have a bit of color

And I think we're all set. I think so. Do you want to walk through like do you remember what these things are?

blue cheese Antoni: french blue

Aged Havarti Antoni: That's right

Antoni: Manchego Terry: Manchego. Boursin. Antoni: Boursin with some honey with some honey

Prosciutto. I want to call it salami but...

You could just say it's a truffle. Just say truffle salami, it is what it is.

Okay, blackberries.

You're good. You know what? Everything is why am I even here? How adorable is this? And it's something special that didn't require a lot of time

That's just I don't know. Hey

Karamo loves cheese and now he's allowed to touch it because I've actually made this he knows he's not allowed to touch it

He won't let me in here. Seriously. Thank you. I know we're here to support you.

You look really good.

Well, thank you

I mean we can all use room for improvement, but I want you to know you're not starting from zero.

Well, I appreciate that

Yeah, there's a scale of one to ten. Antoni: you're not in the worst one we've ever helped

I feel better now.

Can I take him now?

I'm gonna tidy up I'm gonna leave this for you here. Thank you

Will you save me some prosciutto and some of that cheese?


Let's spend some time together


I will tell you this that

when I came here and I saw your beautiful house and

Your beautiful wife and your beautiful children. I thought this seemed like a guy that has it all together, right?

How are we gonna really help him here?

And then you said something to all of us.

That struck my heart and has completely changed how I was coming in here to help you.

When we asked you if you feel sexy you said

no, and

Then I asked you do you feel handsome and you said no?

Yeah, I mean, I just don't think in those terms. I guess.

Listen guys. I understand

As a culture we tell men that you shouldn't feel like you good-looking

you're supposed to dole all the compliments out and no one's ever given you any but that has to stop.

As much as we give compliments to our partners, to the women in our lives

It's also important that we say we need the love as well

So for Terry, the first step was acknowledging the love within himself and realizing that Terry you are really striking

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought I look good?

It's been a while.

Like how long?

10 years at least

and what happened at that 10-year mark

Could have been...You know as 10 or 12 years ago

I mean the first year that my company made a profit and

It gave me confidence and I'm I remember looking at myself in the mirror saying you got this

And that was the last time?

That was probably the last time

yeah, there's a lot of validation coming from all the external stuff

So I understand why you say things like I don't think in those terms

But you should be thinking in those terms

You have a son. Terry: I do

How would you feel if your son said I don't think I'm handsome?

It would disturb me


Because I wouldn't think he'd have any self confidence to go out in the world and do what he needs to do

And so I get your point

It's we get to a place where it's I can't focus on me

I can't think about me and what I like about me because my job

society and culture tells me my job is to focus on everyone else.

If you want to have true romance and love in your life

You have to first love yourself because love is a mirror

What you see in yourself is what you're gonna reflect to the rest of the world

So tonight you get with her and you start telling her the things you love about her

I want you to also tell her these are things that I love about me

that's when romance and intimacy comes from so if you could say you know what I didn't think that I was always that handsome and

I didn't think in those terms

To use your words I thought in those terms for you

But I didn't think in those terms for me.

Give her an opportunity once she hears you saying it to start telling you as well

What I love about myself

What do you love about yourself? That's true romance.

All right, thanks man.

There's something about the energy of your house, that just makes us love our quarrel doesn't it

Terry could we borrow you? Terry: Yeah, absolutely

Oh Karamo, I'm so sorry. Karamo: No, we're done.

I think it's the lack of pomade that's making me feel this way. And I think that we're gonna fix that.

Bye Queen. Karamo: Bye, love

You can't trust what seems sometimes. You just gotta trust what the gays tell you to do

Gosh, lead us, lead us, lead us.

Come in here, let's see where the magic happens

Cute! Come on in take a seat

I'm gonna be in here. Jonathan: Okay

Okay. Hi

So tell me

What happens in the morning? Like what do you do to get ready typically before you leave for the more for the morning?

Well, that's pretty easy. I take a shower. Jonathan: Uh-huh

Wash my hair. Jonathan: And I see that you got a shaver in there and a little mirror Terry:I do

So do you kind of do your shaving out in the shower? Terry: I do

Terry basically is like a shower shaver

He uses shampoo as his shaving cream and his post shave and his pre-shave and the totality of his skincare products of shampoo

He looks great

But he could just use a little bit more of a just like a little

Gentle nudge to do any grooming other than combing his hair

Is this how you wear your hair everyday? Terry: It is

I'm not mad at it. I actually think it's a very nice shape

If you do detail it with a little bit of pomade, especially for say a date night

It can give you like a little bit of a slightly like edgier

Like I'm kind of like a remember like in high school and I just like bust you out of your parents house

You know without permission or whatever so it can be a little bit more like bad boyish

You're just a little bit more polished or really just different. So these are two different ones that you can try from

This one's gonna be more matte. This clay has a little bit of shine

So I think it'd be fun if we did a little of the matte one. So that's about how much I'm using

I'm gonna rub it up in my hands

And a lot of times when people go to put on product to the tendency is that they come right here like right on the front

Incorrect. So I always recommend starting and back and kind of working it in on the nape of your neck and then from getting it

In the back I start to work my way forward the point is to not

like plaster the hair down then once you get into this here kind of get all up in there and get the product underneath the

Hair don't worry. It's gonna old crazy for a second

Then I come back in and you start to use your fingers to kind of finger comb

And see how it just gives you like a little bit of a little texture on your heads like not so clean and brand new

You know and also you've really attractive eyes

That was the first thing that I noticed about you

So I think anything to kind of like polish you from the neck up

Like you don't have to do a lot like you're already very handsome

So even just think this small act of putting on a little bit of pomade like that just kind of says like hey

I know what I'm working with like look at this full head of hair on my salt n, you know what I'm saying?

So really that's my truth. And really I think that the takeaway is... Oh my god

Your lips are dry here. I'm gonna put this on your index finger

This is more like a concentrated lip balm. So it's gonna be more of a moisture treatment that you could put on at nighttime

Which I love so that's good. Sometimes chapsticks can like get us in a vicious cycle of

Perpetuating lip dryness and get really smear that guy on there

Just get it just really just moisturize them. Terry: Seems like a lot.

Well, you know, you can't trust what seems sometimes. You've just gotta trust what the gays tell you to do.

Okay so that's that. Let me see you. You look gorge!

Tanny! Tan: yeah?

What'd you find in there?

Oh just sort of polos. We'll talk about that. Oh my god, you do look great

You definitely have those vibes of like when I was in high school if you were like the dad of like one of my friends

I would've been like oh my god mr. whatever

Like Mr. Whatever, I'm so sorry whatever you know

And see how that was really like so easy?

Oh and then this is makeup wipes because if you wear sunscreen everyday from now on, which you have to,

you just want to take it off before bed. Love you guys, bye.

Actually, I didn't even know you should take off your sunscreen before bed. Jonathan: Queen!

I truly... Jonathan: Let your skin breathe

Well done. He's very good at what he does. Let's talk fashion

Here's the thing. You already looked great. So we don't have to do a lot what I found in your closet

is that you have a plethora of polos and

Trousers that look very much like this. Terry: Yes.

Do you feel like your fashion on the whole is boring? Terry: Yes

What does Julie think of what you wear? Does she ever comment on your style?

She thinks it's very vanilla

Clothes can do so much for your self-esteem, your confidence, the way you carry yourself, the way you present yourself

All I wanted to get Terry into is something that fit right, that actually

complemented his physique because he's actually got a great physique and I just wanted to get him in something that was tonal

Simple, sophisticated, refined, just stepping it up slightly

So I'm going to show you options that I pulled that are a little different from all of this

I'm not trying to take you out of who you are completely it would make no sense for us to give you a complete

Different look because this is everyday sexy. Things that you can do that make just a little bit of difference

Okay, so then if you're living in this and you're also golfing this, she's hasn't really seen a different guy. Terry: Exactly

Okay, so then come with me I've got other options for you. I want you to feel a little more dressed up

You look pretty great on the whole. My concern is your underwear

I know that I've only known you for a very very short amount of time

But your underwear is not sexy. Terry: they're comfortable

I'm sure they are

Sometimes comfort's great and I love comfort. However, there's sexy comfort. I wear boxer briefs

So do many many many many men because they are comfortable

But they also are sexier. So maybe can I emplore you to try?

Underwear, that's just a boxer brief? Terry: Okay

It's just gonna make you look a little sexy when you present yourself to your wife every night. Sound good?

Sounds great

Do you wanna try something on? Terry: Absolutely. Okay, great.

So I'm gonna get you in a pair of dark jeans

I got you a few different options of different fits, but this is a slim jean. It's not skinny

I'm not getting into a skinny. It wouldn't be appropriate for you. So this is just a slim. Okay?

Um, I want you to try a jacket on

And then I want to do a couple of layers

So I don't want to I don't want to muddy the waters at this point by going crazy with too much more

So let's just get you in a gray sweater

I'll put you in a gray shirt. So it's not overkill. Let's keep it


Okay, and then I'm gonna get you in a boot

So just put the the jeans and the shirt and a sweater on for now

I'm gonna help you on the boots and then we'll try on the jacket. Okay, just let me know when you're decent.

Thank you.

Boxers are like dad

But boxer briefs are like daddy

Boys come on join. I want you to take a look at him. Come on

Oh my god. Bobby: Oh you look so handsome

We found out that the word that you prefer is striking. So he looks striking.

So Terry actually looked great. He was already not too far removed from the style like great style

He just needed things to fit better. He doesn't really get dressed up for work

he wears polos and

chinos pretty much everyday, his golfing look and so I just wanted to get him in something slightly more polished

And then I wanted to keep the colors simple muted. It's for a date night

And so simple gray on gray and then a navy. What you can't see is that he is living...

Do you mind me talking about this? Terry: No

Okay, he is living in a very unflattering boxer short like a granddad kind of. Jonathan: Could we do a boxer brief?

Yes exactly why I said

Boxers are like dad

But boxer briefs are like daddy

Does this work? Terry: This looks great. I feel great

Now I've got something to show you. Are you ready? Come on boys

All right

So I know originally I said I was gonna set you up a little picnic for outside

but I ran around your house and I found things you already had

And I turned them into a great little romantic picnic moment for you and Julie

Again this is all stuff that I found literally in your backyard

This is unbelievable. Bobby: Thank you.

One of the most sexy things you can do for your partner is take time to design romance

It only takes a few minutes to really let your partner know that you love them

You know, you don't have to go out and spend a lot of money

You can do it with what you already have at home. How do you think Julie's gonna react?

I think she's gonna be very impressed. Yeah

Is that her?

Oh my god

What do you think Julie? Julie: You look amazing! Oh, holy crap, you look so good.

I mean, I knew you look good, but you look really good

Look at your hair, it looks really good.

For all of you men out there, get out of your own way. It's okay for you to think that you're attractive

It's okay for you to feel good

So I think it's really about like, you know

Removing labels and about getting out of your head and into your body and focusing on how you feel

Do you feel good? Terry: Yeah, this is great. Julie: You look really sharp.

I'm super impressed.

All right guys, so it's time to pamper your wife

So Terry, here, because I want you serving her. Terry: Absolutely

And Julie here. I'm gonna go get the other boys. Have fun guys. Okay

This is awesome

So I want to make you one of my favorites that we had earlier, okay, it's like an apricot


I'm so proud of you. This is amazing.

Let's toast our crackers

Food is such a sensory experience. There is something

Sexy about feeding someone, feeding yourself

It's like love and intimacy intertwined.

So do you think this is something?

You could do on your own without the help of these amazing guys?

I think any guy can do this. It's not that hard

Yeah, you just gotta take time and that's the biggest thing

I think I got out of today was you just got to make time to do something

Do you feel as sexy as you look? Cause you look amazing.

I do feel good.

You feel good? You feel confident?

I would have never chosen this on my own

It's so good though. That's such a good combination

For every man out there who's feeling a little bit schlumpy, wants to

Step up a little bit and feel that ever so slight bit sexier

Just make sure that colors complement you and that they represent what your life is all about. Just small small tweaks

no major major changes

Hi guys. Terry: Hey

You can't have cheese without wine. Julie: Aww thank you

Karamo: Can I come and scoot in?

Please. I'm so impressed with you guys

Eat some food, please. Karamo: Really?

For a lot of times we do like a little experiential treatment like this

It's like people like well great

But maybe I can't afford to go out to the restaurant and go take a great date night

You don't necessarily like have to go out spend a bunch of money on like an outside restaurant

You can definitely

bring a date night in

You can definitely do like a mixture of high-low products like for grooming, for clothing

Like there's always a way that no matter where you're starting

You can prioritize each other and make something special without necessarily having to leave the house

Which I think it's really great

and all of these things that they're just small

Changes that were making so he wasn't by removed from way

We wanted him to be just small tweaks to make a bit more of an effort

Right. And again just taking the things you have, you know not adding extra time

Just taking a little bit of time out of your day

To really let your partner know and I want your doing it to not just him

It speaks of the good things that are already there

Just like enjoy these moments and like once a week for you guys to sit down and enjoy a meal together like this

Hopefully more, dim the lights play some sexy music and just have a good time

And connect emotionally. That's what it's about

This is really just the setting for you two to connect emotionally

Got your cheese. You got your gorgeous setup. You got your connection primed and ready to happen, love it

We should let them have a private moment.

You guys enjoy, thank you so much for letting us in your gorgeous home.

You guys are amazing. Terry: Thank you so much guys.

Thank you, have a good day, thank you so much for having us

Do not forget to share. Terry: I will not

You got to him, that's good. I am so proud of you, you're a trooper.

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