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well good morning everybody and welcome to the channel hate today let's talk

about something exciting and that is tires specifically what I prefer on the

toyota tacoma which tire and i'm going to talk about two that I really like

now you may know if he wants the channel I had good year or not good year Nitto

ridge wrappers on the Tacoma before I went back to stock to trade it off

so I have a good deal of experience with the mineral-rich travelers and I have

the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrax on the tumbler right now

so I'm kind of comparing those two first of all what are they well I'm going to

look at one tire size and that is what I have on the tundra back there not much

different than the Nitto Ridge grapplers I had and those are a two 7555

are 20 and it's a designation 1 1 3 t for what that's worth now they are

classified and both of these are as an on off road commercial traction tire and

price-wise the Wranglers back there the good years 230 $5.99 that's up as of

today rather on tire racks website the load rating per tire on the good years

is twenty five hundred and thirty five pounds they're rated at a speed of T

which is up to 118 miles per hour so if you really want to get out there and go

you can do it rated by owners now this is I think much more important than any

expert rating right this is a rating that is an average of all of the

feedback that was submitted by owners people that actually live with these

tires drive on them every day the Wranglers are rated at a 4.5 that's four

point five out of five too bad maximum tire inflation inflation rather

is 51 pounds entire weight 46 pounds a little bit lighter than the Nitto ridge

travelers now I want to run through some of the ratings some of the areas that

people rated these tires on to give you guys an idea off-road performance and

we're still talking about the good years he's rated at a nine that's nine out of

ten that's the excellent rating wet performance is an eight point six again

ranked as excellent dry performance is an eight point five we dropped a little

bit too good on that one winter snow performance eight point eight back up to

excellent comfort performance eight point zero

they are an off-road a hybrid tire if you will and tread

where performance is an eight point four which is good as well warranty six years

or 50,000 miles now let's talk about the Nitto Ridge grapplers not as much

information out there about them strangely I don't know why price-wise

two hundred and thirty three dollars so $2.99 per tire less I'd call them just

about equal weight forty eight pounds so two pounds per tire heavier or they add

eight pounds total for the vehicle more than the good years would maximum

inflation is 50 pounds or 50 psi and speed rating is again up to 118 miles

per hour the customer rating from all of the feedback out there on the narrow

Ridge travelers is a 4.3 a little bit lower than the good years and the

warranty and this is kind of strange warranty for nit O's is five years with

no mileage specification now you might think that's a good thing but from the

reading that I did it seems like they want to pull them in take a look at look

at it and they will determine how you've treated those tires before they approve

or disapprove that warranty so maybe not so good so what do I think what do I

prefer you know as I mentioned I've had both the middle Ridge grappler and the

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrax and I gotta say I prefer the Goodyear Duratrax why I

think because they're just a smoother quieter tire and they feel better on the

road they're more comfortable you know they feel softer and that might be

because possibly they're made from a softer compound

maybe the belting in them is a little bit firmer you know the Knittle Ridge

grappler no but they just feel better to me and

they sound better I don't hear them slapping the pavement as much as I do

with the middle Ridge backwards not where my experience with them both seem

to be about the same I don't notice any big difference in wear between the ridge

grapplers or the Goodyear Duratrax so from that standpoint I'd say they're

pretty equal so if I had to choose and what I'll probably do down the road when

I switch out tires or have to replace them on the next Acoma is goal with the

Goodyear Wrangler dira track tracks I just think they're a better tire all

around I think they're equally as off-road capable as the new Ridge

grapplers but they're better as far as daily livability road noise comfort and

all that good stuff anyway I just wanted to get on here kind of talk about that a

little bit I get a lot of questions about it there you go you've got my

opinion leave a comment down below if you've got experience with either one of

these tires I'd be curious to hear what you guys think which one do you like the

best or how are the ones that you have

performing as usual appreciate you guys watching don't forget to Like share and

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