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what's up guys welcome to another episode of technonepal . I'm your regular host ranjit

and i'm back with the new video, so if you are new to the channel make sure you

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out and stay connected. I'll be uploading the post , the updates about my upcoming

videos on my social media before I upload videos on YouTube. So let's get

started with today's topic and in this episode I will be showing how to stop

email notification from Facebook activities onto your email or onto

your inbox. So let's get started so first of all go to It's

a simple procedure, just take it easy and first of all go to and then

on the top right corner of your screen you'll find that drop down menu. Click on

it and go to settings. So after going through the settings you will find

notification on the left corner of your screen click on it and from this you can

actually edit the activity on your Facebook and the activities

on your email. So we are just editing the activities that we need to have on our

email or on our inbox so click on edit and

these are the three activities that you can actually put for your

preference. So, this is the problem that that was sent by one of my subscribers

so he have the problem with all the all the activities that are shown on his

email address, on his inbox so for his specific problem I am just

going to select the third option. So you have to select the third option if

you want only the notification of your account

your privacy settings and all those just select the third option and then click on

turn off so this will turn off all the notifications, all the activities of

Facebook onto your email, so that's it guys, I hope it helped you. This is

the procedure to stop all the notification from your facebook onto

your emails so i will see you in the next episode, with another episode another topic, till

then take care and good bye.

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