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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ornate Holiday Teal and Gold Water Marble | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

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Hi guys! Today we're going to be working

on this Ornate Holiday Teal and Gold Water Marble.

And, I know these are not exactly the traditional Christmas colors,

but they really reminded me just of the holidays because they're so rich,

and I definitely could see these being used

on like a wrapping paper or other holiday decorations.

So, I decided to do a water marble with them.

This is my third Sephora video,

and so all of these polishes are Formula X

for Sephora. The lighter teal

is called Enigma, the medium kind of darker teal

is called Orbit and

this gold which is actually a duo-chrome

is called Iconic. So, like usual for a water marble

I'm working in a 5 ounce cup of room temperature

filtered water. And I'm just going to

finish off my bullseye with a few more drops of polish.

With my

orange stick I'm going to start off going up to the top,

and then down to the bottom. And

then I'm going to draw in a few basic petals

from one side to the other. And

this particular design I'm going to be dipping two

nails at a time. If you want to have a little bit more control

and be more particular with where you're dipping

you can always go with just one nail at a time. Now that I have

those in there, I'm going to draw some petals

kind of cross-wise at a 90 degree angle. And

that will just and a little bit more intricacy to the pattern

as you can see. Going to

create three kind of channels

about the width of my nails. I have my nails prepped with some tape

around the sides to keep the polish off my skin, as well as a coat of Enigma.

I'm going to turn this just a bit to get a better

angle, and then I'm going to

line my nails up in the cup, and

dip in. You may have noticed I have a pretty serious break on that

index finger, but with all these

holiday designs I'm not quite ready to give my nails a chop,

so it's patched pretty heavily.

I'm going to clean up all this excess polish

in the cup. And

once the surfaces is all clear so nothing sticks on my design

I'm going to slowly pull my nails out.

And there you can see the marble design.

And you can see, from the top

you really can't tell that there's that break at all.

So, if you'd like to check out my patching tutorial,

that's in the Tips and Tricks Playlist, along with the Taping

and Clean Up videos. If you'd like to pick up

any of these colors Formula X is available

in Sephora stores as well as

And if you just would like to see some more

nail art and get some inspiration, you can check out

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

I'd love to know what you all think down in the comments below.

And as always,

Thanks for watching =)

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