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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NM1 - Legend ( Official Music Video )

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I am bored to compliment

Petty society

I am a legend, I learn from my mistakes


Explain the picture

Focus on me, I'll give you my right

I'm behind you dont come in my way

Bored of hypocrisy , I have become impolite

Bored to wait for a society that fights, does not help

I am bored to see the same rappers sing everywhere

I am tired of watching the Rapper finish everything he has

The same reason why a person becomes famous

Tired of years to succeed, he must meet a famous person

Months pass while I build my audience

On the same point, we are trying to build bridges

Between imagination and reality is a well-known unit of measurement

I record my song in the room, hopefully I will be successful miraculously

I talk from the street, I speak from the hoods

I saw the truth, I saw the woe, we lived in a parallel world

Our pain inside us, our dreams are all ours

Whatever you try to stop me, I will return to you as if I was John Cena

A yemeni son, my weapon is my tongue

Interlocking to the second , shooting stars, i shoot wishes

The Description of NM1 - Legend ( Official Music Video )