Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG sub] schoolrapper 3 [3회] 랩을 못했으면 좋겠다??? 김호진 @팀대표선발전 190308 EP.3

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Preparing for his performance in a unique(?) way

Wow his mouth is huge

He has a huge mouth

Yeah umm...

Drop the beat please~

Asking for a beat like he's ordering food

He's using a kawaii(cute) beat

His smile ha ha


I got a text from Sumin Asking me to prepare some money

Already looking for a camera to record our journey

All around the world Meeting new friends and music Gotta keep my eyes open My journey is not far away

I'm going to give my dad his credit card back before 2020

Preparing for my journey I'm gonna be as busy as my dad

So much that I'll lose all my hair Till I'm out of breath

Faster faster it's gonna be a long ride

School idol I'm already Yazawa Niko

Just like I watched more than 4 times Boring vacations are now over bye bye

This feels weird My last winter as a kid

A melody from the sky I'm not gonna stop I like it

I'm singing my feelings My last winter as a kid

The stars are shining I feel

Everybody is in love

His gestures ha ha ha

Hotchkiss kawaii~


That ending was perfect!

Thank you!

I don't know how this is gonna sound but...

I'm scared

I think your rap should sound less... refined

I know

Your rap style is a little too... normal

Normal ha ha

I'm not saying you are not normal

He immediately turned into an MC

- His rap should be different - Less refined

He tried too hard

He stopped smiling when he started rapping

That's the first time I saw his pupils

You don't need to like... try to be perfect...

You should smile... do something weird... and sometimes like make mistakes

You should show us more of your unique personality

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