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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Panda Sport

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(Climbers laugh surprised)

Clumsy bear

Oh Panda, climbing with a chair?

There are better ways to get up there

You want to climb with us?

OK? Lets go?

Hi, my name is Kimie, I started climbing ten years ago in Extracurricular Sports

Its an amazing sport!

To hang out with your friends, with Nature, all super cool vibe

and, at the moment Im already part of the National Team,

Come on climb, its amazing!

Before we climb Panda, all we have left to do is showing the gear

I have my harness on, you have yours

Lets take a dynamic rope. Ah, you want to see it?

A Grigri. It opens like this, check it out, here,

and then, close it

I'm going to keep it, ok?

Lets also use the quickdraws to put them on the route, ok?

Also goes to the equipment loops

Chalk, which is the white powder to keep us from sweating

(Panda sneezes)

(Laughs) Sorry, Panda

And to finish up, the climbing shoes

You have yours, Im going to put mine on

Lets go Panda,

Are you ready to climb?

Come on!

There are several types of climbing

We do Sport climbing which has two types:

OnLeadwe climb on higher routes

And it's very important to have stamina

We use ropes and, we use quickdraws

Which are those carabiners you see being placed on the route

And we need to know a clipping technique. which is, passing the rope through the quickdraws.

What you are watching is calledLead climbing

In bouldering, routes are called boulders

And usually arent more than three meters high.

We need to be stronger since fewer movements are done

we only use climbing shoes and a chalk back over the waist

Steady feet and look for some holds for your hands

Come on, go Panda, thats it!

Venga aiPanda, push it, go


Come here, Panda

We can also do indoor climbing

meaning its inside a facility

And we call it climbing gym

There, routes arent made of stone

they're made of fiber glass or wood boards

The holds, where we put the hands

have different sizes and types and, even funny names:

For instance, pocket holds or crimps

Its the best place to go when we have to study or work

Sometimes its not easy to go rock climbing

Some people dont believe I climb

but Im going to be a great champion

Hi, My name is Ana Marisa,

Im 25 years old and I started climbing 7 years ago

And now I teach climbing to children

Come on climbing!

On children's sessions, we do very basic exercises

We use big and colorful holds, on vertical routes

Then, we move to rope routes,

To try climbing in height enjoy new sensations

Here, everyone uses a helmet

and pay special attention to security

All gear is checked

So that they can climb at ease

(sound of descending rope)

(everyone talking) Panda

Nice, youre here

We have been waiting for you

Look, shall we climb this route?

Come with us

Oh Panda, thats cheating...

(hesitates) Ok, go, go on


Come on

(everyone cheering) Panda, Panda....

People say Sport Climbing is an individual sport

But, I dont agree

I think its a team work deal

I strongly rely on who helps me


Sometimes you fall but,

I always have a good belay so, I never stop enjoying

Sport climbing is awesome

(screams) Way cool!

Meh, I'm so tired

So tired!

I'd give anything for a tent...

(yearns) ...a tent...

Whats up Panda?

(Sound of Panda having an idea)

(Noise to wake them up)

A tent!

A tent, Panda!

Wow, Im going in

go, go, go

You can't, Panda!

(all together) You're way too big!

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