Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2D Health / Hitpoints in Unity / 2021

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Hello everybody welcome back to another tutorial video

Today we will be handling enemy hit points

Ready? Let's go

We will only be using assets that we have used before in our previous tutorials

So first we want to create an enemy for us to shoot at

So let's pick one from our existing character set

This seems like a vicious opponent

And then let's create a script for the enemies

called "EnemyBehavior" and open it

The only thing the enemies have to do for this tutorial is to die

I know it's brutal

All we will need is two properties

The first is a float called "Hitpoints"

and does not need a default value

The second, also a float, can be called "MaxHitpoints"

Here we will use a default value of 5

When the enemy spawns we should reset its health to be max health

The enemy only has a single purpose

and that is to de-spawn when they have no more health left

So let's create a method called "TakeHit"

with a single parameter called "Damage"

All right

Subtract their health when they get hit

And when they have no more hit points

we can despawn them with a destroy function

The same as the projectile in the previous tutorial

Speaking of the projectile let's configure it to detect

if an enemy was hit when a collision occurs

If it is we can call the "TakeHit" method

And for the sake of simplicity we will

pass along one damage

but you can have other projectiles do more or less damage

That should be it for hit points

So let's configure Unity

Add the behavior to the enemy object and hit play


Let's fire at the enemy





and five

Yep dead as expected


This is about as simple as enemy hit points can be

And to be honest

it really does not have to be more complicated either

We will do a resistance slash armor video in the future

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And that's a wrap

See you in the next one

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