Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reusable vs Disposable - the Conni difference

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Hi there I'm Johnny

and this is my family

I love riding my bike

and playing with friends


I can have the occassional moment

and wet the bed!

everyone can have a moment

when my mum is choosing bed pads

she want to know that it not only works

but is also value for money

and good for the environment

disposables might seem cheaper

but they can have a huge impact on the environment

and they can only be used once

which can be very expensive

Conni bed pads are much more cost effective

and have less impact on the environment

mum says that she can wash them up to 200 times

that's the equivalent of 200 disposables

saving the environment and your money

so you can enjoy the more important things in life

The Description of Reusable vs Disposable - the Conni difference