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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fortnite - The Rise of Pink Panda

Difficulty: 0

Check out this guy ( Connor Falling here with the captions!)

Ladiesbad217, this is Bella, & this is our jammer

Why do we have pickaxes? (Bella laughs) Your telling me you've never done this before? Dead man walking!

Wait, this thing isn't landing?!

Hey, don't worry buzz we've got your back

Remember everyone is trying to kill you

Gonna be great kid. You know what thank you because I've been havi- (rex yelps as he glides down)

I Live for this. (Rouge jumps down excitedly)

We landed in Pleasant Park, got no sights on Ladiesman

I saw the chest first ya noob (raptor begins to laugh)

You're gonna be alright man don't move

You have healing powers you do to you just got it in close proximity (the chest opens) drink this

*The Storm closes as Rex takes his time on a shield potion*

Before any of us could pick up the pickaxe back to a place called

Tilted towers they are the fiercest squad

This world's ever known their thirst for blood is unquenchable and runs deep like the burning fires of the underworld

Their skill is unprecedented and their bond is stronger than a mother and her suckling child during the battle

Royale death had never spread faster. They make sure that their kills were anything but quick they are slow,


humiliating, and downright nasty.

They left the place desolate. It's the only battle in history where one Squad got everything single ( as the squad fails at emotes)

Stay Focused! ( two noobs are pickaxe battling)

Everyone move!!!

Get over here!

Who would leave all this loot?

Do you think it could be people? Bella-

Bush in the middle of a pathway what a noob! totally I saw it

Bella!!! I can heal you

Game over. you should just give up, you know( pink panda laughs)

( Pink_Panda laughs) Can Rouge Come out to play?

Who Dis?

Rogue I know you're here. just come out and stop delaying the inevitable

Rouge yelling something probably gibberish like let me finish my challenges

You can do, this just stick to the plan. Okay? Okay stick to the plan

What's the plan?

You could have least made this a challenge for me ( she got pranked)


Where are you?

Gotcha! For Bella. No scope.

Rouge. get ready to meet your maker.

Strike me down, but we can more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Whatever oh and your little ladies boy will be an easy kill. (Rouge gets rezzed as Panda Hypes)

It's ladies man 2 1 7

You did it kid. no, we did it

Help me im being forced under my will for these captions

Send help

And so many talented people came together to make it happen for you guys

I mean it was an absolute blast to make it was so much fun just to see these characters come to life in this world

and we hope you guys love it as much as we like and for us the bigger picture is doing more narrative style stuff like

This bigger picture stuff that is a dream for us

So if you guys love this project and want to see more things like that the best way to make it happen is help share

Hopefully the Captionists can get credit too!

they have me enslaved in a african camp in sudan.

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